Thirty years ago, a small kid listened in awe to the cascading sounds of "Hide in your Shell", bouncing back and forth from the speakers of his primitive stereo. He was still a teenager in the early eighties, and couldn't make it for the Worl Tour '83. So when he found out that Roger would be playing for some 80 people in Madrid in July '97, he and his wife jumped in their car and raced 300 miles, arriving just in time to get an invitation and a glimpse of "The Logical Song" soundcheck. That concert, and meeting Roger, was a dream come true.

So we couldn't miss this new "genuine opportunity", drove the 450 miles from Santander, and spent an unforgettable time at Crato's festival & fair. I didn't expect such a crowd, and was really pleased to check that Roger's amazing voice, musicianship and lovely personality appeal to an incredibly wider range of age, nationality and musical tastes.

The concert for us was moving, to say the least, and the highlights were so many, that I'll only mention three: The audience's whistling on "Easy Does It"; the dedicatory to the local promoter on "Dreamer"; and a second encore! (The logical Song). You could almost touch the people's elation; I took some pics of the crowd from the first row and it was like watching a huge smile! I'll leave technical details and petitions for the next time -we're already looking forward to it- and just keep the emotions.

See you soon, Rog.

Pax & Ali


Many thanks for the wonderful moments of great music you offered us at CRATO-Portugal passing on August 29 '06. The people cried with emotion... So, we hope to see upcoming CRATOīs DVD.



A long time had passed since my last Rogerīs concert. It was in Madrid, Spain, in a very small place called Arena. The year was 2000 and he was presenting in my city Open the door. I remember very well the concert and I remember too how shocked I feel when I saw him playing alone. At first it was such a strange sensation. Then I think it was one of the most intense and happiest times in my life..., till two days ago.

From time to time I like to take a look at Rogerīs page and see how things are. When I saw he was playing in Portugal with an orchestra I couldnīt believe it. I also remember one of Rogerīs comments in Madrid concert about the song Open the door. He said something like "this song sounds incredible with an orchestra". They were more than 500 km. from my home but surely it would be worth it. And what’s more, this would be the occasion I was waiting a long time ago: to bring my son with me to see Roger. He couldnīt believe it when I told him we were going to see him. Iīm 44 and he is 19 but he is as fan as I am. He plays Foolīs Overture in the piano since he was 14 and to see him play this song, along with many others, was going to be a dream come true. So I booked a hotel room near the place and there we go, the three of us..., even my wife, who has suffered a recent surgery in her back was coming too.

We waited more than six hours to get a good seat but when the first chord of Take the long way home began every thing was forgiven. Roger went out with his white blouse and his black trousers as he sat in front of his keyboard. There was a little failure with the sound in the first seconds but from then all the songs sound perfect. It was more a Supertramp concert than a Roger one if we are talking about songs. Only three, Lovers in the wind, Only because of you and a new one, Oh brother!, were played from his own repertory which, of course, doesnīt mean anything. Everybody knows that all his Supertramp songs, though signed both for Roger and Rick Davies, were his.

Anyway all the songs that everybody remembered were played, School, Give a Little bit, Breakfast in America, Itīs raining again, Dreamer, most of them with the orchestra who perfomed them with all the professionalism that one can ask for. But there were songs played only by Roger and his guitar which made me think how good he is with just one instrument and his powerful, unmistakable and incredible voice. Even in the quietest moments and Easy does it were played this way. I missed Babaji, one of my wifeīs preferred, which I have never heard live, nor even with Supertramp. My son would have liked to hear Open the door and Death and a Zoo, which are his favorites, but in the end all of us enjoyed an unforgettable night.

Thank you Roger for having written the songs of my life.

P.S. By the way..., if the Cratoīs concert DVD is released soon...take a look at the boy with green T-Shirt in the crowd who is always cheering, waving, jumping and singing. Itīs my son.