by ROBERTO from ROMA (ITALY) on 29.03.2007 18:18

Hello Roger! Even if behind schedule I make my better auguries you than happy birthday! Six fantastic one! Your music and that one of the Supertramp have grown with! When you will come in Italy? Auguries of new and continue therefore that six large one!! Roberto

by Anne from St. John's, Newfoundland on 29.03.2007 18:18

I missed your birthday because I was trying to think of something nice and poetic to write, but I got nothing. Your music means a lot to me. Happy Birthday.

by Joe from Simsbury, CT USA on 29.03.2007 00:15

Happy belated Birthday Roger. I just got your new DVD from Netflix and I am quite frankly blown away. You sound better than you did with Ringo Starr in 2002!

So of course, I ordered your full autographed DVD from your web site. I cannot wait until it arrives. You prove no matter how glum some of the current lot of music seems out there, you bring it home again.

Warm regards, Joe

by Robin McCabe from Richmond Hill, Ontario CANADA on 28.03.2007 22:19

A very belated happy birthday to a man whose music has touched and continues to touch previous, current and future generations of music lovers around the world.

Roger... my wife and I and our two children wish you a happy birthday and look forward to seeing/hearing from you again in the near future.

by Francisco Vasco from Portugal on 28.03.2007 18:31

Thank you for all the wonderful music you've been sharing with your fans over the years. Hope to see in Portugal again soon.

Kind regards,


by timm hersted from Denmark on 28.03.2007 09:03


Dear Roger Hodgson, I wish you a happy birthday and would like to thank you for all the fantastic songs you have written. I hope your day was fantastic and that you had a chance to share it with your beloved family. Noone sings as beautiful like you. By the age of 13(1975)I got"hooked" on your wonderful music and lyrics and voice(Crime of the century,hide in your shell I love so dearely). I have been singing all your songs ever since, 100% memorise of your lyrics, can hardly reach your upper level eventhough I´m a tenor myself. I have a business now with 120 employees and I try to pass on the spirit I got from your lyrics in "Give a little bit" and others. It´s not always easy for people to be happy, but a little smile and a helping hand can mean miracles to a single person so...give a little bit. You will never know how much your music has meant to me, my friends calls me a supertramp fanatic, however I like that. I think one of my songs are going in the radio these days, I´m also a musician thanks to you, a song called "Elsker dig lidt"(loving you a little bit)a song about loving you a little bit no matter how you treat me, not traumatic though. I think you would like all the high choirs 4/5 voices and very melodic. Perhaps one day I will meet you and play a tribute to you I have made. I´m Timm Hersted most probably your greatest fan throughout the years.

Wishing you and your family all the best the world can give and you can give. NB! If you are ever close to Denmark again, or like to stay for a weekend in wonderful copenhagen, our homes and hearts are open to you and your family, no I´m not trying to be seen with a celeb, I have enough attention on a daily basis, I mean it in a nice friendly way.

Yours Sincerely

Timm Hersted

by Tom from Richmond, VA. USa on 28.03.2007 06:16


Thank You so much for every thing.

Food for the Mind.


by Tima from California on 28.03.2007 04:53

Happy Birthday Roger! May all your days be filled with much happiness and love. Thank you for your gift of songs. You are my angel of music.

Much love,


by Paul from Ontario Canada on 28.03.2007 02:55

A warm belated birthday greeting to you. May there be many more wonderful songs brought into this world from you...


by ross from Canada on 26.03.2007 08:27


I can't remember if I signed your guestbook already. IN case I didn't I have you had a great day.

I sometimes have the epiphanies of your musical genius such as now listening to "Keep the Pigeons Warm."

Sir, I hope you record for your next album

by Bill Braid from Tweed Ontario Canada on 26.03.2007 04:18

Must say your concert in Rama was fantastic and your DVD is excellent .. hope to catch you again in the Falls. Happy Birthday and many more

by le bris martine from the netherlands on 25.03.2007 22:39

happy birthday roger!

just visited your site and want to let you know. if you ever pass by the netherlands, send me a mail, I would be pleased to make some nice crepes for you and your lovely wife!!

the "best creperie in king'arthur land" is no more but I did not forgot how to make crepes!!

love xxx


by Cédric from France on 25.03.2007 20:21

Happy birthday Roger.

When will you come back in France ?

We love you.

by Maril from Overland Park,KS on 25.03.2007 11:24

I just wanted to wish you a belated "Happy Birthday!"

Your music has been a part of my life. For that I thank you!

Rock it!


by Kimberlyn from Virginia on 25.03.2007 04:48

Hi Roger.

I wanted to wish you a great big happy birthday and to let you know that I have been a fan for many years.

Keep the music flowing.

XOXOX - Kimberlyn

by D on 25.03.2007 03:50


by vanessa from modesto, california on 25.03.2007 01:35

hello Roger! I hope you had a great birthday and wish you the best! I'm pleased that the band reunited for the tour and i hope to see you guys soon! LOVES, HUGS, AND KISSES! MU AH!

by Laurent (Logicaltramp) from Paris on 24.03.2007 21:11


Happy birthday to you Roger! Love your music and it's spirituality and love that shines through it!

From a big french saxophone fan ;-)

by Gilles Bérubé from Quebec city, P.Q. Canada on 24.03.2007 20:44

Hi Roger

How are you?

I hope you're fine.

I want to wish you a great happy birthday. Long life to you.

From a big big fan from quebec city.

P.S: I really enjoyed your show when you came at the Grand Théatre, thank you!


by Marilia Cicarini from Campinas, Brazil on 24.03.2007 17:59

Happy birthday!

We are waiting you in Brazil!

Best regards!

by Don Turnbull on 24.03.2007 06:43

I bought your retrospectacle cd and cant stop listening to it. You rock and still going strong.........

by Robert on 24.03.2007 05:49

Hola, Roger!!!! Te escribo desde PARAGUAY!!! Ha pasado tanto tiempo desde que estuviste por aca.. Seguimos recordando tu show como algo muy bueno.. Estabamos cerca tuyo y te gritabamos "the paper!!!, the paper!!!" ya que queriamos tu tracklist que estaba sobre tu piano como souvenir.. Fue en Mouse Cantina.. Y bueno.. Tal vez no entiendas esto y necesites de un traductor.. Solo queria que sepas que te recordamos siempre!!! Happy Birhday, man!!!!

by Teresa. from madrid on 23.03.2007 22:18

Happy birthday Roger, I am Teresa and I 12 years old. I love your music since I was 5 years old.I hope see you soon in Castellon.My favourite songs

of supertramp is: lady, dreamer, logical song...

Happy birthday and happy day. Good bye.

by: Teresa.

by Alceu from Brazil on 23.03.2007 21:32

Happy Birthday.... from a big Brazilian Fan

by ali from uk on 23.03.2007 18:48

Happy birthday for 2008

by Janet.Pratt from Perth,Onatrio on 23.03.2007 18:39

HappyBirthday Roger. Looking forward to see you in concert in NiagaraFalls,love your music.

by Ivar from Oslo on 22.03.2007 21:59

Happy Birthday

Regards from a big fan in Norway

by harris from USA on 22.03.2007 20:41

happy belated birthday, best wishes.

by Aleks on 22.03.2007 19:45

My best Birthday wishes to you,

Mr Hodgson!

love from Austria... aleks

by Tom Munro from Piapot,Sask on 22.03.2007 19:25

I just finished listing to the long way home. You are amazing,and such a nice person. I hope you keep playing for years because it is a gift to us all to hear such talent.

by Marco on 22.03.2007 19:22

Dear Roger,

Best wishes on you 57th birthday!!!

Please excuse the delay... I truly hope you keep on playing!

Germany's No.1 Classic-Rock Radio didn't forget about you and mentioned your birthday. You have touched the hearts of so many people! Thank you.

by Jimm Motyka from Cuyahoga Falls, OH on 22.03.2007 17:34



Best wishes on another birthday. Thank you for sharing your spirit, through your music, and for being an unseen mentor in my music. I re-learned the sincerity in a lyric, last year, while attending your performance in Waukesha. It was well worth the 10 hour trip, and I'm looking forward to seeing you, once again, in Waukesha in June.

May God continue to bless your life, and all the lives you're in contact with.

Again, best wishes and continued success.

~Jimm Motyka

by Victor White from Malta on 22.03.2007 16:05

Happy Birthday Roger. It was good to see your live in Montreal DVD. it brought back memories of when I met you and saw your concert in Malta. It is something I will never forget. Looking forward to come to another concert.

by Peter Black from Nottingham, UK. on 22.03.2007 08:32

Happy Birthday Roger!

There is something Magical about your music, it has been a very important part of my life, I am bringing my son to see you at the Royal Albert Hall in October, he's 14 and a big fan.

Keep singing the song.

Peter and Joel, Nottingham.

by Mark & Carla Thompson from Burlington,Wa. on 22.03.2007 05:34

Happy Birthday Roger, Carla & I Saw You in Vancouver Last Nov. Great Concert been 23 years since we saw you last. We announce our Engagement before the concert in Seattle that August Night (to our friends). I Hope it not 23 yrs. again that we get to hear your Magical voice,& wonderful songs that we listen to all the time. Thanks again for coming back playing again. Mark& Carla

by Bryan W. from Plano, Texas USA on 22.03.2007 04:38

Happy Birthday Roger,

and thanks for all the great music. Would love to see you play the Dallas area on your next tour.

by Julico from São José dos Campos, São Paulo , Brasil on 22.03.2007 02:36


Muita Paz e Saúde para você.

Que Deus abençoe a sua família e toda essa inspiração para tocar e compor que foi dada por ELE.

Eu e meu irmão somos malucos por "ROGER" e seria desonesto se não falássemos no RICK.

Em seu show "take the long way home" você provou que o SUPERTRAMP é na verdade ROGERTRAMP,

Feliz aniversário!!

by Isabelle and Pascal from Portugal on 22.03.2007 02:11

Dear Roger,

Last night ,we have Had a dream

Only because of you,

Lovers in the wind ,saying

You make me love you.

If everyone was listening,

Even in the quietest moments,

your music is Love a thousand times...

Today ,C'est le bon ,it is the Roger's Birthday !

Happy Birthday to you !

with very much love

Isabelle and Pascal

by Michael Lovingier from MO, USA on 22.03.2007 01:34

Happy Birthday Roger - So many of your songs, when I hear them remind me of various times in my life, some good, some bad... but they always make me think. Really love the new DVD - great sound, song list & editing. PLEASE tour again in the near future as we miss you dearly! Thanks for all the inspiration over the years!

by Jenna D. from Canada on 21.03.2007 23:44

Happy Birthday Roger!

I hope you have the best one you've had yet, and many, many more! You've had such an influence on me in the past few years, since I started listening to you and Supertramp. I'm one of your younger fans (and I know I'm not the only young 'un, you have fans everywhere, at every age -- but you know that already, I imagine!), and I just think you're brilliant, to be honest. Have a great birthday!

by zéco pirágine from Jau (SP) - Brazil on 21.03.2007 23:32



by Joaquim Sousa on 21.03.2007 22:44




by roberto from genua/italy on 21.03.2007 22:39

today is a particular date in astronomic world

I hope that your birthday shall be full of happyness while my moment with your song

From when I was young you are the best my friend


by TERESA, LUISMI Y MªTERESA from mAdrid (spain) on 21.03.2007 22:16





by Lisa Young on 21.03.2007 22:09

Happy Birthday Roger! My 6 year old daughter and I saw you in Calgary and she now is a huge fan, she plays your dvd all the time! We both wish you a wonderful birthday! We hope to see you in concert in Calgary again soon!

Lisa & Elise

by Arndt Fleischer from Kiel, Germany on 21.03.2007 20:00


For the coming year we wish you from our hearts much inspiration, many wonderful concerts all over the world, a lot of fun with your family, friends and fans, and much LOVE.

Arndt and Lisa from Kiel

by Lutz from Bad Homburg, Germany on 21.03.2007 19:39


Dear Roger,

I received your album "In the eye of the storm" today in the mail. It was familiar, of course. But in listening to it time runs back to the good old years.

Have a nice birthday.

Will your ever play in Germany again?

Think about that. I now am 45, so we have plenty of years to plan a tour...

Take care, Lutz

by Paul Rebek from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 21.03.2007 19:16

Happy Birthday, Roger!

See you in Wisconsin this summer...I'll tell the weatherman to turn up the heat for you this year!


Paul Rebek

by GUERDON DOMINIQUE from RICHEBOURG / FRANCE on 21.03.2007 19:03


by RUBEN from MADRID, SPAIN on 21.03.2007 19:03






by Laurent DAUBORD from CEYRAT / FRANCE on 21.03.2007 18:38

Happy birthday to you Roger. Thank you to make me dream since already more than 30 years. I'll never forget the two encounters with you ( CLERMONT-FERRAND in may 2004, and SALLANCHES in july 2005 ). In FRANCE we say: never two without three. So I hope. May the Elements protect you. All the best to you. Laurent.

by Kim from Lubbock TEXAS on 21.03.2007 18:37


Happy Birthday Roger! Thank you for the many wonderful years of music. Your gift has changed my life! See you in Wisconsin. (I'm traveling 1300 miles) Looking forward to June 10th. Have a wonderful and blessed day.


by Alex Marti-Espinet on 21.03.2007 18:01


I wish you have a wonderful day surrounded by the people you love.

All my love from Barcelona.

by Kevin McLaughlin from Buffalo, NY USA on 21.03.2007 17:01


Many blessings on this day we celebrate your life. Remain open to the Spirit that moves through you and creates such wonderful music.

Hope to see you soon.


by Sandi Kafka from Arcadia, CA USA on 21.03.2007 16:56

Roger, you opened my eyes to international music when I was just a young thing several of my own birthdays ago. I raise my Starbuck's Frappuccino in honor of your own birthay and hope it's your best yet!

by Françoise Trottier from Québec City on 21.03.2007 16:20

Dear Roger,

Joyeux anniversaire. Hope to see you soon here in Québec City. Your show on November 1st is unforgettable. We bought the DVD and listen to it around and around. My friends join me to tell you happy bithday with all our love. Long life to you and a lot of good things with your family.

Françoise, Hélène and Pierre. xxx

by Nicol from Budapest/Hungary on 21.03.2007 16:14

Happy Birthday from me, and all your hungarien fans. I wish all the best for you!!!!!

by James Januszka from Plantation, Florida on 21.03.2007 16:04

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Roger, Happy Birthday to you.

Hope this special day is starting off wonderfully. It has been a pleasure knowing you and your music all these years.

With Love,

Jim Januszka

by VICENTE from SPAIN on 21.03.2007 15:58

Feliz cumpleaños Roger.Joyeaux anniversaire.A ver si te animas a sacar un nuevo disco...gracias por tu música Roger.

by Kathy Jones from Abilene, Texas USA on 21.03.2007 15:47


"Roses are red,

Your music is heaven,

How does it feel

To be Fifty-Seven?"

Here's to at least Fifty-Seven more.

With Love and Gratitude,


by Kthie from France on 21.03.2007 15:35

Thanks a lots for your marvellous songs and your angel's voice.

I wish you a magnificent happy birthday with the ones you loved.

Lot of roses ------{---@


by giammarco from italy on 21.03.2007 15:16


Happy birthday from all italian fans Roger!

PLEASE come to Italy for a concert

and please... A NEW ALBUM!!!!!!

by Miguel Angel Candela from Barcelona on 21.03.2007 15:08


Feliz cumpleaños Roger !!!!

joyeux anniversaire !!!



by Eydna from Faroe Islands on 21.03.2007 15:01

Happy birthday, Roger!

I friend of mine is typing this for me, because I'm terrible at writing in English - but even in my own language, there exists no words that express how much I love your music!

You are such a wonderful person, and I hope to see you on stage in Faroe Islands again someday, but perhaps I'm just a 'dreamer'

Have a wonderful day!

All the best, Eydna

by Kris Robison from Raleigh, NC - USA on 21.03.2007 14:44


Happy HAPPY Birthday Roger,

I love your songs and your voice is just so unforgettable. Thank you so much for creating so many wonderful soundscapes. "Crime of the Century" will always be the album that takes me back to a time in my youth that was full of hope and dreams. It is a very special album for me and my younger brother. How we long to see and hear you.

May your day be filled with inspiration and love.



by Manolo Recio from Sevilla, Spain on 21.03.2007 14:38

Finally this year I will see you in a stage.

Happy birthday

by Anne from Berlin, Germany on 21.03.2007 12:33

Dear Roger,

all the best wishes to your birthday! It is a pity that you do not seem to tour in Germany this year. Last time that I saw you was back in 1983 in Hamburg with Supertramp, and I think that you did not tour near my place since then. So I decided to buy a ticket for Glasgow - never was there before, and will combine it with a short holiday in Scotland... See you there in October! Anne

by Michael from Karlsruhe / Germany on 21.03.2007 11:51

Hi Roger!

I´d just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Hope to see you back in Germany soon!


by Peggy de Vries from Groningen, The Netherlands on 21.03.2007 11:29

Dear Roger,

Another great start of Spring with your birthday! A very, very happy birthday, Roger, with lots of love, joy, cake and presents

Much love,


by Mario from Happy Birthday on 21.03.2007 10:54


Hello Roger, all the best for you to your Birthday. Stay healthy and make good Music farther.

Love Greetings Mario

by Nelson Peixoto from Portugal on 21.03.2007 10:46

Hi Roger, Happy birthday, I wish all the best for you and hope that you still give a little bit for many years long.

Thanks for all

by leen van der knaap on 21.03.2007 10:04

Hello Roger,

Happy anniversary, hope you're well.

Just learned you'll visit Arrow Rock in The Netherlands, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!

by Johan van de Belt from Zwolle, Netherlands on 21.03.2007 09:31


Hello Roger, I wish you a very happy birthday! Hope you are fine and that you'll keep on enjoying to play your wonderful songs !

All the best wishes from Johan and Gertrude.

by Gabrielle and Cheryl Stanley from Southampton Ontario Canada on 21.03.2007 05:51


Dear Roger,

I hope we're the first to wish you a happy birthday! Check out the video my 11 year old daughter made of you at the youtube link above. She made it for both of us.

See ya at Niagara,


by Avery from Michigan on 21.03.2007 03:57

Happy Birthday Roger Hodgson!How old are you? I'm planting Roger plant to celebrate your birthday in grandma's garden.I'm planting tulips.

by mick from Dublin Ireland on 21.03.2007 03:28

Hi Roger

just to re-iterate what George from Scotland has said... thanks for the many years of joy you have given to me with your music.. i have grown up with it from my teens and spent many hours listening to your superb CDs

thanks to the power of the internet i have come to know a lot more about you your music and your other fans some of whom i have met online only (so far) Wade Sabine Miriam Rita Anina Jeff Micki Roro Claudia Christine and others whom i have met and forged wonderful friendships with... people I would never have known if it were not for you and the music you have written. people such as Kathy and Randy Monique Greg George David and Lyne Anne Mike Sylvia mac Gudrun Danny and others who i may have forgotten at this point .. (sorry folks )

you are the common denomenator in our lives...we all share the same wish for you today that you have a great birthday you deserve a good day today and i hope it goes well for have brought us all together as a small family of 'Hodgsonites' and we all (i'm sure) would love to be there with you today celebrating it with you...

so have one for us Roger I'll pick up the tab for ya if you see me in Manchester or Glasgow later this year best wishes always and happy birthday Mick

by Tony from Upstate New York on 21.03.2007 02:03

Hello Roger! Just want to wish you a very Happy B-day! My 7yr. old son and I both love your DVD---it is truly a masterpiece.We both especially love"Oh Brother"/"Keep The Pigeons Warm".Congrats by the way for achieving #1 and Platinum sales status in Canada with your new DVD---you deserve it.Anyone like yourself who works as hard as you do deserves nothing less than this.I'm looking forward to your next CD release whenever it comes out.Take care Roger and enjoy your day! Tony and Andrew Y.

by Tony Roocroft from UK on 20.03.2007 23:54

All the best for tomorrow Roger, hope you have a great day.

Looking forward to seeing you at Manchester and Birmingham later on in the year


by Olivier from Caen-France on 20.03.2007 21:23

It seems sometimes human race could produce wonderful things. Your music is a invitation of hope, and your words a way marked out by what it there of better in the majority among us.

Il n'y à pas de plus grandes espérances que celles que l'on partage.

Thank's for what you are.

by Serje from Montréal on 20.03.2007 21:04


Happy birthday, my dear Roger! You've been in my life for 28 years now, and each day is still fullfilled by your energy, by the spiritual presence you give to me. Your music and your voice are fabulous, everybody knows, and I consider both of them the radiation of your soul. I love you and thank you for being there in my life: you are a High Spirit for me. You inspire me a lot, and that's all I need to grow. Serje from Montréal

by TADEU GRACIOLLI from Brazil on 20.03.2007 18:41


When I was fourteen I was touched by "The crime of the century", specially by "Hide in your Shell", the most beautiful melody ever done. You are my favourite musical artist and in honour to you and supertramp I named my dog BABAJI, the highest level of wisdom and peace in Hindu culture. "LOVE IS A THOUSAND TIME STRONGER THAN YOU STRONGER THAN ME"

Thank you for exist and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tadeu Graciolli

by George (fish) from Scotland UK on 20.03.2007 18:08

Hope you have a joyful and Happy Birthday,thank you for all the years of joy you have given me with your music.

by Wade on 20.03.2007 13:30


Happy birthday to you Roger. May it be the best yet! Take good care, and thanks for all the music you've given us so far, and all that may be to come! Be well! Wade

by Asier from Bilbao on 20.03.2007 12:52

I would wish that my english would be better so I could find the right words to explain all that your music has made me feel. I think I can summarize it saying:

Thank you for all that you have done.


Bihotz-bihotzez, Euskal Herritik.

(with all of my heart, from the Basque Country)

by Claire from Belgium on 20.03.2007 11:04

Hello Roger !

Happy birthday and thank you for the music, it's FORMIDABLE !!!

Kisses from Belgium


by Ben & kids from Brussels, Belgium on 20.03.2007 09:21

Happy birthday my friend and a big hug to your team ;-) Nic is recording his first songs !

by Doris from Michigan on 20.03.2007 09:00

Happy Birthday Mr. Hodgson. May you enjoy many many more days of life, love, happisness and music. Today is a good day for my grandchildren and I to plant a seed to blossom in May. We'll name it Roger's plant, in your honor. Our small garden will sing harmoneously in the spring breezes with the addition of a new plant that has a special thought with it.

May your music bring you peace, happiness, enjoyment just as you have given to our family over three generations.

My husband and I will be at your performance May 24. I couldn't have found a better place to be for our 37th anniversary (other than the first row-but we were able to get 14th row).

Again, happy birthday!

Doris T.

P.S. The twins are still hoping for a concert that younger ones can attend close enough to us.

by yves from france on 20.03.2007 08:58

happy birthday roger

bon anniversaire roger

see you soon in france

thank you for yours songs your sensibility

all the best


by Peter Kristensenc8 from Denmark on 20.03.2007 07:03

Hello Roger

Congrats on your birtheday, and a warm thank you for all the good music that you have given to us all.

I still am a dedicated fan of your and Supertramps music

Best wishews for the future

by Nancy Berg from Richfield, WI on 20.03.2007 06:05

Hello Roger,

I have been a fan of yours since I attended my first Supertramp Concert at the Oriental Theater in Milwaukee, WI in 1974. I have attended every concert that Supertramp has ever played in WI. I am still enjoying the music I fell in love with many years ago. We are so blessed to have you perform for us. Last year I saw you again at "A Taste of Summer". Another great performance. Despite the terrible weather you were enjoying singing for the attendees and continued to play on. In todays world it is rare to find someone so humble to play just for the pleasure and enjoyment of their fans. Thank you for all the great music and memories.

Have a Blessed and Wonderful Birthday!


Nancy Berg

by The Minstrel's Dream from All over the world on 20.03.2007 05:32


Hello Roger,

The Minstrel's Dream would like to wish you a very happy birthday. May your special day be filled with much joy and happiness, and we hope that the gift we sent to you will show how much you mean to all of us.

Warmest Regards,

The Minstrel's Dream

by Jon Karesh from San Francisco, CA on 20.03.2007 02:43

Roger--happy birthday. Your songs were the soundtrack of my college and law school career at Berkeley. I love the DVD, as it makes your wonderful songs seem even more contemporary and up to date.

I hope that you will tour California someday in the not too distance future. If not, I will likely travel to one of your Europe shows.

Thanks for everything

by Mark in L.A. from Los Angeles, CA on 20.03.2007 01:40

Happy b-day Mr. Hodgson!

Just happened to be playing Open the Door while at work and felt compelled to visit your site and see what's new. Love all your stuff, even going way back to Indelibly ("Aries" a favorite) and first Tramp album ("Home Again", another beauty). Saw you perform in the tramp days and also solo in Los Angeles some years back... please come back! So glad to hear you're active and having fun.


by Ron " The Jester " from Holland... on 19.03.2007 21:47

A wonderfull YOU..!!!!

You dont have a clue... what your music.. me... it started all with.."PARIS"

My Supertramp "Bible"

please.... Keep On Rocking...!!!!!!

Respect..... Ron " The Jester"

by Maria de los Angeles from Argentina on 19.03.2007 20:32

Hi Roger,

Happy Birthday Roger.I love your music,please back to Argentina!

Love you!!

by frances mcmanus from uk on 19.03.2007 17:25

Happy birthday Roger.Thank you for the joy your words and music have brought over the years. I'm so looking forward to seeing/hearing you in Manchester UK in October after 20 plus years.

by Peggy from New Berlin WI on 19.03.2007 17:02

A very Happy Birthday Roger. Thank you for your music. Looking forward to seeing you in Waukesha Wi this summer.


by Yann Jacob from France on 19.03.2007 16:37

Roger, while spending some holiday in my homeland some years ago, i left my wife kindergarden the daugthers and could escape later in the evening, to catch some of the Lorient Celtic festival mood... Then i heard your voice, and imediately recognized who it was! Happy birthday, and dont hesitate to come thru France again...

by Edouard Miesegaes on 19.03.2007 16:20

Happy Birthday, Roger ! :-)

by fernando from spain on 19.03.2007 12:16

happy birthay fron spain.

My name is fernando


by Brent Paulhus from Merrimac Massachusetts USA on 19.03.2007 11:13

Happy Birthday Roger!

You are a wonderful musician who has brought much joy to my life. My happiest days of the 1970's and 80's include memories of your songs. I hope to see you play someday. Best Wishes

Brent Paulhus

by Don Ouellette from Edmonton, Alberta on 19.03.2007 04:35

Dear Roger,

I would like to wish you a very happy birthday!

I have been a fan of yours for a long time.

I was at your Edmonton concert in November, and you were amazing.

I also attended the last Supertramp concert in Edmonton many years ago.

Please come back to see us as soon as is possible.

Best wishes!


Don O.

by Sean Harrison from York, Pennsylvania, USA on 19.03.2007 01:25

Happy B-day Roger!! You are an inspiration! I am also a musician and I just wanted you to know that God has used you and your music to sustain, encourage, and bless me through both good and bad times. I hope these things are reciprocated to you--that you will experience God's blessing from Him and your friends and family (and even complete strangers) on a daily basis!


by Gerardo from Argentina on 19.03.2007 01:00

Happy Birthday ROGER




by Julico from Brasil, São josé dos Campos on 19.03.2007 00:31

Hi Roger !

I am from Brasil and since i was yong i play your music.Nowdays i play with my friends and parents.( Keyboard and 12 ) . I know all music. My son ( 8 years ) sing Roger..Please, come to Brasil ( Rio or São Paulo ) you have a lot of fans here. Then, sorry to my english....(Very bad ). We love you. (Julico ( 44 ), Mõnica ( 38 ) and Gabriel( 8 )

by Jonas from Norway on 18.03.2007 21:18

Keep bringing in the Love, Roger!


by mick from glasgow scotland on 18.03.2007 01:29

form that glasgow city halls concert,(guest chris de burgh)your song have become part of my life....and thats a long time.happy birthday

by Dave Blanchard from Ohio on 18.03.2007 01:26

Happy Birthday, Roger! I sure hope you have a new CD out soon! And I hope your tour comes to the U.S., too!

by mino from bari, Italy on 17.03.2007 23:17

ALways remember: there's no use in quitting When the world is waiting for you.....

happy birthday Roger

by Sylvain from St-Eustache,Québec,Canada on 17.03.2007 19:57

Happy Birthday Roger, i hope you come again in Montréal this summer 07 with a band,love your music

by Mario Potvin from on 17.03.2007 18:06



by Dennis Grantham from San Jose, CA on 17.03.2007 15:59


Happy Birthday man!

Supertramp has always been my favorite band. I listen to your spiritual lyrics and sing them in my head all day... almost like a mantra. The band just isn't the same without you. I don't get goose bumps anymore!

God Bless you.. Come sing to America

Dennis G

by Pierre-Yves DIENST from Belgium on 17.03.2007 14:15

Happy Birthday Roger...

Waiting for your next album. (maybe with "Oh Brother"?)

by Renata Cibele Silva de Lamata on 17.03.2007 13:32

Beloved Roger, i love your voice, your words, your great smille and your beatifull heart what you show in your wonderfull songs. I hope see you in Brazil this year. Congratulations ! Health, peace, love and all the best for you.

(sorry for my horrible english)

by Bruce Cowan from 26 Leigh St Deception Bay QLD AUSTRALIA on 17.03.2007 12:18

Mate, happy birthday Australia misses you, time you came back Cant offer you kippers but if prawns and barramundi will suffice!See you soon ,legend

by Rich Berry from New York on 17.03.2007 00:32

Happy Birthday Roger, Thanks for so many wonderful years of great music, composing and vocals...

Keep up the great work and please come back to the USA. Call me a "dreamer" but someday I want to have "Breakfast in America" with you on your return to the USA. "Remember when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change."

by Sunrid from The Faroe Islands on 16.03.2007 20:17

Dear Roger - I hope you have a great day, and send you lots of love and best wishes this very special day The concert in the Faroes was one of the most magical moments in my life - and I guess many feels exactly the same way as I do. You are more or less a hero in the Faroe Islands, because you never gave up reaching us in this foggy and rainy corner of the world.

Please come back, we miss you



by Andrew Rogers from Southampton, England on 16.03.2007 15:05

Happy Birthday Roger. Looking forward to your next album! See you in Bournemouth in October.

by Peter from Newcastle, England on 16.03.2007 10:21

Happy birthday Roger. What a great day to have a birthday the first day of spring. Looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow in October. Best wishes.

by Duckers EricmF from Belgium on 15.03.2007 17:14

Happy Birthday Roger

Erik & Diego from Theux (Belgium)

by Horacio Javier Martinez from Posadas (Misiones)-Argentina on 15.03.2007 13:48

Happy birthday Roger and thank you for all

the music that you give to us "yours Fans". I hope, soon you give to us a new record. I'am friend of that guy that give to you the shirt of Argentina soccer team when you sang at The Coliseo Theatre. When you come back to Argentina again ?

Best wishes of happiness.

This are videos from Misiones:

This is the location of Misiones:

by Elizabeth Roberts from New York State on 14.03.2007 23:26

Happy birthday Roger and thank you for all the wonderful music you have provided!

by Petra de Reuter from 59192 Bergkamen,Germany on 14.03.2007 22:25

Best wishes for your birthday!Thank you very much for the wonderful great and very emotional concert you gave in Bonn last year. I enjoyed it very much. Old memories of my youth came back to me. It was one of the greatest concerts I´ve ever seen. I hope you will be back in Germany soon. Thank you also for being with me with your musik for so many years. It helped me through difficult times of my life. Good luck for your futur and a lot of success with your new DVD.Love Petra

by Sven from Sweden on 14.03.2007 21:33

Happy Birthday,Roger! Thanks for all great songs (Supertramp and soloworks)

by Paul H from Oklahoma, USA on 14.03.2007 20:24

Happy Birthday, Roger! Remember that age is a state of mind, and you think young! Never get a perm like Dennis DeYoung unless you really feel you have to. Celebrate by eating kippers for breakfast and burning the puffy shirt when it starts to get a will of its own. Oh and work out that 12-string, will ya? All the best, Paul.

by Mike Laman from San Diego, California on 14.03.2007 19:13

Happy Birthday Roger!

Thanks for all of your heartfelt music.

And here's to more joyous creativity.

by Natalie from Gatineau,Québec, Canada on 14.03.2007 18:43

A very very Happy Birthday Roger. You've always been a very important person to me, giving me hope and happiness through your songs for many many years, especially Easy Does It/Sister Moonshine (those were the first songs I really got 'hooked' on) and above all Hide in your Shell which I find is the most beautiful song ever written. It touches me deeply. Love!

by Todd from Texas on 14.03.2007 16:32

Happy Birthday Roger! Thank you for the great music over the years and we look forward to many more.

by Olavo Ribeiro from Brazil on 14.03.2007 15:38

Happy Birthday. Yesterday I was listening to "Lovers in the Wind" and "Only Because of You" in my MP3. You are very especial to me, from time to time I "need" to listen to your songs. I guess you would be glad to know that you have been heard for a "simple man" in southern Brazil. God bless you.

by Bernadette van der Wereld from The Netherlands on 14.03.2007 14:58

Happy Birthday Roger,

Wishing you many more years of Love, Peace, Bliss, Light, Wisdom......and thanks for sharing the beautifull music of your heart and soul with us.

by Niel Youngcwsnv from England on 14.03.2007 14:03

Happy Birthday Roger.

Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester, I bought your DVD to get me in the mood and it certainly did the job. "Bloody Marvelous!"

Can't wait, Good luck.


by Paul and rama from 14 irish lane ,barrie,ont.can. l4m6h3 on 14.03.2007 02:22

All the best on your special day,Roger.Hope to see you in the fall at Rama.We Hodgson's have to keep on keeping time we see you we will be married.Our security company is also looking after the niagara faasview casino venue now as of this past January.Again have a good one .see you soon we hope..Paul.

by Paco from spain on 14.03.2007 00:24

Buenas noches y muchas felicidades desde Mallorca. Espero que cumplas muchos más.

Un fuerte abrazo.

by Paul Hook from Albany, NY on 13.03.2007 19:22

Happy Birthday Roger-

I saw you a few years ago with Ringo Star in Manchester, VT. I'll keep looking to see when you tour the US again. Thanks for all the fantastic music your Supertramp and solo career has given us!

by Michael Huy from Houston Texas on 13.03.2007 15:35

Happy Birthday Roger, sure would love to see you tour in Texas, I have enjoyed your pipes since the 70's in Germany. Wish you good health and look forward to seeing you on tour.


by Nancy from Barrie Ontario Canada on 12.03.2007 17:47

Have a very Happy Birthday Roger.

We hope to see you at Casino Rama again this year!!!!!

by Anina Holbek from Faroe Islands on 12.03.2007 15:35


Dear Roger

Happy birthday! Incredible as time is flying, isn't it? It has been a fantastic year, where you have been in almost every corner of the world to play for us - even in the Faroe Islands, where everybody hopes to see you again someday.

It's impossible for me to say how much your music has ment for me - I've listened to your songs since I was born, and they bring so much joy and happiness to my heart.

Thank you so much, Roger, and have a great birthday!

Love from your biggest fan in the North Atlantic,


by Robert from Montreal on 12.03.2007 14:28

Happy Birthday Roger!

Still a huge favorite on Montreal airwaves. Come back soon.

by Alasdair McNicoll on 11.03.2007 23:45

Happy Birthday Roger!

"Open The Door" was brilliant - please follow it up soon.

by Steve Young from Virginia, US on 10.03.2007 23:59

Happy birthday Roger. Your music was a big part of my teen years and "Take the Long Way Home" remains one of my all time favorite songs. Thank you.


by MICK MCCOMBE from AUSTRALIA on 10.03.2007 23:11

Hey Roger happy birthday mate and thanks for the many years of entertainment you have given me with your music I just love it.Hoping for some more new stuff soon,have a great birthday

your down under fan

Mick Mick

by Lori Rieberger from Trail BC on 10.03.2007 19:29

Much love to you on your birthday.Saw you in Nakusp BC last July/06. The light was shining through you so brightly. What an inspiration to me! I love the DVD. Best wishes for a very happy year. Lori

by Paul Smith from Van B.C. on 10.03.2007 19:04


Happy B.DAY continue to

tell the world God cares...we love u!!!

Paul Smith Van B.C.

by Michel Bergeron from Laval, Québec on 10.03.2007 18:33

Happy Birthbay to you Roger and many many more years to come in health and happiness.

by Steven Grabo from North Port, Florida - USA on 10.03.2007 06:35


Hey there!

Happy B-Day coming up!

Many Wish you were doing your tour in America!

Take Care!


by Étienne Brunette from Québec, CANADA on 10.03.2007 04:13


Je suis sûr que je suis un de vos plus grands fan... je joue votre musique avec plaisir au piano et je parle même de monter un show hommage a supertramp & Roger Hodgson avec un de mes amis en lien avec l'école...

COntinuez comme ça, on vous aime et on vous encourage à continuer de sortir des disque et de composer. J'ai entendu dire que vous aviez plus de 88 chansons inédites... vous devriez les enregistrer.

bonne fête...

happy birthday!!!


by Étienne Brunette from Québec, CANADA on 10.03.2007 03:59


Je vous souhaite plein de joie, de paix et d'Inspiration pour votre anniversaire. Vous et vos chansons avez changé ma vie et je ne vous remercierai jamais assez... MERCI POUR TOUT !!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Hodgson


by Judi on 10.03.2007 02:36

Happy Birthday Roger,

Wishing you all the joy your music has brought to me and so many others---yesterday, today and always



by Fernando from Alicante - Spain on 09.03.2007 22:42

Thanks so much Roger and congratuletions for you and for all. I Like your music for ever.

by Mick from Australia on 09.03.2007 18:27

Happy Birthday Roger,

What an amazingly talented individual.

Thanks for the music,what a gift.

From the land of Oz.

by Lauren Jensen from Colorado on 09.03.2007 17:44

Happy Birthday, Roger, and many more! A great fan of your gift of music for many years, you are a treasure

by Ricardo Moura from Porto on 09.03.2007 15:43


First I want to give congratilations from your carreer as a musition, fabulose and so well from your birthday!


Ricardo Moura

by Sheridan Miller from California on 09.03.2007 06:27

Again, happy birthday from the nurse. Our kids grew up together in NC. Glad the music is still coming. Love you, man.

by Anonymous on 09.03.2007 01:23

Thanks for the music. Happy Birthday!

by Gayle Lindquist from Cary, NC USA on 08.03.2007 23:48

Happy Birthday To You!!! My birthday is coming up too!! Selfish Birthday request...Please come to North Carolina.

Many happy returns.

by Celso Lede Porto from Vilagarcia-Pontevedra-España on 08.03.2007 19:32

Felicidades Roger y que cumplas muchos más.

Espero verte actuando en Galicia pronto

by Gianmaria Framarin from Terracina, Italy on 08.03.2007 17:38

Happy Birthday Roger!

From a long-term Supertramp fan, and also a man who's looking forward to having the chance of watching you live here in my country. Please, come to Italy, you have loads of fans around here!!!

Hugs and a warm shake of hands.

Thank you.

by Carl Fitzgerald from Oslo on 08.03.2007 15:04

Happy birthday Roger...hope life is giving you all you wish for,just as you have given us fans everything we could wish for.Look forward to seeing your show in Manchester in can't come quick enough.


by Phil Wickwar from Maidstone, Kent UK on 08.03.2007 14:18

Many Happy Returns, Roger. Have a great day. Look forward to seeing you "Back Home" in London in October.

Love the DvD...well worth the wait after all these years.

Best Wishes


by Miriam from Düsseldorf, Germany on 08.03.2007 13:58


Dear Roger,

I wish you a marvellous birthday!

Thank you for making me face life and my music again with the help of your talent, warmth and sweet serenety.

Much love, Miriam

by valerie from king city on 08.03.2007 05:51

Happy Birthday to you! Glad to see you are still smiling on us Canadians. You will absolutely love Niagara Falls. The beauty and sheer force of the water is a testament to the wonders of nature. It truly is awe inspiring. Take time out to wander over and give her a glimpse.

by Gerardo Santana from ISLA DE LA PALMA (ISLAS CANARIAS) ESPAÑA on 08.03.2007 00:17



by Elizabeth Whittenbury from Yuba City, California on 07.03.2007 19:05

A Very Happy Birthday Roger! Many Happy Returns! My parents and I hope to see you sometime in the near future. In the mean time take care and continue spreading your joy around the world!

Best Wishes!


by qFred Purchase from Manitoba, Canada on 07.03.2007 02:52

Hi Roger, "Happy Birthday"

Thanks for the great concert in Winnipeg. My wife and I enjoyed it very much. Your music brought back many memories. Your music is timeless. Your voice is like a well-tuned instrument. I hope to meet you some day.Take care.


by Ken Wilson & Joanne Kerr from Tiverton, Ontairo, Canada on 07.03.2007 01:34


We know it's springtime when we wish you and my wife joanne. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Yes you both share the same birthday. We both saw your show at casino Rama in the fall of last year and loved it so much, I purchased tickets for her birthday to Niagra Falls to see you again for both shows in May!!Have a wonderful birthday Roger

by Pax & Ali from SVB Cantabria - Spain on 06.03.2007 18:56

Hi Roger!

Hope you have the happiest of birthdays. See you in Glasgow (hopefully we'll go back there after 16 long years)... and what better excuse?

Lots of Love

by Tony Benjamin from Brisbane, Australia on 06.03.2007 13:05

The DVD is a MUST for any Supertramp Fan. Like an old wine Roger gets better with age. Happy Birthday and Please Tour Australia soon.



by Janet Muenzberger from Thorold, Ontario. Canada on 05.03.2007 18:35

Many happy returns Roger...can't wait to catch your concert in Niagara Falls in May!

All the best,

Janet and Steve

by Trevor from Surrey, England on 05.03.2007 10:27

Happy Birthday Roger - have a good one! Looking forward to seeing you in London this October and keep the great music coming!

P.S. Superb dvd!

by Tony Heaney on 05.03.2007 04:51

I bought the DVD at Christmas and have been blown away every time I play it.

Fantastic,electric and connected.

You are a class act in a class of your own.

What a gift to the world.

All the best!!!


by Nigel King from Markahm, Onntario on 04.03.2007 05:37

Many wishes Roger. May all your wishes come true. Your the best keep up the music.

by Gianni Guidi from Latina on 04.03.2007 04:19

I only want you to give the best whishes for your birthday,you are great! Hi Roger!!

by Wendi Bassett from Naples, Maine on 03.03.2007 15:40

vaetw Happy Birthday Roger!!!!

Feel the love!!!!!!

by Sabine from Gozo/Malta on 03.03.2007 13:24


Hi Roger,

Difficult to ever forget your birthday - it's so close to mine!

Well, and there goes another year... Have a wonderful birthday and amazing times ahead. Wouldn't mind if you shared some of those with us in Malta...?!

Lots of love,


by Kathy Loustau from 5244 lake rd, galway, ny 12074 on 03.03.2007 02:38


Dear Roger,

I would like to wish you the happiest of birthdays. I also am a PISCES.

Your voice and the sound of music was so very much a part of my teenage years. I had the pleasure of meeting you at a show in Saratoga Springs NY in 1977. and I met my best friend in college because of a tee-shirt "supertramp" who she loved as well and to this day we are still bestfriends. unfortunately I have to take my daughter to see "Fall Out Boy"

at Saratoga Performing Arts Center on the same day as your show in Niagra Falls.

I'm not sure if you would remember Spy Matthews he was one of your tour managers. last time I communicated with him his company was called Delicate Productions in california, he went back to Australia to take care of his mom. some history you really did not ask for. however your music was such an important memory in my life

So have a very happy birthday, stay well and keep on Rockin out

sincerely a fan forever

Kathy Loustau

by alain berry from sartrouville france on 02.03.2007 23:04

Dear old fiend, you have been from so long time the light who support my life with your divin music. For your Birthay it's a real plaisure to send a big message of gratitude and all and all and all that we have send to you on the past.I saw you at sceaux France in 1983 with the band of legend, I eat your songs since i'm 14 ( year of produce of breakfast ) THANK YOU ROGER BE A HAPPY MAN AND STAY IN LIGHT

by liam kerr from coatbridge scotland on 02.03.2007 21:28

hi roger happy birthday cant wait for your concert in glasgow october this year my dad is a massive fan and he is taking me with him you sound amazing dad cant wait good luck liam age 16

by Domenic Mandile from Manchester NH USA on 02.03.2007 17:49

Hello Roger! I wish you a wonderful birthday and many more to come. I think that your music if fantastic and your shows have been inspiring. Although I am from Manchester NH USA, I travelled to see your "Solo Tramp" show in Montreal Quebec some years back. As well as your most recent show in Sherbrooke Quebec. Every song and every album has been so ejoyable for me. Keep on doing what your doing. With Love... Domenic

by Stuart Vallantine from Greater Manchester, UK on 02.03.2007 15:40


Hi Roger,

Have a good birthday and hope the UK tour goes well. Having been a Supertramp fan since I was young (and more recently, your solo work), I'm looking forward to the Manchester concert in early October.

Bye for now,


by Géraldine from France Beaune Burgundy on 02.03.2007 14:10

I've always been one of your great fan but really discovered you and Supertramp with Crime of the Century in 1988. Then loved the albums before 1974.

I'm nearly 40 years old and couldn't imagine my musical culture without you !

Then I followed your personnel career with Eye in he storm, and ther others albums. I wish you a happy birthday and sincerely wish to cary on enjoying us and sharing your passsion for Music. Géraldine from Pommard Burgundy France

by Monika & Whitebear from Keswick, Ontario on 02.03.2007 14:08

(((((((((((((( HUGS )))))))))))))

Roger... Have a wonderful day celebrating your 57th year. We wish you bountiful joy and success in all your endevours and wish to thank you and your team for "spoiling" us once again with your upcoming concert at Niagara Falls. It is always an honour to see you on stage and hear you sing live.

With Love, Monika & Whitebear

by Luk De Deckers from Belgium on 02.03.2007 09:40


Dear Roger,

Happy Birthday to you. Wish you all the best. I've always good memories on our performances with you on Night of the Proms.

Thanks for your beautiful music.

Looking forward to meet again sometime!


Fine Fleur vzw - Choir NOTP

by Schroeder from USA on 02.03.2007 01:45

Hope you will have a wonderful birthday on March 21st! Best of luck with the tour in October!

by Wally Hilts from Ajax, Ontario Canada on 01.03.2007 22:53

Homepage: http://Minstrels Dream 

Happy Birthday Roger! The older you get, the better you sound! Just simply amazing! I've been playing many of your songs on my guitar and keyboards to my two small children since they have been born. When my daughter first saw your dvd she was wondering why you were singing my songs.. I explained that you wrote them for the people of the world to enjoy and that I was simply singing and playing them because they are great songs. My son is too small to talk, but he loves the dvd and claps after each song. He gets really excited when he hears "take the long way home".. funny both kids always liked it.. It was the first song of yours I learned to play.. It grew on them like it did for me, now I play 20+ songs of yours and the kids just love it. Hopefully I will be able to bring them to one of your shows in the Toronto area.

All the best and Happy Birthday..

Wally - Minstrel's Dream Forum..

by Bobby Wright on 01.03.2007 22:48

Happy birthday Roger!!!

Just to let you know i love all your music especially "Hide in your shell". I cannot describe the emotions i go through listening to everything you have written and played.

Can't wait to see you in Manchester on 3rd October 2007, first time ever!!!

Good luck & Good Health Roger


by Àlex from Valencia (Catalonia) on 01.03.2007 18:24

Happy birthday, Roger!!! I saw you in Madrid last year and you were GREAT. "Lord is it mine" and "Lovers in the wind" made me cry...

I hope to see you in Castelló next june!!!

Thank you for your music and your love.

Best regards,


by Henning Kuehl from Toender, Denmark. on 28.02.2007 21:04

Hi Roger.

Many congratulations to your birthday. I has always been a big fan of your music, back from the 70's and until today.

My wife and I look very much forward to see you i London 9th of october.

Best regards from Denmark.

Henning and Linda

by Brian Stewart from england on 28.02.2007 18:04

Look forward to seeing you in england in October. Happy Birthday

by Graham Barwick from yorkshire england on 28.02.2007 17:54


by Marit from Berlin on 28.02.2007 17:50


Dear Roger, wish you a happy birthday and this day and all your life shall be full of love and music. I love your music since I'm a little girl an it gives me so much hope and force for my life, i can't express: thank you for all this! Go on playing, singing, loving!

Marit, a pianist from Berlin

by Carl Fitzgerald from England on 28.02.2007 13:55

Roger, HAPPY BIRTHDAY..just recieved tickets for your show in manchester in october.See you then,any chance of a meeting after the show,would be a dream come true to meet you in person. Been a fan since i was 11 i'm now 34.

by David Farrow from Ottawa on 28.02.2007 13:44

Happy Birthday Roger.

We met/saw you in London Ontario last year and the show was right up there with one of our favorites. So much so that we just got ticets to see you in London at the Royal Albert Hall in October. Can't wait.

Still hope to see Ottawa as one of your next stops in Canada.

Have a great birthday. Peace and Love.

David and Laureen

by vicente from Madrid on 28.02.2007 12:40

Hello Roger !

I wish you a very happy birthday, I hope to see you plalying in Castellon in June 16th

I wish you release a new studio album, and hope someday, in the future, to see you in a new reunion with supertramp.

I love all your music.

Best of all!


by GARY SAVAGE from NEW ZEALAND on 28.02.2007 10:08

Hi Roger , happy birthday mate for the 21st . Hope to see you here in NZ someday ?? I would happily treat my family and friends to the entire front row !

I wrote to you back in the eighties when i lived and breathed Supertramp and you kindly wrote back with a personal message !! Such a great person

cheers ,Gary


by olga ana hlenczuk from san fernando-argentina on 28.02.2007 02:39

I wish you the best for every day and always.I love you so much . God bless you and your family.Hapybirthday. Sincerely.....olga

by Helen Braddock from Oklahoma City on 28.02.2007 02:37

Dear Rog,

I wish you the happiest of Happy Birthdays! You've been a great inspiration in my life and you are an awesome performer.

Happy Birthday!



by Colin from Australia on 27.02.2007 23:50

Hi Roger,


How about a tour Down Under in Australia?


by JANET TREWICK from chester le street co durham on 27.02.2007 21:35

Happy birthday roger

look forward to seeing you in glasgow in october



by Marcos Cicarini Hott from Campinas, Brazil on 27.02.2007 19:57


I'm a big fan of your songs for a long time and I wish to you all the best. Happy Birthday!

Marcos Hott

by BROSSEAU from LA CIOTAT FRANCE on 27.02.2007 11:49


Hello Roger

My sons and me wish you an happy anniversary. Mys sons are 8 and 15 and they love your music because it is full of the love and emotion that everybody needs.

We hope you will sing in France in 2007!

Thanks for all !


by Ross Viner from Canada on 27.02.2007 06:38


Hi Roger,

Happy Birthday.

Now, I remembered yours. Will you remember mine?

by chris on 26.02.2007 22:20

Happy birthday Roger. I love everything you do(sorry for my bad english ). Please for a new record ,the waiting so long !!



by JUAN GARCÍA LÓPEZ on 26.02.2007 22:19

Happy Birthday Roger, I am a great fan of you since more more years. And I am so happy, because I see too soon in Castellón, hurrrraaa.

by JUAN GARCÍA LÓPEZ on 26.02.2007 22:17

Happy Birthday Mr. Hodgson, I am a great fan of your music, always present all along my life. Since first album "Supertramp" you walk with me and I with you. Tank you for your wonderful talent.

by Antonio Arredondo on 26.02.2007 22:16


i´m a big fan of your music for a long time and i wish you the best. Happy Birthday from Monterrey,Mexico

by Giuseppe on 26.02.2007 21:41

Happy Birthday Mr.Roger

Tanti Auguri grande Roger.. i love you


by Jane on 26.02.2007 21:40

Happy Birthday Roger! We love­ you in Canada!

by Paul on 26.02.2007 21:39

Roger,Happy Birthday. Keep hoping, dreaming and singing

by Paulinho Dommus on 26.02.2007 16:18


Roger, i am brasilian e i love your songs. Roger forewer!

by Kelly on 26.02.2007 16:15

Hey Roger,

I love­ you and your music. Keep up the great work.

by Rita & Zoe on 26.02.2007 16:14


Happy birthday Roger!

We hope you have a wonderful celebration, and that your special day is full of love and happiness. Looking forward to seeing you in June. ­

Much love,

Rita & Zoe

by Estefy on 26.02.2007 16:11

Love your voice!!!

Long live Roger ­

by Pat Sadler on 26.02.2007 16:10

Hey Roger, happy birthday Where have the years gone?

by Spring on 26.02.2007 16:08

I love your songs starting from "My Logical Song"!

Happy Birthday and bring us more wonderful songs!

by mario&carole&jenny on 26.02.2007 16:07

happy birthday roger from the quebec -montreal ,tack you for dvd concert in montreal it verry good ,spectacle in sherbrooke 3 november 2006 verry good show ,encore merci pour ton spectacle a shebrooke et dit salut a toute ta famille.

by Gabrielle on 26.02.2007 16:06

im only 11 but i love your music!!!­ :heart:

by Margie MacNeil on 26.02.2007 14:52

Roger.... I purchased your Montreal concert on dvd recently & have watched it several times with all my fellow Supertramp/Roger Hodgson fans. Thankyou for bringing it all back & for the earlier years of your fantastic music & lyics. I had the pleasure of meeting your sister Caroline in 1975,,, & she had the same infectious... contented smile as you have. It's great to see you & hear you again. Thanks a million times. -Margie

by Joe Chojnacki on 26.02.2007 14:51

Happy Birthday Roger!

From The Chojnacki Family

Joe & Jodi

Carter & Kennan

by jacques on 26.02.2007 14:49


je te souhait un exellent anniversaire et j'éspère de tout coeur te voir en france cet été et mon souhait le plus cher c'est de te voir sur scène avec supertramp au moins une fois dans ma vie.

j'étais à ton concert de Béziers avec ma femme qui, pendant le concert à pleuré en découvrant tes chansons, depuis c'est une fan.

a bientot.

by Peter Wiik on 26.02.2007 14:49

Thank you so much for all that wonderful music.It is the best medicine for curing head-aches. whenever I have a head ache, I listen to your music, and the head ache disappears - every time. Much better than pain killers - and much healthier. so, thanks a lot, and happy bithday.



by Doug Spong on 26.02.2007 14:48

All the best, your music is timeless, you keep getting better. Enjoy your birthday, with the thoughts of all the people you've made happy with your music.


by wayne on 26.02.2007 14:47

long way home because youve come along way from childhood trauma being sent away etc i know how that feels i went through the same thing only worse your music helped me through realy tough times i missed the heads up for tickets for fallsview in canada only nosebleeds can i buy some from your management?

by Chris Khan on 26.02.2007 14:45


by mark vincent on 26.02.2007 14:44

My bday is mar 21 too. Trying to decide on name for our sailboat, I want long way home, wife wants quietest moments. what do you think? Mark