Auckland, New Zealand ~ April 14, 2010


Oh what a night! Seems like time stood still. You are the ultimate professional musician, unique and everlasting. Thank you so much for taking me back to some of my most memorable mispent youth days! ~ Cath Masters

We have just arrived home from the Auckland New Zealand concert. It really went off. Roger was great and Aaron was very impressive. He played the piano in one song with Rodger supporting. Look out Roger. We stood right up the front and danced to much of the concert and they played a few encores. At the end of the night everybody was standing up. We are now at home listening to some more. I guess I will always have to be, living in a fantasy. ~ Robert and Sandy

Auckland 14 Apr 2010, typical kiwi audience with nothing to give until you had played your way into their hearts. most knew a few songs, some fans new more but ALL appreciated the genius, talent and polish that is Roger (Erin was great too) leaving a standing audience behind uplifted by a performer who gives more than just a little bit. ~ Matthew Ensoll

Just back from Roger's Auckland show, absolutely outstanding, the crowd went nuts! ~ Paul Gerrard

Roger's Auckland show was beyond words. If ever I could live in song, it would be one of yours, Roger. Thank you for so many years of joy through your music. I hope to see another one of your shows someday! ~ Anne

What an amazing concert on Wednesday 14th April. Thank you so much for sharing your music and wonderful talent. Aaron was fantastic - so amazing on the saxophone. I am still buzzing from the show. Thank you so much. ~ Joanne Walker

The Auckland show was stunning. Thank you both for possibly the most uplifting musical experience of my life. Please return to New Zealand soon. ~ Rob Treacher

We were in the 3rd row at last night's concert in the Aotea Centre in Auckland. We loved your performance and your style of keyboard playing. We grew up with your songs. Hearing you share a few anecdotes gave us some new insights into them. Thanks for an exceptional night. Good luck for the rest of your tour. Best, Alan Rothwell

Fantastic concert in Auckland, I've listened to your music forever, but your performance was better than I ever expected. For 2 1/2 hours I relived my life in your music, thank you for this… incredible. ~ Stuart Nunnerel

Your concert in Auckland last night was amazing!! Such a pleasure to see you performing your wonderful songs I've been listening to since I was a kid! You really should come back and spend some time in this beautiful country and take a look around. Wishing you all the best ~ Simon

Great concert Roger, great to see and hear you play the tunes we grew up with.. Aaron was extra special as well. You were right about your music, it conjures up all sorts of emotions and memories..'memes' if you will. Thanks for stopping by and playing for us. I hope Auckland made you both feel welcome and you enjoyed your visit. ~ Keith Cook