Fallsview Casino and Resort ~ Niagara, Canada ~ April 22 and 23, 2010

We just saw tonight's performance at Fallsview & we loved the show! We'll be back again tomorrrow night for your final performance & wondered if it would be posible for you to play either "The Meaning" or "Even in the Quietest Moments". By the way, Arron should be nicknamed "The Octopus" for playing 3 or more instruments in a single song....you're an incredible duo.....2 Peeps who sound like 6! Thanks for the music & memories! ~ Scott & Carolann

Going to tonight's show at Fallsview, would love to hear Even in the Quietest Moments. One of my favourites. Looking forward to the show! ~ Christine

Caught Roger & Aaron perform at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls last night....Having seen Roger w/ Supertramp perform several times since the mid-seventies I can say I am amazed at how well Roger is still performing...vocals and instrument playing are still top-notch. The two piece format is surprisingly "full" and allows the true emotion of his compositions to stand out. Aaron is able to add the subtle yet crucial melodies and textures...and sax playing is phenomenal compliment to overall performance! My only regret is that "Even In The Quietest Moments" did not make last nights set list...but with so many great compositions at his disposal, I am certainly willing to "Forgive A Little Bit ~ Mike Vanderlee

Saw your show in Niagara Fall Ontario last night! My husband and I began dating in 1976, and your music was an important part of our young relationship. 34 years later we were finally able to experience the wonder of your incredible voice and your heartfelt messages live! It was a long time coming, but SO worth the wait! I felt like a teenager again, and best of all, I was able to share it with the man I loved then, and still do to this day! Thank you for such a wondereful experience! ~ Terrie Hawkey

Saw you last night at the Fallsview/ Niagara Falls. Fantastic!!!!! Come back soon please!! ~ Lorrane

Fallsview Casino, Niagara: Roger, last night was once again truely amazing. You and Aaron make a great team. You are both fabulous musicians and your music is just outstanding, from the classic Supertramp songs to your newer creations, they all touch are hearts. Each time I see you is even better than the last - long may you continue to bring us all such pleasure. Love, as always, ~ Belinda Parker

Saw you for the first time at Fallsview Avalon Ballroom last night. It was simply amazing. Please continue to tour Canada again and again! ~ Jim Chesla

Wow, loved your concert last night at Fallsview. I too lost a few loved ones fairly recently and you made me cry. Your music is truly awesome and the two of you are so incredibly talented.

Hope to see you again soon. ~ Karen


Was great to see you again last night at the Avalon in Niagara Falls. It helped to recharge my (and my wife's) soul. And just to be sure, my wife and I will be seeing you again tonight for your second show. ~ Joe Mayer

This is my second time seeing you at Fallsview. You truly are flawless in your writing as well as your performance. Growing up with an older brother your music seemed to always be playing and it really rubbed off on me. You seem to really love what your doing and it shows on stage. I like when you’re sharing your stories with the music, it's a nice touch. I also love your sidekick on stage, he's great, a really talented musician, don't let him go. Thanks Roger. ~ Marc

Spectauclar, I never saw Supertramp when I was a teenager and they played in Buffalo NY for 2 nights. Last night, almost 30 years to the date, I finally got to attend the concert I missed. 30 years ago. Thank you Roger for letting me relive the age of 17 if only for a moment. ~ Joan

We went to the concert last night in Niagara. Really loved the show. Your interaction with the crowd is genuine and heartwarming. Aaron is excellent working with you and the two of you create a wonderful sound and atmosphere. Last time I saw you was at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto in the mid to late 70's.with Supertramp. The band Supertramp does not exist without you in my opinion and I have no interest in attending a faux reunion without you involved.. Thanks again for the wonderful evening.. ~ John and Helen

In 1976,when still living in Australia,,I heard the song ,School ,from your album,Crime of the Century on a tape cassette in my car , while driving to my first teaching post at Port Pirie (north of Adelaide in South Australia ).I became an instant fan ! Later I bought Breakfast in America and loved it too! Now I'm living in Canada (married my wife who's from Niagara Falls and also a teacher); I was overjoyed when I found out you were going to play at Fallsview Casino ! Both my wife and I enjoyed your concert this evening immensely ! We felt privileged to be in the audience !Thank you so much for a superb evening ! I hope you'll be able to come back again some day . P.S.Take the SHORT road -instead of the LONG one - home !! God bless ! ~ James & Mary-Anne

The wife and I just spent a wonderful evening with you in Niagara Falls, Canada. Thanks for all the memories from our past growing up and listening to Supertramp while we were dating. We loved the new songs and will be on the look-out for them in our local music stores. Thanks again for a great evening and we will definitely look forward to seeing you again as soon as we can. ~ Ross Taylor

Your concert at the Fallsview Casino last night was the fourth time I've seen you and was another incredible show. It was such a pleasure to hear you sing "Lovers in the wind", one of my many favourites. For a solo performance, you and Aaron made Fools Overture sound truly amazing! Your concerts always have such a spiritual feeling to them. Also, I wanted to thank you and Linda for the opportunity afterwards. This was such a great honour for the both of us, for you to take the time. Enjoy the rest of your tour and look forward to seeing another great show when you come this way again. ~ Stephen

We attended both of your Fallsview Shows & they were Awesome!!! Thanks so much for performing "Even In The Quietest Moments" tonight...it was magical! You're the best performer we've ever seen at this venue! You put your heart & soul into every show & bring happiness to so many....so thank you on behalf of us all ~ Scott and Carolann

This has been the forth time , I have seen you I concert in Niagara Falls and it just keeps on getting better. This time I brought my kids. You have just gained two more fans, and i can say no more., but thank you. ~ Rodger Heise

My wife and i saw your show at Fallsview casino the other nite and we would love to see a new cd of just you and Aaron. I`m also trying to find 'the awakening', but I`m not having much luck. we want to see your show again because we were behind a lighting pole and the tickets were very hard to attain, please come back soon, the sound is well worth the wait and you two look like you love what you’re doing. ~ Marty & Karen Heard

BRAVO! I had the extreme pleasure to witness the show last night at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls last night. You are a true musical Icon in the purest sense. The vocals and musical presentation were absolutely amazing! Having seen Supertramp many times in their heyday I was prepared for a musical experience I knew would be unlike any other. Compliments galore to both you and your partner Aaron! The most incredible "duo" anyone could ever care to see perform. To those of you who may be reading this that have never seen Roger perform I strongly encourage you to secure your tickets to any show you have the opportunity to attend. Trust me...you won't be disappointed! Thank you Roger for providing us all with music that will indeed last a lifetime! ~ Brian Hobbs

I was at your concert at the Falls VIew Casino on 4/22/10. I have loved your music since the '70's because it has always touched my heart. Seeing you in person for the first time this past Thursday was an amazing experience! I love your song "The Awakening". It brought tears to my eyes as it spoke to me at a time when I do need to forgive myself. "Even In the Quietest Moment" also got me through some tough times in my life. You are a prolific writer and musician who touches us in our hearts. May you stay well and may God bless you. ~ Laura

Saw your show last night at Fallsview Casino, what great energy!!!!!!! sooooooooo impressed with Aaron, what a talented young man! Come back soon.... ~ Carolyn

Orginally from Scotland, UK. I now live in Indianapolis, I drove to Niagara Canada to see you on Thursday night. This is something i had dreamed about for so many long years. The night was wonderful you were excellent and put on a great show. Hearing you sing "Fools Overture" and "Soapbox Opera" was superb. Thank you for a great night and allowing me to fulfill my dream.

You are a very special person. God Bless. ~ Alan Swan

Many thanks Roger for a memorable performance Apr 23rd Fallsview -- have to say it's ample testimony to the strength of your song writing that the music stands up so well performed without full band backing. The chemistry you & Aaron have developed as musicians is palpable, just a treat to experience -- the enjoyment you both exuded playing together shone through. I must also add a personal thanks that echoes what one of my countryman has written on your site previously. I too have an autistic son, 4 and a half years of age at present, who has already developed an appreciation for Roger Hodgson songs and writing ("Put on a Roger song Dad" is often heard in our household). For a child with a challenged attention span and a general inability to lower his excitement level at the best of times, he calms right down and pays rapt attention to your music with a beaming smile. Looking forward to the day he can join me to share a future performance -- a most humble thank you. ~ Ken Steggles

Talk about the connections in the Universe...my husband and I saw your show last night at the Avalon...today the first song we heard on the radio was Give A Little Bit!!!!!!! Neat! ~ Carolyn

Saw you at Fallsview Casino in Niagar Falls Thursday night and what a great show and good time we had. It was great to hear you sing again after the Breakfast In America Tour. Thanks ! ~ Dan and Sue Cory

Last nights concert at Fallsview was amazing. You and Aaron have quite the chemistry. Love the stories about how you came to write the songs and the comedic responses you had with the audience. You are a true musician and it was thrilling to see you again in such an intimate setting. Hope to see you again. PS: I can't whistle but I was trying!!  Take Care, ~ Michelle

My wife and I saw your show once again. You once again made us feel thirty years younger for those two hours. We just want to thank you for the wonderful performance. We knew we would not be disappointed. ~ John

Your show on Friday at the Falls in Canada was the best concert I've ever seen! I've been to hundreds of concerts, and the combination of your talent and sincere appreciation for your fans is something that is a rarity in show business. Meeting you after the show only proved that point.

The last time I saw you was in 1983 on the "Famous Last Words" tour. My best friend from the past 35 years and I drove almost 10-hours, and it was worth every mile/kilometer. Please come visit us in the Midwest (USA), there's a lot more like us there! ~ Joel Pyle

Just Back from Niagara Falls concert absolutely amazing sound was great and the venue perfect. Thanks for the memories. ~ Greg

Saw you in Niagara Falls on the weekend. This is my second time to have the pleasure. I missed the drums, orchestra and choir, but what you did was a beautiful thing. you are a most talented person and the greatest of all time! Please come back to Ontario Canada!!!!! God Bless... ~ ANDY

Belated 60th Birthday wishes Roger. I was at your concert last year and just last week, both at Fallsview Casino here in Niagara Falls Ont. Canada. Absolutely FANTASTIC AGAIN!!

I've attended many concerts but none compared to yours. I love the way you chat with the audience and explain how you came o write some of the songs. Wish you did more concerts in Ontario though. Thanks for the memories you brought back to many of us. ~ Marylou McVicar

Saw 2 shows at Fallsview you had a connection with us after the first song. I looked around and saw smiles and tears all at the same time . You have a way of getting into ones soul with your music and pointing the way. Supertramp on tour without you is like a steak sandwich without the steak. Nobody can put the heart and soul into your songs like you do. Looking to see you soon at Casino Rama. ~ Wayne

You were amazing at the Niagara Falls Casino last weekend! We had the pleasure of seeing both of your shows and enjoyed them immensely! The chemistry between you and Aaron is unbelievable. Your songs are so deep and spiritual. You are a very talented individual. Thank you for being you and for sharing yourself with the world! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ~ Connie and Rocco