Karlsruhe Reviews


Hello Roger,

i´m from Germany and I see you this year live in Karlsruhe. Also I see supertramp 7 years ago in Stuttgart. And i can say, that you have the only voice of supertramp. Your voice and creativity, the sound from the supertramp musicans, that´s the perfect sound, many people want to hear. I see you 1983 i think in Munich on the last tour with supertramp. That was perfect.

Wish you a merry christmas and a happy New Year


Dear Roger,

I live in STRASBOURG, FRANCE, I am fan of you for 30 years. You have an angel voice and magical songs, it's so good for me ..... I have a piano and today sing your songs in my home. Your concert 23 July 06 in KARLSHRUHE (GERMANY) is very good!

Roger, you are in my heart (cœur)

You are a brother for me.



I have see Rodger Hodson on July 23.2006 in Karlsruhe. He is a very, very good singer and a very nice men. I look after the show for him, then i will have a autograph from him. But the security closed all up. please can you tell me the adress, where i can written for a autograph from him? Thats was very nice. Sorry but my english is not so good. Thank you very mutch and the best wishes for my idol rodger Hodgson.

The fan heiko

Once again I saw you performing live, this time in Karlsruhe, and I must say you were even better than last year in Schwetzingen. You were in a super mood and played so many hits both lightly and professionally. Hope you'll come to Germany soon again!


Steffen Haust

Hello Mr. Hodgson,

Thanks for your concert in Karlsruhe at July,21th, 2006. It was a great pleasure for me, to see you and to hear you on stage. I wish you good luck for the future and hope I can see you again on stage in Germany. God bless you.

Greatings from Karlsruhe

P.S. I'm not a teenager, I'm 56 Years old.

Hello Roger & all of you at R. H. com !

Oh, what can I say.............what a night!

It started perfectly when I arrived just in time you did the soundcheck- we waved, (the apple man Norbert Doerner & me) and you asked if were coming to the show. Norbert hopes that the CD (with computerstuff!) finnaly reached you. We gave it to some securety guy after the show. the concert was very emotional and beautiful. I think your voice was in extra good shape - "keep the pigeons...." or should I say "brother..." gets better every time. I can´t wait to have it on a new cd one day !!! so, thanx a lot for a night to remember, doing all the "school noises and singing was a feast for heart & soul !!!

Take care, and god bless you. See you on 16th August in Bonn.

Auf Wiedersehen and HI with love from AMELIE !

P.S."Surely" would be perfect as an encore!!! It´s a long hidden jewel !

Dear Roger,

My wife and I have been to your concert yesterday evening in Karlsruhe/Germany. We would like to thank you for an unforgetable evening which we enjoyed very much.

The fact that you yourself are showing a great passion and pleasure in performing old and new songs is very important for me in the audience because that makes the difference between a good concert and a perfect one.

Thank you!!! :-)))

With compliments

Alex & Martina


We had the oportunity to be there. and it was great. much better, than expected. a few years ago i have been at a supertramp concert, was sort of disappointed then, so i could not know what we will hear at your concert. and then... wow!

Thank you so much for the time you spent in karlsruhe last night, thank you so much for the music you gave to us. first time i have heard you live, that was in los angeles 77, what i want to say by that, your voice still is absolutlely the same, and we all could hear you really love to be on stage, you like to sing your songs as we love to listen to you.

Best wishes,


Hi Roger,

We saw you yesterday in your concert in karlsruhe an it was fantastic. My english is so good as your german, sorry. I hope you come back soon, without rain.

You are right, you are a very lucky man to write this wonderful music.

Greetings also to the very good man at the saxophone.

All good wishes,

Kevin and Peter