9/20/2007 5:37:29 PM

Alberto Martinez

Is it true that Supertramp can reunite ? I think you guys can make amazing music if you ever decide to do it together again . Anyway Im happy now with Roger solo work but if that ever happen and Supertramp come back together I will levitate.

9/20/2007 8:35:40 AM

Dan Benson

Greetings! I am Dan from West Allis, WI, USA. I heard you on a local radio station this morning, calling from Germany, you said the DVD was new. Is there a newer version out? Newer that is than the one I bought earlier this year? Also, you seem kind of stunned by the receptions you have been getting (I noticed this at both of your shows I attended. Is that so? Will you be returning to our fair state next year?

9/19/2007 12:21:07 PM

Breno Aguiar

Hello Roger,

I am Breno from Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. I was born in 11/10/1990.

I am 16 years old but I listen to your songs every day! every hour! The Last time that you went here I had less than 10 years old and my parents didn't take me to the show =[

So come to Brazil!! Pleaseeeeeee!

Sorry my English but I know all the songs.

Come to Brazillll!!

9/19/2007 11:19:13 AM


Hello Roger,

I am Steffen from Berlin. I was born at the 25.3.62, few months after build for the German Wall on 13.9.61. Thus I spent my youth in the Russian Sector of Germany, called, the German Democratic Republik.

"BREAKFAST IN AMERICA", my first LP, was which over borders from West to East was smuggled and by the Bordersoldiers was not discovered. Radiostations from the West to hear was forbidden, we it never the less again and again made. With the music of SUPERTRAMP, particulary with your voice, they gave "A little bit" of Liberty for me and many thousands of young peoples in all these dark years. THANKS FOR IT!! At these German Wall have between 1961-89 approx 133 humans lost their live! Only because they wanted to experience their Liberty in the West. On the escape to the West they were shot, they drowned, they suffocated... Or came for a very long time into the prison! These German/German Wall seemed to us in these GDR on lifetime insurmountably. We had however always hope, to be once in a concert in the West. This hope now comes true! In november 1989 was these Wall falling down and on 28.september I will see & hear you with my wife in the first row in the Admiralspalast in Berlin. To my favorit "THE LOGICAL SONG" I particulary look forward!! (Rick Davies at the concert in June 2002 omitted it!)

To these concert I will have a original piece of this German Wall on my side and with a little luck, also present to you.

As a present to thanks & a sign...


Many greet


9/19/2007 2:25:02 AM


Hello Roger, it would be nice, if you release the concert with full orchestra on dvd. The performance of the dvd is really great, but the examples from the bonus material with a complete orchestra and choir, wow.


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