Hits at a stretch

Translation: Uwe Nessler

His ex-partner Rick Davies is stil going with his conjointed ex-band on tour and is playing his songs, but Mr. Supertramp is quite definitely Roger Hodgson, what more than 2,000 viewers on Sunday in the sold out Beethoven Hall would confirm. For example: “Give a little bit,” one of the most played pieces in US-Radio. Hodgson scrubbed (=played) the catchy chords with visible fun and simply needed Aaron MacDonald, since 2002 his duo-partner at the woodwinds and keyboards, to live up to the songs. Or “Dreamer”: the famous theme with this typical reverberant keyboard-chords, which Hodgson didnīt vary not a whit since then and his striking tenor drove the audience into excitement. Who needs there the ex-band?

“The Voice of Supertramp” is quite enough, because Hodgson has written all relevant songs, things like “Take the long way home,” the handy concert-opener, “The Logical Song,” “Hide in your shell” and so on. One is wondering, what Davies is driving to continue under the old logo, when you are just getting unadulterated Supertramp only from Hodgson, without any concessions. His concert is a two-hour-long sequence of hits, even if not every has depth and some seemed like the breeze of the wind-machine which is gentle swelling the leaves of the plants, the only decoration.


Michael Riedinger