It has been a couple weeks since I saw you during the Calgary Stampede at the outdoor concert at Fort Calgary. It was the most stunning musical performance I have ever seen and I have been thinking and talking about it ever since. I feel so privileged to have witnessed your amazing talents in such an initimate setting. Yes, it was a spiritual experience for me. I have been such a fan of all your hits and seeing Supertramp/Roger Hodgson in concert was always on my list...of course the band broke up before I had a chance. But this was more incredible. You were absolutely the headline act that night. Your perfect voice, your smile, your charm, the amazing band and those timeless, classic songs were the highlight of the evening and my summer. You were most definitely the heart of Supertramp and we are so lucky to have you touring solo now - to keep the music live and alive. Thanks for the memory and I hope to see you again one day. You are absolutely brilliant and one of the biggest treasures the musical world has ever seen!


WOW - My sincere thanks to Linda and Roger for the unforgetable, intimate concerts in Calgary two weeks ago at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. I only had tickets for one show but was treated so beautifully and allowed to watch Roger set up and rehearse (what a treat and my friends are sooo jealous), then he signed my cowboy hat so I decided to get a ticket for the Friday night show, 1st row seating again, then he gave me his guitar pic. Then I decided to drive to Edmonton a week later, seating 1st row again. Being uplifted by all his music all my life and not having seen him since the 80's what a beautiful experience.

I have been to over 200 rock n roll concerts but never treated so wonderfully. Just found out he is playing in Ontario where I grew up for 30 years so a trip back home is now due with my new 4th row floors for the Oct 27th show at Casino Rama. Looking forward to seeing Roger and Linda in Ontario.


Denise Labrecque

Okotoks, Alberta

Loved the concert in Calgary. Great to see Roger back in great form!!!! Have been a huge fan since the early 70's. Keep up the great work. Grew up on Roger's music and he and Supertramp have been my favorite musicians for over 35 years. Thanks for all the memories!!

Just in case our grinning faces didn't tell you, we thoroughly enjoyed your recent shows in Calgary. Your songs are so wonderful, "Hide in Your Shell" has been my personal favourite since way back when. I was simply thrilled to hear it live. Thank you!!!


Hello Roger,

I was part of the audience at the outdoor Roundup Party in Calgary, Canada last Wednesday where you were the 'mystery guest'.

What an absolute pleasure and privilege it was to witness this performance. I have good memories of seeing Supertramp in concert several times in Vancouver back in the early 80s, but those memories have now been superseded by the memory of how you united that small group of corporate Calgary party goers.

You look so beautiful and so at peace within yourself.

It has been a long time since I sang along to those songs, yet I remembered all the words. And I was astounded at the spirituality within the lyrics — something I never appreciated 25-30 years ago.

What a beautiful being you are. Thank you for sharing with the world.


Jeananne Laing

Roger, we had a terrific time at your Calgary show thursday evening. You were spot on mate !!! Your voice is in wonderful shape and your piano, guitar sound was bloody brilliant. The songs really touched us and we were very happy to see you again.....thank you and we miss you already !!



I always wanted to see Rodger/Supertramp in concert. I recently moved to Calgary and was fortunate enough to finally have that chance.I have to say that Roger was awesome, well worth every cent to see live. It was the most enjoyable concert that I have been too. The early recordings he done with Supertramp brought me back in time when I was growing up listening to the group. I just want to say thanks again for a great show and come back soon.

P.S. The only problem with the whole show was you left me wanting more. You could have played all night and nobody would have left.

Thanks again,


I would just like to tell Roger that I attended his show on Thursday night in Calgary at the Deerfoot Inn. It was beautiful. The sound was amazing, Roger's voice was perfect, and the performance was flawless. It really touched me.

I am a forty-six year-old musician from the Calgary area and have seen most of the greats in my day, but I can't imagine anything topping this show for me. Your songs reach me in places that other songwriters can't get to. I had almost forgotten how wonderful your songs are. And it's not just nostalgia, as you said yourself last night — they have stood the test of time very well.

Anyway, I don't write to fan sites, but I just wanted to thank you for giving me this opportunity to see you live. You are truly one of the finest composers and performers of the latter part of the twentieth century (and the beginning of the twenty-first). You made a lot of fortysomethings very happy last night. And I left the show a little tipsy and completely thrilled that I had seen one of the icons of my generation. Still in great form and still important to music.

I can't imagine anything topping what I witnessed last night. So thank you again for providing me with this wonderful experience.

And kudos to your sax player — he was fantastic. Man, what a gig for that guy!


Just got back from your outdoor concert in Calgary. What an awesome show. Your voice is as strong as ever. Thanks again and congratulations on a tremendous show.

Continued success and thanks for tonight! Hope to see you back in Calgary real soon


Harley & Heather Shuster

Roger - you rocked Calgary!

Man - to me you were the headliner at Fort Calgary's Stampede Roundup today. Those songs really brought back good memories. An thank you for your memories...age 17 and writing some of those songs...recording in LA a few years later ... awesome!