Bonjour Roger,

Great Concert, I live in Toulouse and drove 2 hours to see you. fanstatic!!! I saw Supertramp in 2002, it was nothing compare to your concert. The real voice of Supertramp.

Merci, merci and come back soon



I never saw you before, I have asked my wife and children to come, first they didn't want but now it will be a big souvenir for them. Do you have a DVD ? Hope to go to another concert . (sorry for my English)


Incroyable! magnifique concert. Je suis de Paris et j'étais en vacances quand j'ai vu l'affiche. Superbe concert et un grand bravo ŕ votre saxophoniste. (sorry no english, thank you Roger).


Dear Roger,

Everytime you come in France I come. This time was better than ever. I could see you were enjoying on stage. And what a great sax player ! After the show, you gave me a kiss from your car, and to my sister too.

Thank you again.



What a concert! We bought our tickets one month ago, and came from Nimes. All the family enjoyed, I have all the records of Supertramp, and I have yours. I like your new song, will you do a new record?


Thank you for your concert, from the bottom of my heart, you are so nice, a sweet person. Thank you, merci!


Great show,

we were allowed to see the soundcheck, and then to talk with you for 2 minutes. I will keep this moment in my heart forever.

Thank you.