I am a 15year old girl, I live in Paris and I didn't know you till I went to Lebanon where I went to your concert in Byblos... and it was so wonderful, you were between the sea, the archeological site of byblos and the moon... it was realy like in dreams,... and your music brought me so much far in my dream!! As soon as I returned to Paris I bought all your records, but I couldn't find one with only you, which are not sale in France. Please come to Paris for a concert soon. My parents won't let me go at your concret in London..."school is not over" ...

I am learning guitar for one year, and I hope to play as good as you do one day!

I love you so much!

Thank you for making so beautiful songs !

See you soon under the moon of Paris! Bye!


Capacity audience cheered, danced and sang along at festival opening...

BYBLOS: With a bl

ood orange full moon rising behind him, the warm waves of the Mediterranean washing against the shore in front of him and a crowd of worshipful fans in between, Roger Hodgson, bore a striking resemblance to Jesus Christ on Friday night.

For more details read the article by Ramsay Short, The Daily Star Article.

The Byblos concert was amazing... I had never dreamed that I will live to see the day when I would sing along live to "Lovers in the wind", "Breakfast in America", or "Logical song"... Thank you for bringing logic to an illogic world, to defying bombs while simply "giving a little bit"... Roger might never read those words, but it would have been inhuman from my part not send them.... Otherwise, I'd have been "a sinner for my authographs"...

All kudos and praise from Beirut

Tarek Chemaly