Dear Roger!

Congratulation on your concert at Mont-Soleil last weekend! It was such a wonderful concert with great songs and it was amazing to see with what kind of pleasure you still sing your songs!

I know Supertramp from earlier but I didn't know that you are still on tour with your songs. So to be honest I have to tell you that I did not visit the festival specially because of you. But you can be sure that I will visit it next time ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU!!! You will come back to Switzerland, won't you? I hope so... I still can't forget that feeling standing there in the first place, stareing at your amazing smile and listening to these beautiful songs. - I still get chickenskin thinking of it!

I hope to visit another concert one day and I really hope that you get my message, because I want you to know how much we loved your concert! Even when I guess that I'm not the first person to congratulate you... :-) Well I'll let you read your other messages and hope to see you again one day!

By the way: I am Swiss (the Swiss people are known as friendly people, respecting the distance to all the VIPs we have here... *smile*), nearly 33 years old, to old for being a "groupie" and to young to be a Supertramp fan from the first hour. But on Friday I was really sad not having a backstage pass and having the chance to see your wonderful smile not only from the distance. It would be a pleasure for me to see it once again...

Lots of love from Switzerland where the sun is shining again since yesterday! I think you brought it back to our country and it was raining on Mont-Soleil on Saturday because you spent the evening in Interlaken... :-)


Thank you very much dear Roger for your concert on Mont Soleil in Switzerland Friday 26 august 2005. It was wonderful and you made all the people happy. It was great to meet you after the concert in your "container". I'll never forget that und wish you all the best. You are simply the best.

Meinrad and Madeleine, Switzerland