My wife and I had the pleasure of watching Roger's Canadian tour debut show at Casino Rama on Friday, October 27th. The show, with Roger's touring band

backed by an orchestra and choir, was simply majestic; despite his advancing age he still looked great and had complete control of both his instruments and his tremendous vocal range.

The set list closely followed that of the DVD, with a few twists. Roger's Canadian Idol protégé joined him for several songs, and appeared supremely star-struck by the entire experience. As part of the encore, Roger performed a splendid rendition of "Let It Be".

The orchestral arrangements on "School" and "Fool's Overture" were stunning, as was Roger's solo playing. He effortlessly glided between piano, synthesizer and guitar as the show progressed. "Dreamer" proved that his golden voice is still as sweet as it was decades ago.

The bad weather did make for us taking the long way home, but the show was worth the five hours we spent traveling to and from the venue. I cannot more

strongly recommend that all fans of Roger's work make the effort to see this gifted performer live. 


Roger I was lucky enough to see you twice at Casino Rama in Orillia Canada once solo and once with orchestra. Both of these shows were awesome and brought a tear to my eye and soul! I have just watched your live DVD and it has brought back all of those feelings again. Thank you very much. I hope to see you again to enjoy once more.

Gary for life.

I recently saw you at Casino Rama in Ontario, Canada.  I also saw you when Supertramp  toured here in 1978.  It was so special to hear you again.  You definitely had an impact on me musically almost 30 years ago and I'm glad to say it was the same in October of 2006.  Your wonderful songs still speak to my heart - thank you so much for coming back and sharing your enormous talent with the world!


hi roger what a show at rama 2006 cant get enough your songs move me. thanks for sharing your boarding school experience. had a similar experience my self went through foster homes, group homes etc. when are you coming to rama again? in 2007 i hope thanks


Vancouver Show was ABSOLUTELYAWESOME!!!  You provide so much musical and human inspiration Roger...Thank you for an incredibly nostalgic evening for me and my pals...



Dear Roger Hodgson,

I am writing to you to tell you how much I loved your concert at the Capital Ex in Edmonton and how jealous my parents were back in Victoria B.C. My whole family loves your music and we'd love it if you came to Victoria B.C. and played at the Save on Foods Memorial arena. A lot of my friends would love to see you too. Thanks again!


Hi Roger,

My family members who attended the concert at Casino Rama on October 27, 2006 and I send our compliments for putting on a wonderful show. We all enjoyed it and had similar positive feelings toward your talent and humble nature. After all these years you still have a great voice that is so well known for its high range. I look forward to seeing you again in concert in the future.


Hi Roger.

I'm Michel from Saguenay and I was at your last show in November 2006,  and a special THANK to you for receive me after show, autograph my old ' QUIETEST MOMENT ' vynil disc, take photos with me, you are a VERY GREAT GENTLEMAN. I was so nervous , with a LEGEND like you, fabulous!  I love your post-Supertramp music, specially HAD A DREAM, LOVERS IN THE WIND, etc. I wish that you will come again here in 2007, be sure I will be there in show again.  And ANYTIME , if you want, be your host at home, a great honour for me, receive you like a KING !

Merry Christmas,Happy new year and longlife to you !


Dear Roger,

I was the happiest man that night November the 20th in Edmonton .  My wife had purchased 2 ticket's for me for my birthday pressent and she said one day to me, we have a date on November, 20, 2006 so be free!  I was curious so she told me and I was pleased but she should have spent some money on herself since she is away's thinking of other's  She is a devoted mother to our son, William now 4 years old.  We both were teary eyed when you played "Puppet Dance" as we lost 1 of our parent's in our twenties and shortly after we were married in 1992 the other set.  The night was magical for me and even though my wife, Kathy listened to Billy Idol, Kiss and the bad guy's of rock n' roll , I was happy that she came and listened and we had a wounderful evening.  She sang along with you to "School" and giggled like a child.  She was a rebel in school!

Please come back soon with your talent and many more song's that have yet to been  written by you.

God Bless,

A fan from day 1!


Just wanted to say thanks.....! I attended the Saskatoon show this past November. It was a great night......great show! Being 35, Supertramp's music left an impression on me growing up and I'm feel so lucky and gifted to have witnessed you live. Death And A Zoo will always be my favorite song. Canada loves you and hopefully we have proven that. Come back soon! All the best to you!


Thank you....

In one magic moment you have touched my heart and filled my soul with the love that you portray in your concerts. We had the privlage of seeing your Vancouver concert and feel blessed to have been able to attend. Although only one person in a sea of several it was if you were sending your message to me directly.

"If you close your eyes, and reach out your hand... the magic of the moment will fill your heart"

Thank you!


Since seeing your concert on the 22nd in Vancouver, where I might add I bought your DVD, my wife and 8 year old daughter have watched it almost every night. My daughter nows sings along with the songs as I do but her fav is he Logical song,also one of mine too. The DVD shows many talents of yours from the music to the writing talent you have but also the compassion for people and Life.It is reflected in the way you talk to the audience and in the music you sing, the strong conviction you have toward being good to each other and giving back to each other. The DVD is very well done to highlight you and your music and the sound is awesome in 5.1. We as your fans can not thank you enough for leaving us with this DVD to carry us over until you next come to each of our cities to woo us again .  The music you sing has special meaning for all of us who are your fans and we all look forward to the next time .  Thanks so much for a show that made us all see our youth again and the part you played in it.



Just wanted to say what a thrill it was to not only see you in concert, but to also meet you afterwards.  I have been a fan of your music since '74 and saw about 5 concerts before you left Supertramp in '83. 

My wife and I have been on a "high" since the concert in Vancouver and I have to say you are truly a gentleman of the highest order.  The way in which you engaged my 10 year old daughter in conversation about her own guitar playing, clearly left a mark on her.  She is so proud of the guitar pick you passed to her. 

You mentioned you planned to continue playing, touring and recording new material, which I hope is true. Hopefully one day we'll get to see you with a full orchestra.

Keep up the great work!

Quentin - Vancouver.

Hi Roger,

I was present for your Edmonton concert on Nov10-06 in almost the same seat that I saw Supertriamp for the first time sometime in the early 80's.  The concert was Fantastic!!  I bought your DVD and dual CD and have been listening to them both since.  (And singing and playing on my guitar too I might add)

Supertramp was always my favorite band, and let me tell you that listening to your "Signature" voice brought back emotions and memories that are simply hard to explain.

A few years ago my wife and I went to a Supertramp Concert in Edmonton, without Roger Hodgson, and left entertained but missing something.  You're concert two weeks ago identified what that was, and I realized for the first time who the real force and creative drive behind the band really was.

If 'Oh Brother" is any indication of things to come I look forward to the second coming of Roger Hodgson.

Thanks again.

Patrick, St. Albert, Alberta Canada

My two daughters, Elizabeth (6) and Kyla (10) have decided to adopt Roger Hodgson.  They were at the Nov 20th concert in Edmonton (near the front).    Elizabeth said it was the best concert that she had ever been to. When Roger said to act as a six year old for "School", she was so happy to act as herself!  God Bless You, Roger Hodgson, for stating your music is inspired by God.  Thank-you! 

Donna and Derek

Dear Mr. Hodgson

I have been a fan of yours for many years. I went to your 4 concerts in Moncton New-Brunswick way back. Every time I here your voice it makes me cry. Why aren’t you coming to Moncton for a concert. You have lots of fan there. Continue to make beautiful music.

Thank You


Hi Roger, Just wanted to say that I recently visited Vancouver on Nov 22. I live in Prince Edward Island and was unable to get tickets in Halifax, so I had a friend in B.C. get tickets out there. I was amazed at your performance. You are the best. I bought your disk "Open the Door" at the concert, and it is great. I wish you all the best and hope that some day, you can perform a concert in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. I got one cd that was autographed by you in B.C. "Open the Door". How can I get another one. I would like to give it to my brother.



Hi, I just wanted to say what a beautiful show you performed at the Orphium, here in Vancouver.

Roger your music means so much to me and I hold it in my heart. The songs bring back so many great memories to me. One of them is "Give a little bit" which

reminds me of my childhood and going on holidays with my parents.The music is so inspirational and it immediately puts a smile on my face. I love all of your

songs. You are one talented musician. When you play it sounds like the rest of the band is their playing with you. It's amazing.

Also I dig your new song Keep the Pigons warm (Oh, Brother), what a beautiful song!

I hope you come back soon.


Having just seen rodgers concert in Edmonton, I felt compelled to share. Rodger gives all he has, his voice is great as ever he, shares everything with his audience, this man is a true inspiration. The ultimate compliment rodger, I brought my 9 year old boy & he commented, There was only two people on stage? Such harmony! He now puts much more effort in his piano. TO EVERYONE, DON"T MISS THIS INSPIRATIONAL CONCERT.


WOW what can anyone else say. This was a first class act, completely flawless. The sound was incredible in the orpheum theatre. Having great seats on the floor 2nd row was great . But having back stage passes and meeting Roger after the show is something my wife and I will never forget. Roger is a very down to earth person, very humble and very much a gentleman. This world could use more people like him. I hope he will tour again in Vancouver. 

Best Regards 

Pat & Denise

My girlfriend and I came up to Vancouver from Seattle to see your show and I just wanted to say it was well worth the trip.

The Orpheum is such a beautiful theatre and what a perfect setting for your magnificient performance. There wasn't one song that you played that I wasn't totally captivated by.

Your solo material is as timeless as the songs you wrote with Supertramp and I hope that you will continue to write and record new music and to tour. It has been much too long since the excellent Open the Door!

Thanks again Roger for one of the best concerts I have ever been to and I hope you return to the northwest again soon!


I just want to thank you Roger for giving me a most wonderful birthday present. My wife knows how big of a fan I am of Supertramp and when she heard you were going to be in town she got tickets for my birthday. She says she has never seen me so enjoying myself than I was at your concert. I really appreciate the intimate atmosphere you presented and also bringing the sax player (what an honour that must of been to be chosen to play with you). The last time I saw

Supertramp in Vancouver was at the Empire stadium outdoor concert. The show at the Orpheum just blew me away, you have never sounded better and you are such a gentelman, my wife was so impressed with your humbleness and your honour to play your songs and not take away the talents of the other members of Supertramp. Please don't wait so long to come back to Vancouver, you have a huge fan base here. Thanks again for giving a little bit of yourself and your message of giving a little bit in our daily life is what we all need to do more of. As a transit operator in Vancouver that is something I can do everyday on my job and will make my life better, and others, thanks again.


I had the good fortune of seeing you with my mother just before she died of cancer and she loved the concert at the cne granstand. This was a band called Supertramp. However long after my mothers death Roger I wanted you to know that the concert you put on at Rama October 27th blew me away and my wife as well, as she had never heard you live. I have to tell you that she has now told me that any tickets for your show that come up I am to purchase immediately. I told her she'd love it, you are so amazing and real, and the memories of times in my life blow me away when I hear the songs. You are better then you were when I saw you back then and that’s incredible. Thank you for such a great show.

Duane and Julie

Wow-For 4 months now, I've been trying to come up with the exact words to articulate what I mean to say.  In my 40 years, I have had all sorts of terrific experiences --- I've married the woman of my dreams, I've watched my son being born, etc. --- and I am not prone to gushing. 

Yet, the intense joy and pleasure I get at your shows almost defies description.  Your talent (vocal, instrumental and writing) and humility are almost literally incredible.  To see your songs --- without exception such beautiful, well-crafted, intelligent works of art --- performed to perfection is bafflingly overwhelming.

I've now seen you four times --- Victoria in 1998, and then Red Deer, Edmonton and Vancouver this year --- and each time I am thunderstruck at the pure, wholesome, overpowering goodness that radiates from your stage.  I shake my head at the beauty of it all.

The morning after your outdoor show at Edmonton's Capital Ex (July, 2006) I flew home to Victoria over the mountain ranges of British Columbia.  As the emerging sunrise lit up the tips of the snow-clad Rockies, I began to understand what is so extraordinarily special about you and your performances.

So often we are exposed to reports of how awful life can be --- random shootings, drunk drivers, pedophiles, war, disease, tsunamis, earthquakes, shark attacks, on and on and on.  Very very rarely, we get to witness how overwhelmingly beautiful life can be.  Like when we fly over a sun-drenched mountaintop.  Or attend a Roger Hodgson concert.

I still don't think I'm saying it right but, like countless others dancing on this planet, I am so grateful for what you've given to the world, and remain awestruck by the indescribable beauty you emanate.  I applaud you, I send you warm wishes, and I thank you for showing us all how perfect the world can be.


Thanks for the fantastic show in Vancouver!  This was the 3rd of your solo concerts I've attended (Vancouver 1998, London 2006 and Vancouver 2006) - I consider your shows the most enjoyable I've seen.  Thanks particularly for playing "Rosie Had Everything Planned"!  Looking forward to a new CD from you in the near future hopefully.


Hi Roger!

Just wanted to say Thank you for such an incredible concert in Calgary. Yes, I grew up with your music, and now my boys know all the songs too. What a legacy you have given to the world. I am a music specialist teaching in the elementary school system now. Music was my first passion. When I hear your music, it stirs my soul, literally bringing tears to my eyes. We have a little guy with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and he requires care 24/7. Whenever I'm down, I just crank one of the many CD's I have, or now, I can put on your DVD I bought at your Calgary show, and it lifts my spirits once again. Keep singing! And Thanks again for a wonderful evening that will continue to give me so many happy memories. Hope you come back again soon!

Musically yours!


Roger: I cannot begin to tell you how important your music has been to me for the past 30 years. In 1976 a friend of mine asked me to go to a Supertramp concert. I asked "who are they?", thinking that it sounded like a Funk Band. He talked me into going and The "Crime of the Century" concert at the Queen Elisabeth Theatre in Vancouver was my introduction to Supertramp. I was totally blown away and they became my favourite band from then on. I was fortunate enough to see Supertramp again in Toronto in 1979 (when I was on a cross country bicycle trip if you can believe that) and again on the same tour in Vancouver that year. Getting right up front I have some incredible close up pictures from those concerts most notably a picture of John Helliwell with his huge Megaphone with "Bloody Well Right" on it's side. Just a few years ago I saw Supertramp again in Vancouver but I said to my wife that it just wasn't the same without Roger Hodgson. You were the soul of Supertramp. I saw your "Evening with Rodger Hodgson" last night at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver and  it was just amazing. The only thing that I can say is Thank-You Roger for the wonderful gift that you  give to your fans every time you perform. Your Musicianship, Melodies, and Heart shone out and engulfed us as you took us back to more peaceful times in our lives. You truly took us "The Long Way Home" We have missed you Roger. Please don't stay away as long this time.



Thank you for last night’s concert. Memories of Grade 7-10 (my Junior high school years) came flashing back with warm & fuzzy feelings…  

We especially enjoyed the ‘Love Fest’ that occurred with all the fans.  Wow, just fabulous….  

He still is an amazing entertainer. 


Amazing Concert-

I went to the concert in Vancouver, BC on November 22, and I have to say  it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I guess I should also mention that I am 15 and was probably one of the youngest people there.  I know I was the youngest girl!

The reason I went was my dad has been a fan for many many many many years.  Supertramp was his favourite band, and to this day still is.  The concert was at the Orpheum theatre which provided a beautiful setting.  When he played his first song, 'Give a little bit' I was in shock.  It was amazing.  His voice is amazing.  I found it quite odd that people weren't jumping up and down and screaming and being loud, which is what i'm used to, but soon I realized why.  His voice is so captivating, you stare in awe at him.  All I could think was 'Wow, that is a real legend performing right in front of me'. The concert overall was just amazing.  Words cannot describe it.  I came home and stole all my dad's CD's and listened to the songs over and over.  Roger, if you're reading this, I just want to tell you that you are an AMAZING performer.  You are a TRUE performer.  I hope you do come back!


Dear Mr. Hodgson:

My husband and I drove 4 hours to see your recent performance at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton.  We are both huge fans and have listened to your music since the early 70's, first with Supertramp and then your solo career.

WOW!!  We were so touched to hear your truly remarkable voice once brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.  You are such a warm and genuine artist that resonates in your music.  We also enjoyed Aaron McDonald on sax as well.

What a fantastic show!  To hear you play solo was an evening that we will never forget.  You have a wonderful gift.....your music touches my heart and soul.  I hope you know how much you have been missed and that we can see/hear you again soon.

Barb & Les

P.S.  We hope that you will continue to record songs -- the two songs "Oh Brother" and "Along Came Mary" that you performed are breathtaking.  Thank you for a great evening!


Dear Roger,

I must tell you that recently I had the pleasure of attending one of your shows. Naturally I was amazed at your professionalism, performance on stage, and genuine humbleness to the crowd of which I felt so honored to be a part of. You are a perfectionist with passion Roger. Everything from simple choices of vocal enhancement nuances ie/echo, reverb to accentuate words or moments, to program changes of sounds at your controller.

Your art has inspired me in many places of my life. I have played for many years, but have not pursued a career, and do not wish to despite certain peoples' opinions. I am very happy with where I am at in my life. But I do have a question. Would you be so kind as to advise what type of controler you were using on stage at the Vancouver Show in the Orpheum? And if you do feel compelled to share your preferences in gear pertaining to keyboards I would be most appreciative.



Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic concert. Not only did it bring back memories of my teenage years (empire stadium ----Vancouver) but I can truly say your music continues to hold that magical quality I fell in love with as a teen. Please don't make us wait another 23 years!!!!!


I'm not sure if Thank You are words good enough for a Treat that we all enjoyed at your concert on the 22'nd at the Orpheum Theatre. We were given the opportunity to listen to a Master of the lyrical verse and the creator of some of the best music that came from an era when youth needed something to call it's own, the good thing that came out of it is that the music then and it's sound have become almost cult status symbols for the generation of Tramp Fans that have followed there and your careers through the years.  Last night's concert was by far the best I have been to in many years. Yourself and Arron's voice were above intoxicating and so sweet to listen to. Your musical talent is by far industry leading and the vocal talent after so many years is not to be matched by many.  So many of the songs touched my heart in many ways But my Fav was Hide in Your Shell and Even In the Quietest Moments was right behind that. I could go one for a while but all I will end  with is to say that artists of your talent don't come along very often to grace us with poetry and song and it will be a sad day if you don't grace us again some time in the future, because for sure all that were there last night will be there again and the new believers wil be there as well.  Thank You again and again. Until we meet somewhere some day again.


It felt nice to be 18 again for a few hours. Brought tears to the eyes.! A CLASS ACT ALL THE WAY! Come back soon. Continued success!


I have waited patiently for over 20 years for this opportunity, and last night's concert made that all worthwhile.  The acoustics at the Orpheum did Roger's music justice!  You could close your eyes at the beginning of School, and almost imagine ... "Paris" (certainly one of my favourite albums).  Wow!

Great job by the saxophone player, too!  Most impressive, and must have been the trip of a lifetime for him.  What is his name?  Please tell us a bit more about him here on the site.


Dear Roger,

I invited 10 friends to your show and to my dismay, my car decided to not start. 20 minutes before showtime and I was standing in the rain baffled. My wife persisted and got the car started for me even though she could not go to the show. Well, I bolted downtown, lucked into a parking spot 2 blocks from the venue and spent at least 2 minutes finding my way to my seat inside the incredible and beautiful maze of the Orpheum Theatre. I caught the last 4 tunes of the first set and the entire 2nd set. Let me tell you, myself being a musician/writer of 33 years now, I could not wipe the smile off my face...and either could the non musician folks. My goosebumps were alive and well. Roger, that was a Fantastic presentation and a special hats off to your multi talented partner on stage. I was further impressed with your ability to delivery those dynamic signature vocals.

Peace with you brother, and thanks for the inspiration throughout the years. You make me want to succeed and give a little success, isn't it.


The first concert I ever attended was Super Tramp, back in the mid-70's, in Saskatoon.  Tonight I took my 10 year old son to his first concert, in Vancouver, so how fitting that it was for Roger's show.

I was thrilled when he not only did my favorite song (Lord is it mine) but mentioned that it was his personal favorite as well.  That tune really brought a tear to my eye and some fond memories that I associate with that song!  Anyway, thanks for a fabulous show, it was definitely memorable and I hope you take the long road back to Vancouver again, some day not to far down the road.


My Husband and I went on a date for the first time since our son was born 21 months ago and we went to your concert. Since we are both in our 40's we felt like we were back in time. We had a great time. Thanks for making our first date in a long time a special one. Hope to see you again soon.

Thanks again


Hi Roger,

I was fortunate enough to have been sitting 4th row center at your Calgary concert this week. Other than the obvious praise you deserve for such a great performance, I have two comments.

First, your rendition of "Along came Mary" that night was for me one of the hi-lites of the evening. I was very surprised (and a little disappointed) it failed to make it on the DVD. If you ever decide to make a video of this song I would buy it in a heart beat, if only to remind me of the feeling you put into it that night and the feelings I felt standing in line at the counter during the break. I couldn't get the chorus out of my head! An excellent piece of craftsmanship.

"Open the door" is on the Christmas list.

Second, I'm really glad you included "Oh Brother" on the DVD.

All the best to you and the gigs to come.


I have been privileged to experience Roger and Supertramp over the last 25 years,but after last night's concert it will be etched within me, for his sharing of his wonderful life and giving the gift of his music to all.  My wife and I had the fortune of being up front in the 3rd row,just to see him was outstanding and the performance was truly one of the greatest live shows I have ever experienced,the sounds of his music was mesmerizing but also inspriational.  Thank you Roger,please write and compose more material.  We need more of your inspirational music,the best is yet to come!!!

Bloody Marvelous!!!!!!


Michael & Marina

Hello Roger,

I was glad that I went with my husband to your show.  I purchased these 2 ticket's for his birthday and a way of spending sometime with him away from our little son, William.  I knew a few of your song's from the 80's as I was in high school.

The song that touched both of us very much was when you sung, " Puppet Dance".  We both lost our parent's very early in our twenty's and also in the first year's of our marriage and it seemed to reconnect us as a couple.  In  a Spiritual way.  Word's are seldom spoken durring these time's and as I have been with Randy my husband of 19 year's it moved both of us very much.  It rekindled our feeling's that we buried for year's and I thank you!

May God keep in safe and yes, I will see you again,

Yours sincerely,


I wanted to let Roger know how much I enjoyed his concert here last week. I had been to several Supertramp concerts when they came to Winnipeg, the last one when I was 8 months pregnant and sat in 'Nosebleed  Heights' at the Arena.

So sitting in the 4th row at the intimate Walker Theater was a real treat. You are warm, engaging and still have a fabulous voice.

Having watched the Cdn Idol for the first time this summer/fall, it was also so nice to see Rob James join Roger.

Many, many thanks for including Winnipeg on the concert tour!


What a wonderful Monday evening to hear a living legend. I took my younger brother who was a thought in my parents eyes at the time Supertramp was in there heyday. Over the years he has istened to the band and was totally impressed by Roger's voice.

Last night, I treated him to the show , one my brother calls a memory for a lifetime.

The Venue was great and Roger was bang on. And he was very complimented with young Mr. MacDonald on the saxophone.

It was an evening we will never forget and hope that it is not 23 years again before we see Roger. Thanks for a wonderful evening of music and showmanship. You are clearly one of the top 5 in the music business with your passion, dedication and ability to connect with us all even when the guitar goes down.

Hope you come back very soon and an evening with our symphony orchestra would be what the doctor could order.


Good day  Roger,

My wife Jacqueline and I attended your concert last night in Edmonton, You did an incredible job during the show, I have seen you in concert 4 or 5 times during the last 28 years and you impressed me again with your voice and musical talent. Thanks so much for meeting us after your performance at the Northern Alberta Jubillee Auditorium. My wife and I have all of your albums and CD s as well, Your autograph of my CD will be kept in a very special place.

We met you with Charles and Marina in Edmonton, 

Good luck in the future and hopefully we will be able to see you at another performance


St. Albert Alberta Canada               

Linda, your thoughtfulness & kindness has been overwhelming.  Words can't express our heartfelt emotions of meeting Roger, Aaron and seeing you last night. I can't believe we didn't cry when meeting Roger. Such beautiful & spiritual music that touches our souls written by such a wonderful man. Thank you and God Bless.

Love Denise and Susan 

I was at Roger's amazing performance on Nov 19 in Calgary, Alberta.  What a wonderful show, I can't believe that Roger still sounds the same as was like putting a Supertramp cd in!!  One thing I would like to know is who was the  accompaniest in the show?  He was amazing, so talented!


So much soul!

I want to start off by saying thank you.  Thank you for your music, what you stand for, and for encouraging others to "give a little bit" It's people like you that make this world a better place to live!

I have been fortunate enough to see you twice in Calgary and I must say that both times I left saying "that was the best night of my life" The heart and soul you and Aaron have when performing truly captures the audience and makes for an unforgettable night.

My entire family agrees with me, and we all hope you will both come back to Calgary soon. But until then we will keep listening to your CDs, watching your DVD and as always "give a little bit!"


Thank you Roger and Aaron!


Great concert last night at the Jack Singer Hall. Really enjoyed the variation in songs Roger played since his July concert. Aaron is awesome on the sax. Very nice to finally meet you. Looking forward to Roger's announcements for next year - hopefully he will pencil in Calgary again! My kids loved seeing Roger - it was Charlotte's first ever concert - at 9 years old she will never forget it. Have a safe trip to Edmonton and Vancouver and have a great Thanksgiving Holiday.

Regards, Bob.

I've seen five Roger concerts in five months, 4 in Alberta and 1 in Ontario.  Thanks so much Roger for your beautiful music. Lovely seeing Linda and Roger again last night. Please do a 2007 tour for Stampede.  I'll buy you another cowboy hat! That guitar pic he gave me also sits between the praying hands of my statue of Mary in the guest bedroom. God bless you both.


Roger, Thanks so much for a wonderful concert in Calgary.  We were front row, and you came to shake my 6 year old daughter's hand, but she was too shy.

People had complained about her stomping her feet to one of the more upbeat songs, which devastated her, but when you said it was nice to see little ones there it really cheered her up.  Your kindness is truly appreciated.  She is such a music fan already and now she is a Roger Hodgson fan!!  Thanks so much!


Hi Roger, I've been following you forever. I was born in Argentina 41 years ago and since a child I loved Supertramp. It was a delight to see you in Calgary last night. Please come back to the Jack Singer. I will take my kids to see you next time.

Even in the Quietest Moment is my favorite song and tears were rolling down my face when you played it last night.

Thank you, thank you for a wonderful evening, and for so many years of your beautiful music.


Hi Rodger,

My 11 year old daughter Ashley and I saw your concert last night in Calgary.  Thanks for a great show, we both enjoyed it very much.   I've been a fan for years and I'm sure she's now your latest fan.

All the best,

Ron & Ashley

We sat in the first row for this truly wonderful show, directly in front of you when you played the guitar. I consider myself fortunate to have the chance to see you perform. Words can't describe how I felt after seeing the show.....Keep on keeping on....your music makes the world a better place......god Bless......


Hi Roger,

Saw your show last night and want to tell you it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! Unlike so many stars of your generation, you have stayed in touch with your fans. Just one reason why you'll be filling out venues for many years to come!


Still Amazing....But.......

Just saw Roger last night in Calgary. A wonderful show. My wife & friends are roughly Roger's age and simply love his/Supertramps music. As we age, we realize life is short, friends are taken from us due to health reasons, accidents etc. where we come to appreciate the little things that we take for granted. The joys of Supertramps music is almost second to none...

A huge fan,

Ian de Haas


P.S. I wished your played  Soapbox Opera last night on that beautiful Grand Piano! One of your best tunes!

Just came home from your concert as was blown away with the show. This was one of the best concerts i have seen in years and I only hope that you will come back so I can see you again. Thanks for all the great music and I hope that the rest of your tour is a success.

Thank you and god bless


Sharing the magic with my daughter

Roger, I hope this story isn't too long.

I first experienced the magic of Supertramp live with the Crime of the Century tour in Toronto. My buddy Len and I had fairly awful scalpers tickets but managed to convince a roadie, that "our girlfriends are waiting for us right up front there by the stage". Luckily, after he allowed us to walk right up front, we found two girls sitting front and centre who were nice enough to let us sit down next to them until said roadie was convinced we were legit. For the rest of the show we sat there, front row, dead centre as our band played our favourite album for us. That was magical moment number one. Now, almost 30 years later, my classic rock loving 15 year old daughter and I have tickets to the Calgary show. Not great seats though. Upper balcony. As high as you can go in the Jack Singer Concert Hall. We decide that despite the odd angle we need to sit at, leaning over the balcony, it will be an "interesting" way to watch the show and the audience. Nearing the end of the opener, an attendant (ah for old times sake let's call her a roadie) comes in and asks if we would be interested in moving down closer to the stage. Instantly we say yes, and she leads us down to seats one and two on the left side of the stage. We're pretty much on the stage and  watch this incredible show, 10 feet from Roger and having this incredible perspective of being beside him - watching his keyboarding, the audience, just being part of the show. Through it all, I keep looking over at my daughter - who is obviously enchanted by this performance - and all I can think is how much I appreciate the music this man has brought to my life and now allowed me to share with my "little girl". Thanks man. Thanks so much.


Hi Roger!  We thoroughly enjoyed your concert in Saskatoon!  Asking our Canadian Idol contestant from Saskatchewan (Tyler Lewis) to join you at this event was a fabulous idea.  It just made the evening even more special.  What was the name of the song you sang with Tyler? 

Thank you for a wonderful evening!!!! 


At a time when so much is negative in the world seeing Roger tonight in concert was one of the most uplifting moments I have experienced in a long time. It is so comforting to have shared an evening with him and his wonderful music. His spirituality, sincerity and positiveness was overwhelming. Thank you for a night I will never forget.


What a show! My entire family was there and all had the best musical experience of our lives! From 65-15 months old we all love Roger! Thank you for all the wonderful memories!


Hi Roger, I just wanted to drop you a line and Thank You for the awesome performance you gave in Saskatoon. My wife, and I drove from Regina to come and see you perform. I had so many great teenager memories as you sang your songs. It must be a great feeling, to be able to take people back to their youth by playing these classic songs, that will be around until the end of time. I hope you will come to Regina SK next time you tour Canada, if not we will travel to see you. My wife and I Thank You for the unforgetable evening.

Take Care- Barry & Jessica

just saw you last night in winnipeg. GREAT!! Wish you would have sung bloody well right!!  Do you still do t shirts and hats ? I bought the double cd but a shirt or hat would have been better!!  my other supertramp stuff went up in smoke in a house fire. I still remember the concert in winnipeg arena with the terrible acoustics but you were great!!  How would one get old and new t shirts from you?  Thanks   May God take care of you


I was at your Saskatoon show on Nov. 16 and both my wife and I thought it was fantastic. We were both in high school during the 70s and your show brought back suome great memories. Keep up the great work. Your an inspiration for all. Any chance for a Supertramp reunion?



I just recently saw Roger perform in St. John's, and I was blown away by how much stage presence just one person can have. He emitted so much love through his songs, and I loved each and every one of them. I recently purchased his DVD, and I was pleased to see that it was exactly like the concert I had seen. I loved the song Oh Brother (Kepp The Pigeons Warm), and I certainly think that he should record it ASAP!

All the best!


Amazing talent - thank you!

Mr. Hodgson: I caught your concert in Winnipeg on Wednesday (nov/15th)I was the maniac that was yelling "It's raining again! It's raining again" for the encore!!! Roger, you entertained all of us in ways that will always stay in my mind as one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Your voice (range) is better now than in the Supertramp days, for sure...God has gifted you with  multiple gifts of voice and your unique ability to write songs with truly wonderful melodies, not to forget your gut-honest lyrics. I was totally entertained Roger. Please come back to Winnipeg very soon. If you get cold I will give you my scarf!!! Your voice sounds like a choir of angels singing. You and Art Garfunkel have the most beautiful voices in the world.

Come back soon – Darryl

I bought the concert DVD at your recent Halifax, Nova Scotia concert.  Your concert was incredible and I hope you return again to do another show.  The concert DVD was also incredible (& sound quality was perfect) and it also included some bonus tracks from another concert (location/ date could not be found on DVD) with full orchestra that was outstanding, especially the "Dreamer" track.  I am wondering if fans will ever have the chance to purchase that full concert on DVD.  If so, I would be first in line to get my copy.

Thanks for the great concert!


The BEST concert ever-

Dear Roger,

My husband and I took another couple to your concert in Saskatoon on Nov.16th and we were all blown away.  Not only are you a talented songwriter, musician and singer you have a big heart and a special compassion for people, that our world needs more of.  To share your stage with Tyler Lewis was great to see.  How lucky for him to have had a mentor like you!!  We really hope that you will do another tour here in the future.  You will laugh at this, but we'd love to have you here for a roast beef and yorkshire pudding supper.  My mother-in-law was an English war bride and that is one dishes she taught me.  The very best to you on your tour and thank you for giving us a wonderful evening of yourself.

God Bless,


Roger, you truly are a genuine man and have the ability to connect with your fans! Your music brought a smile to my face for the entire show. As always you cease to amaze with your perfect vocals and unbelievable instrumentation. Thank you for giving your time after the show and talking with my father and I - you truly have inspired me and your many fans around the world!!!

Keep the pigeons warm.

I was at your show in Winnipeg, MB last night (Nov.15, 2006) and I have to tell you that was the most amazing performance I have ever seen. I have been listening to your music all of my life and every time I listen to it you touch my soul and I feel lighter and more colorful. Seeing you in person last night moved me so deeply. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with the world. I am very grateful for the experience I had last night and I will cherish it always.

Sincerley and with warm regards,


Hello Roger,

Thank you very much for making Saskatoon a stop on your Canadian tour.

It was truly an experience to finally see yourself and the talent you command.

I am currently 44 years old and you have been with me many years for all the happy times and support for the few bad times.

Thank you, for being you Roger.


Hi!  I just wanted to let Roger know how much I enjoyed his concert here in Saskatoon.  Roger, your humility and sincerity was so refreshing.  You have such

a wonderful gift and you are an inspiration.  Thanks so much for taking the time to share your wonderful talents and message with us.  Take care & safe travels. 


Dear Roger,

I just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a fantastic show in St. John's. It was one of the most moving and enjoyable concerts I have ever been to. Your singing was 110% the whole night! It almost doesn't matter that I wasn't around to hear you live in the 70s, because your voice hasn't changed a single little bit.  Also, it was very kind of you to invite Craig Sharpe up to do a few songs. He's a great kid with a promising future. He did a nice job in particular on "Only Because Of You" (hehehe, once the lyrics had been found, of course!)

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we all did, because we'd love to have you back in Newfoundland again. It's a lovely little place. Very good for inspiring poetry and songs! Thank you for sharing your talent and your great sense of humour with us all.  Best of luck with the rest of your tour.

- Stephanie

P.S: And thanks especially for playing "School!"  It was the first song that got me hooked on Supertramp and I was dying to hear it.  When you asked us if we had any requests, I bellowed that one out at the very top of my lungs and you looked right at me!  It was a great moment and I don't think I'll ever forget it. 

Hi Roger!!!

I just got home from your concert you just played in my city, winnipeg, and you were AMAZING! I am 21 years old, and have been listening to Supertramp since forever, my dad got me hooked! Your voice was ALWAYS my favorite and I was just in awe tonight! I think you are great and you should keep it up!!!!


Hi Roger,

I am sad to say that I will miss your show in Saskatoon because I just found out about it the early morning hours of the show.   I would like to know if you knew that in Prince Albert, SK we have the E.A. Rawlingson Centre available and would love to see you perform there.

I really enjoy listening to your music, and thank you for such a unique sounding voice & performer!!!




Thanks for the great show you put on in Winnipeg tonight. We really enjoyed listening to all your songs. Hope to see you again.

Mark and Lorie

As well as owning a recording studio, I am also a musician.  I was overwelmed at the concert Roger put on at the Burton Cummings Theatre.  It was everything I expected and more.  I have attended several concerts over the years and this is the first one I have ever attended where I felt this concert was just being

performed for me.  Rogers' personality exceeds his musical ability...hard to believe but that is fact.  I have never been drawn in by any performer as much

as I was by him,  and I feel very privilaged to have been able to attend this show and more importantly, share this experience with my two daughters (who

bought the ticket for me which was very cool)).  I would encourage anyone, Supertramp fan or not, to attend one of Rogers shows.  It will literally blow

you away.  What a night and what a talent!!! 


Dear Roger,

I had the pleasure of attending your concert in Halifax, and I just want to thank you for such an entertaining show. It was fantastic! From the standing ovation the minute you walked on stage, to whistling the intro to Easy Does It, to singing Give a Little Bit at the end, I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm only 36, but I've been listening to Supertramp practically all my life, thanks to older brothers with great taste in music. It was a dream come true to see you perform. Thank you again for sharing your gift of music with the world!

Kindest regards,



"WOW".....hands down, the best live performance I have ever seen. My husband and I truly enjoyed every moment, including Chad Doucet's appearance. The young musician you picked up in Ontario is amazing!  Roger, thank you, sing for, and to, people's hearts and souls ......



Thanks for a Memorable evening...It's two days later and a thought provoking meeting with you is fresh on my mind. You gave more than a 'little bit' at your Nov. 11 show in Halifax.

I cannot express how deeply impressed I am with your mentoring of young performers. Having just read your bio it is clear to me that you truly are committed to this among other charitable ventures. We talked with Aaron after the show and he told me what an amazing adventure he has had over the past couple of years.

Also, I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful words of encouragement you had for my son, Devon, after the show. You had made an indelible impression on him when he became enamoured with your work. That impression has now transcended the indelible and is, I am sure, burned into his consciousness.


Dear Roger Hodgson

At the beginning of your concert November 11/06 at the Rebecca Cohn in Halifax, you stated that the last time you were in Halifax was 1977, when in fact it was 1979. Both my brother and l traveled 300 miles at the southern end of the province to see the sold out Supertramp concert at the Metro Centre in 1979. However several hours before the concert the band decided to cancel the show because of security reasons. Missing that concerts left an emptiness in my heart. In 1985 Supertramp played in Halifax. I was at the concert but without you it was a waste of money. I now live in Halifax and my brother traveled again 300 miles to see you this past weekend. I bought tickets to your show. To finally see your amazing performance after all these years has now put my heart at rest. I have always loved your music with Supertramp and all of your solo releases. But to see you live makes me appreciate your unique and special gift.   thank you

In 1986 l sustained a spinal cord injury from a car accident. While in the hospital music but especially your spiritual songs got me through those very hard times. I now am able to walk with one crutch.




I just had to let you know what a wonderful, enjoyable evening my wife, Sue, and I had at the concert you gave in St. John's last Monday 6th. Nov. I think I can speak for everyone in your audience that the concert you gave was moving and so personal for all of us.

I am an Englishman from Kent, who emmigrated to Newfoundland many years ago having married a St. John's girl. You and I are the same age and I too, attended an English (boys only) boarding school and empathize greatly with many of your songs.

Thank you for coming to our city. Please don't forget us here on the Rock off eastern Canada.

Please come back and see us again.



My wife and I saw Roger's amazing show at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium last night. It was our first time to experience the genius of this man, up close and personal, and we hope he graces us with his presence again soon. Along with the likes of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, Roger Hodson is in a very unique class when it comes to talent, and his ability to please an audience is uncomparable. Thank you, Roger Hodson, for a most enjoyable and very memorable performance.


I just want to thank Roger for an amazing musical experience. His performance was flawless and to witness his wonderfull songs live was one of the highlights of my concert going experiences. Halifax loves Roger Hodgson.


Thankyou!!!! Would like to say thank you for all the years of enjoyment ....listening/singing along to all of your songs. Moe and I went to your concert last night and it was great!! He was skeptical of how you would sound....we saw Supertramp three times ove the years and he thought way could you sound that good anymore...but was great....THANKS!!!!  i disagree though as to when you last played in Halifax as I am sure it must have been in the eighties not 1977 as you said at the concert. We saw Supertramp three times...Once in Edmonton, Alberta and twice in Halifax..... so based on the time periods that we lived in Edmonton/halifax, I believe it was in the eighties that we last saw you...but as we both agree ....much too long!!!  We enjoyed your concert so much...gave me goosebumps!! I am feeling so bad though that we didn't buy tickets for my oldest son to see!! He would have enjoyed seeing you so much ....he is only 29 but loves music so much..a variety..... but he would have loved you!! Thanks again!!!!  One thing I would like to mention is the young fellow, I didn't catch his name...the guy  from london Ontario.....HE IS SPECTACULAR!!!!!! Lucky him to get to play with you Roger!! Anyway, next time you are in town give Moe and I a calll and we'll invite you to supper !!!! cool!!! If it's in the summer we can sit around the campfire and you can sing songs...etc...that would be really nice...I can just hear the neighbors talk!!! LOL!! Seriously though, as we get older, especially me, we look back at our youth and think about the good times.etc....and your our music!!!!!



My wife and I have been life long dedicated fans.  I've always told people that "when compared to Supertramp, everything else is just background noise".  We had the opportunity to attend last night's concert in Halifax and, even though I've never sent an e-mail like this in my entire life,  I felt compelled to drop you a note and tell you what a truly amazing experience it was to hear a steady stream of all my favourite songs performed by their creator.  

However, when the show was almost over and I was convinced that our evening could not possibly become any more special, you provided my wife and I with a moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

When we were married in 1988, the song we chose for our first waltz as a married couple was "Two of Us" and we've danced to it alone in our living room on many occasions over the past 18 years.  Realizing it was not a typical "concert tune", we had no expectations that it was likely to be on your playlist.  You can imagine our feelings when you chose it as an encore.  I guarantee there was no one in the building last night that was more connected to your music than we were during that song.  Obviously it's a special song for us but it's even more meaningful now that we know it is special to you as well.  You said at the end of your show that you hoped the audience had enjoyed the evening as much as you had.  Rest assured, that mission was accomplished here in Halifax.

My hands are sore from applause and, believe it or not, my face is sore from smiling.  Thank you so much for a lifetime of exceptional music and thank you for providing a very special moment with two of your biggest fans.  Come back soon......

Yours Truly,

Steven and Terry

During your recent concert in Halifax, I was moved by your spirit of generosity.  Your message is invaluable, and I couldn't help but be amazed at how the lyrics of many of your songs have come full circle.  We have known Chad Doucette since he was a small kid, impressing us all at the local piano recitals and talent shows.  He is the true definition of a "Dreamer", and such a lovable character, with a great talent.  I wanted to thank you for giving him a wonderful opportunity, and for giving us the thrill of seeing him on stage with you!

Mary Ellen

It was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Roger still has his voice in perfect shape. classy touch to put Chad in who did fantastic. Roger's horn player nailed the parts to a tee. It was worth the wait after 27 years to see him in person.I can't wait to buy the dvd. I bought the Open the Door cd and listened to it today.It is beautiful and singed to boot.

  Can't wait to see you again Roger,  Paul

Dear Roger,

I was 10 years old when I first heard the song «School» back in 1974.  I never forgot it!  When I saw your show in my hometown of Sherbrooke, Québec, this past november 3rd, I could not believe my own ears!  I am and will always be one of your biggest fan and I was so happy to take my 14 years old son to your concert, like me, as a child, he fell in love with your songs!  I always say to everyone who will listen to me, that  it takes a beautiful and caring  human being to write such beautiful, touching, ageless and timeless songs like yours.  Thank you so very much for coming to a little town like ours and I really hope that one day we will see you again.

Meanwhile, I watch your DVD almost daily!

Also, I would like to tell you how proud I was to see and hear  that you chose «one of our boy» to take on your tour.  Aaron McDonald is a wonderful musician and I really think that he was perfect for the job! 

The best to you and Aaron, my dear Roger!

P.S.:  the french word for «boarding school»  is «pensionnat»!  My son attended boarding school for the past 2 years and let me tell you that your songs were playing in the dorms all the time!  «Dreamer» was one of the boy's favourite!

Thank you again Roger!

Lise -Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

Hello,  I joined four of my friends in Halifax to attend the concert at Rebecca Cohen Auditorium.  We had attended the Supertramp concert in 1976 (I believe that was the year) and loved the music then and now.  The recent concert was wonderful, something I would have mentioned when we shared a plane-ride to Toronto the next day, but my voice was gone so I couldn't speak.  Great show.  Great time!  Hope you don't let another 30 years pass between Halifax dates.


What an amazing evening it was in Halifax ,spending Remembrance day with Roger was the most up lifting emotional time for me and my wife.It had been since 1979 i last seen SuperTramp it was a long wait but well worth it. Roger please never stop playing you music and voice has been inspirational on us for a life time,hope to see you again soon.

Jeff & Sherry

Excellent Performance! My wife and I just attended the show at St. John's Newfoundland on Nov 6,2006. We thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for your return.  I guess we are two of the every 30 Canadians who own Crime of the Century and Breakfast in America. We also own Eye of the Storm.

As my wife put it, "not only is Roger talented but he seems like a genuinely nice person"

Thanks for a great experience and hope you come back soon.


everybody in newfoundland loves you roger b-cause: it’s only logical that you go on and put a spark back in hearts of people that grew up on your voice and inspiration. they expect it and count on you , you are rogertramp


Your concert here on Nov.6 was truly a memorable one. The music and your on stage presence radiated feelings nothing short of spiritual. PLEASE COME BACK SOON!


I live in Gander about 350 kms away, but made sure that I would not miss an opportunity to see you in concert. Like a lot of the people I spoke with at the concert, I grew up listening to your music and still own all of your records. Thanks!!


Awesome - amazing  - incredible - doesn't begin to describe the wonderful performance Monday night. I am a huge fan of both Roger's solo work and Supertramp, and was fortunate enough to meet John Helliwell when Supertramp played here in 2003. Roger, I wish I could have told you in person how amazing your show was, but I think by reading all of the messages on your board you know how much you were appreciated. You had us all enthralled with your performance, your warmth and your genuine humanity. It was a magical night and I truly hope you can find a way to return again someday, not too far in the future. God bless you on the rest of your tour.


I attended the St John's concert on Monday...after driving 200 miles...a day's vacation....and it was more than worth it. I would have done the same thing the next day. The concert you gave was one of the best and most emotional I have ever attended. To hear you play "Oh Lord Is It Mine" and the rest of the set I simply cannot describe in words. I sat back and drifted back to my university days and listened to a voice I have loved for over 30 years. Thanks you for sharing far from a little bit! Please come back again.


WHAT A SHOW!!! My wife & I had front row seats. We wanted to thank Roger for including Newfoundland in this amazing tour.

All the best, Andre