Babelsberg, Germany ~ May 6, 2010


My husband and I just returned home to Denmark from Germany after seeing your performance in Metropolis Halle, Babelsberg. It was not just another concert for me- it was THE concert and something very, very personal and special. I haven't seen you live since your 'famous tour' with Supertramp back in 1983 in Gentofte Stadium (Copenhagen) and after that I only saw Supertramp with Rick Davis once - because Supertramp never was 'complete' without you. We tried to order tickets in the first row to this show in Metropolis Halle already half a year ago, but unfortunately it wasn't possible so we saw the show from 7th. row - I would have given anything for a front row seat.... And then you entered the stage and asked: 'Are you ready' - and I can tell you that we were MORE than ready, and then you swept us off our feet with wonderful assistance from Aaron (he is absolutely great and a worthy replacement for John Anthony Helliwell). THANK YOU! LOVE YOU! ~ Anne N. Sløk