Hi Roger,

I just returned from your show last night here in Edmonton and thouroughly enjoyed it!! Being a Supertramp fan for over thirty years and seeing most of your concerts here in the city I still find your music fresh and wonderful to this day. You are truly a musical genius and a joy to listen to. A performance in our concert hall with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra would be perfect next time!

Thank you for sharing your music with us and we hope to see you back in Edmonton soon.

Peace and Good Health to you Roger


Thanks again for making time last night. It was a great show - yet again!! People's hearts were touched in many ways. I saw a rather large fellow in front of me wiping tears away during "Even In the Quietest Moments", along with so many other examples of joy, reflection, contemplation and nostalgia throughout the seats - with no respect to age!!

Love your spirit...


Saw you in Edmonton tonight. You are amazing. Had tears in my eyes for wellover half the show. I love the deep spirituality in all your songs and consider your music formative.

Michael Sharp

You were incredible. Loved Supertramp and you sounded even better tonight. You did not miss a beat.

Please come back.