"Someone who only listens to others will be lost"

Translated by Stephanie Litfin

Roger Hodgson is back. The ex-frontman of Supertramp will celebrate a special comeback at the Zitadelle


One of the legends of rock music, Roger Hodgson, will give a solo concert on the 22nd of July at the Zitadelle Berlin. Before the concert, OZelot spoke with the ex-frontman of Supertramp. It got quiet around him for some time.

OZelot: How satisfied are you with your life?

Hodgson: IŽm very grateful for every day of my life, because it was pretty extraordinary. It is very touching for me to share my music with other people. I have the best job in the world.

OZelot: How much did the music business change?

Hodgson: The music business has changed a lot and constantly.  Maybe there wonŽt be record companies anymore in the next ten years.  We should return to the point, what music is really meant to be: a high

professional art form, that moves heart and soul.  Especially heart and passion are really missed. 90% is about marketing and the buildup of stars, instead of supporting the artists.

OZelot: Why did you leave Supertramp?

Hodgson: For fourteen years, the band was my baby.  Then I built my own family with two children. To have

both was incompatible for me. I wanted to be a good father.  Today I know: it was the right decision.

OZelot: What urged you back on stage?

Hodgson: My passion is to create music for people.  Now that my children are grown up, I have applied

myself to this task again.

OZelot: What can the audience expect?

Hodgson: I perform with a saxophone player.  That brings along a kind of intimacy.  We will play the full range of my songs from "Breakfast In America" to "Dreamer" and some solo songs.

OZelot: YouŽve been in Germany quite often. What do you think about this country?

Hodgson: I like Germany, especially the mentality and honesty.  The audience is very respectful and really appreciates an artist.  I donŽt say that only because I perform there.  The Germans have their hearts in the

right place.  And once they open it for you, you know they trust you and really like you very much.

OZelot: What about a new album?

Hodgson: I've got about 60 songs in my drawer.  But at the moment, I enjoy the live concerts much more than working in a studio.

OZelot: You are British and live in California. Do you get homesick sometimes?

Hodgson: I moved to California when I was 24 years old and I still live there.  I like it very much and I donŽt feel homesick for England.

OZelot: What is your advice for young bands?

Hodgson: You should always remain true to yourself and not assimilate only because others want you to.  The music and ideas you carry inside yourself should not be changed to be in conformity with the market.  If you only listen to others, youŽll be lost.

Interview: B. Andreas