"Roger Hodgson, Supertramp's most recognizable voice, will not be on the 40th anniversary tour of the band, but you can hear his voice singing his  greatest hits in his solo shows"

by Dario Vico

There wasn’t agreement and, finally, Roger Hodgson won’t take part in the announced Supertramp reunion tour, but he will visit our country this summer to perform solo shows in Madrid and Barcelona.

I´ve heard that you are close to your fans, do you like to socialize with them? Do you keep contact with them through internet too???

Yes I try to keep in touch with my fans - it's an important connection for me. My songs came from my heart and soul and obviously touched a place inside all my fans so it is a very personal connection I have with them. I am very happy that so many friendships have been formed through the common love of my music and the internet has made that so much more possible.  I invite everyone to go to RogerHodgson.com and leave a message for me on my guest book or on my new Facebook page.

Why do you think you have such a great relationship with your Spanish fans???

The Spanish people have always connected with my music in a very deep way. And being the passionate people they are they have always shown me so much love and appreciation and have won a special place in my heart. I have many fans and friends in Spain who have always given me so much support - and I greatly appreciate this. The Breakfast in Spain website was one of the first to represent and support me - and I know how much time it takes to keep a website alive.

Do you like to walk without being recognized in the streets? Where do you go in your free time in Madrid, Barcelona..

I have always been grateful for not being too famous - so I can walk down the street and not be recognized very often. My songs are more famous than my face and that is the way I prefer it. Barcelona and Madrid are such great cities - whenever I can I like to walk in the park in Madrid. I always wish I had more time in both cities. They are so different. Barcelona is definitely a city I would love to get to know better, I have many friends there.

My show is always evolving. No two shows are the same. I will be playing some new songs and some songs that fans have been asking me to play - songs like 'Know who you are' and 'Say Goodbye' and 'Soapbox Opera'. And some others.

Which are your favorites songs when playing live and why???

I truly enjoy singing all of them. Depending on the day and the audience and how I'm feeling, it could be 'Lord is it Mine' or 'Dreamer' or 'Death and a Zoo' or 'Fool's Overture'.... there are so many and all so different to each other.

How was the experience playing with an orchestra and band? What can we expect this time? How will your band be this time? And the track list? ??

I love playing with a band - and doing shows with an orchestra is always exciting but for me the most special is truly the solo shows. It is where I can have a deeper more intimate connection with the audience and sing from the most naked, honest place in my heart. It is a very unique show, I don't know any other artist that does anything like it. Between myself and Aaron Macdonald, we make a very complete, big sound. For me, Music is the art of space and when you hear the songs in a more simplified way people tell me they are amazed at how deeply they are affected.

Obviously I play all my classic hits that people want to hear - Dreamer, the Logical Song, Breakfast in America, School, It's Raining Again, Give a Little Bit, Take the Long Way Home, Fool's Overture and will also perform some songs from my solo albums and songs I have not recorded yet.

You´ve just turned 60, is this a good age for rock and touring? Did you ever imagine this when you were 20 or 40??

For me, being an artist is not about age. I feel like I am in the prime of my life. I am older, I am wiser and I feel I have even more to give, having survived and learned from all the challenges and experiences that I've gone through. I am not wanting or needing a huge career, I am not wanting to be a star, I am truly just wanting to "give a little bit' back in gratitude for the wonderful life I have been blessed to have experienced and hopefully bring some joy and hope to people around the world. ?

I am amazing that my songs have stood the test of time so well and that I am now performing for three generations of fans. I could never have imagined when I was 20 or 40 that I would be touring today and feeling more fulfilled than ever.

How about your voice? Your voice is so distinct and easy to recognize, How do you take care of it???

I have never been disciplined with my voice. I have always tried to stay healthy - in my lifestyle, I don't drink or smoke but for me the most important place for me to stay healthy is in my heart for that is what people feel when I sing.

When I heard that my former band-mates Rick Davies, Bob Siebenberg and John Helliwell were going out later this year on a Supertramp 40th Anniversary Tour, I offered to join them for a few special reunion concerts in response to the many requests from fans. Oddly, for this Anniversary Tour, Supertramp’s management declined.

The subsequent publicity however has created much confusion, as the public naturally expect to see and hear my songs and voice. So many have told me that in the past they went to the Supertramp shows expecting to hear my voice, and I was not there.

So much of the public think of my voice as one of the trademark sounds of Supertramp and yet they are not familiar with the name of the singer - Roger Hodgson. So when my photo or my voice is used to sell the Supertramp shows, it is confusing. I simply want to make it clear to the public that I am on my own 2010 World Tour. I wish Supertramp well, however at this time I will not be joining them at their shows in Spain.

It is hard to think that far ahead. I know Rick wants to retire - and I feel like I'm just beginning. So we'll see what the future holds. For the fans sake I would like to give them what they're asking - for me to join Rick onstage on this tour. It may be the last opportunity. So my offer to join him for a few special shows this fall is still on the table if Rick should change his mind.

Roger Hodgson will be performing here in Spain in Madrid on Thursday, July 29, (Escenariio Puerta de Angel) and in Barcelona on Monday, August 2 (Jardine de Cap Roig).