Byron Bay Bluesfest, Australia ~ April 4, 2010

I just wanted to leave a note after seeing your show at the Byron Bay Bluesfest. What an amazing show! I hope you can get down to Australia again soon. ~ Ryan Williamson

I was at your gig @ Byron Bluesfest last night. I really hope it doesn't take as long to play here again - though 34 years and still worth the wait! I grew up with you as a soundtrack to my life and to see you perform Fools Overture live was a real bucket list thing for me. Thank you for giving last night - it was a very moving experience. ~ Kris

I saw your show at Blustfestival Byron Bay last night. I came in feeling tired after 4 days at the festival 8 hours a day, & left just grinning, feeling totally uplifted, happy & SO inspired. You rock, you're music is Awesome. I was feel so blessed & lucky to have experienced your concert..& of course the music took me back 40 years to when I was sitting in a grand castle room tripping on Acid with my friends listening to Supertramp at FULL VOLUME...that music changed the whole value system I had been brought up with & helped change my whole life's direction. Heartfelt thank you ~ Patti

Thanks for a great night in Byron Bay. I saw you in Brisbane all those years ago and again last night. My wife and 16 year old daughter are now converts. Hope to see you again next year, as you suggested. ~ John Tiplady

I was also at the Byron Bluesfest yesterday. I was blown away with your performance. You have such a connection with the audience and people. Thank you so much for all you give through yourself and your music. I hope you do come back next year, as you said in your concert. ~

Mignonne Spruce

Thanks so much for your wonderful concert at the blues festival, it was so amazing, please come back to Australia again, and back to the blues festival - we love your music, it was one of the best times I’ve ever had seeing and hearing you. I play your music on my piano, and if you ever want a back up pianist please let me know. You were the soundtrack to my youth. ~ Cazzie

I also saw you at the Byron Bay Bluesfest on Sunday and you were incredible. You truly are an amazing performer and the love and passion you have for music and performing really showed. The atmosphere in the tent that night was amazing and as the crowd showed - we were all so happy to see you in Australia after such a long time. Thanks for such a great night and please come back again soon! ~ Stephen

Fantastic show Sunday night at Blues Fest! Thank you so so much! You were brilliant and made the weekend complete! Kind regards and best wishes to you. ~ Steve Jenkins

I still can't get over that I was lucky enough to be at your Bluesfest gig - it was special!! Roger you are one very very talented man - just so impressive. To be honest, I haven't listened to any supertramp or you (eye of the storm - brilliant album) for 20 years - but I couldn't believe I remembered every word! You were gospel to me back then! I also remember you soothed my families souls when my brother was killed in a car accident way back then, thank you! Your lyrics are all still so relevant to me, I'll go buy the rest of your catalogue. Anyway, I was a blonde at the front/side playing air piano / synth (very embarrassing). Thank you for your sincerity and wamth after a long flight over here (and crowded house were playing on the next stage - was that a bit weird?) LOVED "School" ..................... you're coming along! ~ Marianne

At 43 years of age my memories of your music were as a child listening to my older brother playing a supertramp record. I listened to your song dreamer on the Bluesfestival Byron Bay website, I thought I will have to see that as I remembered the song and always loved that one. I watched your whole performance you were outstanding. Truly a legend thank you for coming to Australia. I hope you enjoyed Byron Bay and had a chance to experience the beautiful view from the light house and Wategos beach. ~ Kim Doherty