"Supertramp"-Chief Hodgson with terrific Vienna-concert

World hits in campfire-sound

Hodgson in Vienna: The Supertramp-Saga as an impressive unplugged-show

Unplugged. Seven ornamental-plants, two guitars, keyboard, piano and one single co-musician - Roger Hodgson didn't need more yesterday evening at the concert house to warm frequently standing ovations out of 1,800 visitors. With fragile almost-unplugged-versions of 21 music-classics - the ultimate Supertramp-best-of from "Logical Song" to "Dreamer" - the 59-year-old delivered a most welcome antidote to current "Live-ornate-delusion" from Madonna & Co.  Even Mini-Operas like "A Soapbox Opera" or "Fools Overture", "overproduced" once at a studio, sounded great with that campfire-sound. The Viennese thanked him with frenetic applause. Hodgson visibly touched: "Maybe I should take you with me on tour!"


Picture Text: Hodgson thrills with unplugged-tibit