The last time I saw you, it was in Dax (France), more than twenty years ago. It was a very warm evening with a very big storm, which made shorter the Supertramp concert...

Three weeks ago I came from the Czech republic (where I have been living for a long time) to Sallanches. Many thanks for your perform: "you made me love you" more than ever. You gave me so much happiness : you choose old songs that are my favorites. You are an exceptional songwriter, musician and singer with a so clear and powerful voice. So please go on writing so beautiful songs and ... come to make a concert in Central Europa as soon as possible.


I decided to drive from Barcelona to Sallanches (8 hours) to attend the concert of my friend Roger and also see the Montblanc and Le Pic du Midi. The concert was fantastic, but about the Montblanc ..... I didn't see anything during the three days I was around there !!! Oh man..... I love Chamonix but Chamonix doesn't love me ;-) It's raining again the three days ! rain and fog, winter weather in July, no visibility ...... next time ;-).

In the soundcheck I met a lot of friends from diverse parts of Europe (Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, England...) and Canada !. Friends we are meeting in different concerts, we are like a big family ...... The venue was a kind of big indoor basket pavilion , no seats, no stands. So, a lot of flat space for many people. The organizer placed some signs on the streets of the town to help the people find the "Salle Leon Curral". And Roger spoke for radio interviews the previous days. The sound was powerful and clear. Excellent.

The concert began at 8:30 pm and he played more than one and a half hour approx, and the audience acclaimed Roger for two encores !!! The speaker introduced Roger as the only one concert of Roger in France this year. The welcome of the audience was really warm, very good atmosphere. It was full of people, two or three thousand people or more. We arrived in the last minute, after dinner, and it was hard to go near the stage ! Roger played his habitual keyboard (Korg Triton), a grand piano and his 12 strings guitars.

Norbert (who played with Roger several times in Nigth of the Proms last year) accompanied Roger playing the saxo/clarinet/Harmonica/Keyboard/Whistle in most of the songs and a young man (invited by the promoter I guess) played the harmonica in School and Take the long way home, doing it pretty well.

The welcome from the audience was great during the whole concert, listening the songs with respect and collaborating with claps when necessary and Roger was very grateful. He dared to speak in basic French in all the occasions, but warning people "Mon français c'est catastrofique":o) but hes french was clear and we understood him well. That encouraged tha audience still more....

Roger dedicated to the audience an unpublished song "Keep the pigeons warm" and the feedback from the audience was very positive. In this concert Norbert played more things than usual: for instance he played the solo-piano of School while Roger play the guitar, and also he played the intro of "Hide in your shell" with the harmonica (in the album was made by a melodica or syhnt) and the whistle in Logical song and some more things I can't remember now exactly. And the duet sax-harmonica in "Take the long way home" was great.

There was much of Supertramp in the show and some songs of Roger solo albums, like "Lovers in the wind", " Open the door", and " Along came Mary". The audience had a lot of fun and at the end of the show nobody wanted to say goodbye to Roger. The people wanted more songs......and more songs..... so finally two encores ! and Roger was exhausted ..... A large and noisy end :o)

Roger transmitted much peace and care and it was again a magical night.

Thanks Roger

Hello Mr Hodgson

I just want to thank you for your concert in Sallanches, France, yesterday night. It was "bloody marvellous " as you said! Thank you for singing beautiful songs like Two of Us, Sister Moonshine, Even in the Quietest Moments etc. Your new song about keeping the pigeons warm was beautiful too, don't hesitate to record it!

All the best!

Eric S.

I really want to thank Mr Hodgson for the great concert he gave yesterday evening. I am a fan of Supertramp and I saw the band several times but this time, it was more initimate and we (it was also a big pleasure for me to come with my 15 years old daughter) really appreciate the warmth and the sympathy of Mr Hodgson.

Please come again it was so wonderful that it could have been going on for hours... And excuse me for my english but as Mr Hodgson spoke in french I have to write in english

Thanks a lot et 0 bientçot


J'habite à Sallanches, et je veux remercier du fond du coeur Roger HODGSON de nous avoir fait l'honneur et l'immense plaisir d'être venu dans notre ville.

Sortirez vous une vidéo de ce concert unique en France ????? si oui, j'en reserve une immédiatement.

Après tant de bonheur, un merci parait bien petit comme mot, mais c'est le seul que j'ai a dire pour englober tous les autres



Merci Roger pour ce concert à Sallanches. Peut etre lirez vous ceci, votre français était presque parfait.

grossi michel

Thank you for this magical moment with you and yours songs. Hope to see you back in France soon.

Jean Marc


Grand grand merci pour le concert à Sallanches et félicitation, meilleurs souvenir de mes 24 ans, nous avons passé un très bon moment avec ma femme. Tu est toujours aussi dinamique et dans le vent !!

( excuse mois pour la langue, j'écrit mal l'Anglais )


The message is LOVE, its always been love, those of us who are blessed to feel love naturally may take it for granted, since many less fortunate people dont have have love around them, but instead have abuse and violence not to mention HUNGER, we must somehow let these less fortunate people know that we(the modern world)really do care and love them even though weve never met, you dont need to no someone in person to love them, I love from the bottom of my heart her holiness Miss. Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Mr.Hodgson and starving kids all over the world and I've never met any of them, except Roger(whom i saw in concert in london,once)but we are all brothers and sisters and like family you love unconditionaly, I feel a song like Give a Little Bit is an anthem for the world,for the rich for the poor, white and black, choose to love not hate and try to understand others even if you can't relate to them, we could have easily been the very person we choose to ignore or forget about, so SMILE AND SHOW YOU CARE, if you Give a Little Bit you get a little more back!

Thanx a million Roger for still caring for those who are forgotten, and still making beautifull music after all these years for true music lovers all around the world. I was alittle boy(5 or 6) when i fell in love with Roger and Supertramp, and will be a huge fan till the day i move on to my next lesson.


Andrew Picanco