Roger Hodgson - Mr. Supertramp

Translation: Stephanie Litfin

It was 25 years ago when Roger Hodgson put his glass of red wine on the piano at the Riemer Reitstadion and announced that this will be the last concert of Supertramp in Europe.  Hodgson kept his word.  Until today Supertramp refuses to go on a reunion tour like most of the successful combos from the stone age of rock music do, even though they could make a lot of money with it.  The performance in the Munich Philharmonie showed how much the fans are yearning for a live experience of “The Logical Song” or “Give A Little Bit.”  Standing ovations right at the beginning of the concert.  The audience applaud for a singer and songwriter with a significant voice and with the songs that they spent their whole adolescence with.  Hodgson basks in his success, presenting his “favourite songs,” and doesn't even talk about the fact that it was the teamwork with singer and keyboarder Rick Davies that gave birth to the Supertramp-hymns.  Aside of that, a little bit of bass and drums would have been great, but that doesn't really matter.

Hodgson’s crystal clear falsetto and exemplary phrasing on the 12 string with his solo program had the sold-out concert hall so firmly held in the palm of his hand, that you could feel like it was him alone who has been Supertramp.


Ralf Dombrowski