I've been to hundreds of concerts through the last 25 years, and I've seen the most of them, but there IS something special with Roger! I think partly it's that he's such an "including" artist. When he's on stage, you feel he's talking directly to YOU. And I know that each one in the audience feels it the same way. There is such a sincerety and warmth in Roger's performance. I really think Roger honestly is concerned about every person in the audience. That's a very unique quality that not too many artists have, and in Rogers "case" it's in an level I hardly ever have experienced. It's not a calculated communication. Roger just says what comes in his mind, at that moment.  And you believe him, and he touches people. After he did his fantastic concert in Steinkjer, I have heard of several  private "Roger Hodgson-evenings," where friends get together, play the DVD and remember the concert!

The other reason why Roger's concerts are such an experience is simply the incredible strong songs he's written! A song is often "exposed" when you take away its arrangement. Quite a few songs need an arrangement to actually work. Roger's set tells us what a genius songwriter he is, and not only from the Supertramp era. His solo work is highly underrated, and the solo songs he performs do not stand back from the Supertramp songs. A song like "Along Came Mary" from the fantastic "Open The Door" album is one of the strongest songs he's ever written. Released as a Supertramp song it would have been a massive hit! Stripped to their solo setting, it shows that quite a few of Roger's songs will stand the test of time, and live on forever. Like a good Beatles', or Bob Dylan's song.

I saw people cry, in joy. I saw people sing, shout, dance, clap. So did we! I've been to concerts at Royal Albert Hall before, but never have I experienced (in any big arena!) such an "intimate" atmosphere, and never have I ever seen Royal Albert Hall give a 3-song, standing ovation to an artist! That was a moment to remember! And not to forget, when Royal Albert Hall starts whistling the song before Roger even gets to start it!

Thanx again, Shakti, Linda, Aaron and Roger for one of the best concert experiences in my life. We'll remember it forever, and we DO hope to hear more music from Roger in the future. We'll be there!!


Svein & Annka