Anniversaire de Roger

There is no more beautiful day than March 21. In this beautiful spring day, I just wish you a happy birthday. This unforgettable celebration, joy and love, happiness is your first donation. All those who are dear to share this event with you in serenity.

To you, my anniversary gift is a small word.

ROGER your music your way, is the soundtrack OF MY LIFE


Scornet marie-josé




Dear Roger

Many happy returns of the day.

god bless you

Huguette & Jean Marc



Dear Roger,

I am not going to be very original, but the heart is there.

Happy birthday to you and thank you for your magnificent songs.




Merci Roger !

Bisous à toi, roger92 !




Dear Roger,

Happy birthday to you, in this 21 march !!!

Thank you for your beautiful music that soothes me and never the least bit weary in good as my bad times, for 30 years now

God bless you

Best regards


Happy birthday to you Roger,

Continue to dream and give us pleasure

and thank you for your music.





Love, surprises, happiness and company for you in this Special Day.

Happy Birthday Roger !

Thank you for your music so beautiful who makes us dream always so much.

Rendez vous in Paris in september where I shall be there with your French Fan club.

Musical best regards and kisses.

Anita Capricéfini

par gargouille le Jeu 11 Mar 2010 - 18:14

i wish you an happy birthaday

many thanks for all you give to us, to be who you are.

I hope this day and all the days in your life could be best and best .

see you in Paris in september



par rhmila le Ven 12 Mar 2010 - 11:05

Like the spring that gives strength to nature and symbolizes, year after year, the birth and resurrection; your music and your testimony bring new strength to many people around the world.

It is no coincidence that your "pilgrimage" on this earth began the first day of this new life! And it is also no coincidence that many fans from France and abroad have followed you every step of the way. Their attitude, although a little crazy, often hides a greater pain and a thirst for true values!

On this important Day of your life and after a tough year, I now hope it’s your turn to receive the strength necessary to be both fulfilled and serene.

Bless you Roger, your Czech-French fan, Mila.


PARDON ROGER ! Your Crazy fan


par FLO le Sam 13 Mar 2010 - 18:35

Happy Birthday Roger

Have a nice day with your family and friends.

Happiness and sucess for the next 40 years !

See you soon in Trier, Paris and Nantes.

Take care,


a "crazy fan"


"When you Smile...I can see the Sun"


par chriscas le Dim 14 Mar 2010 - 17:36

I want by this message, you simply wish a happy birthday!

Thank you for your music (which is with me since 1974), thank you for your work!

With all my friendship




par cbell35 le Lun 15 Mar 2010 - 17:59

Happy Birtday Roger. I hope to meet you perhaps a day. Best wishes.


par SBOPERA le Mar 16 Mar 2010 - 9:16

Dear Roger,

May this famous March 21st be a wonderful day for you to share with your family and friends.

Some times in your life are special, today is one of them.

I wish I could find the right words to express how much I admire you and love all your music for so many years.

Your songs whatever of the past or of nowadays with strength bring energy, emotion, joy, dream.

You offer all your love to people, this is our turn to give a little bit of our love to you..., I will say,

Here's a little poem

to make you feel good

to put sparkling stars in your eyes

It 's a fantastic day

We're celebrating your birthday

We're kind of respectful,

Here's a little poem

to thank you for the joy you give

your music send my blues away

when my hear is cold, do you know

you voice make it warmy,

I'am your crazy fan,

Now it's seems it's gonna getting serious...

I wish you a happy birthday,

Take good care of you, Bless you Roger,

Kisses from Sylvie



par Cigale le Mar 16 Mar 2010 - 10:46

Dear Roger,

Happy Birthday to you !

Have a nice day

Thank you for your music, thank you for all my dreams..., thank you to exist

With love,



Only because of you




par BERGON le Mar 16 Mar 2010 - 12:37

A very happy birthday and that your heart is full of happiness like ours before, during and after your wonderful concerts.

Grateful :

Louis and Dominique




par chinagirl le Mar 16 Mar 2010 - 14:45

Dear Roger,

I wish you a very beautiful birthday. Have a nice day to share with all the persons you love.

I thought fondly of your mother because I remember my first birthday after my father's death. I missed him more, even if, of course, our parents remain forever in our heart.

Thank you so much, Roger, for all your songs which back me and so many people throughout the world for a long time.

"It's only because of you" if I joined this year for the first time of my life a fan club! I met a lot of very nice people and I hope that I 'll meet you one day, perhaps in september in Paris...

God bless you, Roger. Kindest regards.


par Marieke59 le Mar 16 Mar 2010 - 15:26

Dear roger,

I wish you a happy birthday, may you make us happy by your music as long as possible!

I also wish you the best in your life.

Thank you for your music and for the joy that you provide during your concerts.

See you soon in september to Paris, friendship Marie

par samourai57 le Ven 19 Mar 2010 - 15:33

Hi Roger,

Happy birthday to you. I am happy to see you again live very soon in GERMANY and in FRANCE. Your concerts are always great and unic moments. Thanks for all. Best wishes

Bernard (samourai57)

par babaji72 Hier à 18:12

thank you for your music, your wealth of heart and for respect that you of your public!love which is in your heart am passed on has traves your melodies. I am happy to see again to you during this new concert 2010 thank you for every Roger !!!

happy birthday roger!



par camille73 Hier à 21:18

Dear Roger.

Happy birthday for the nice singer of the world. Plenty, plenty, plenty of wonderful sings,of lover, of wonderful moments, of happiness, a wonderful year : the best.

Thank you so much to exite in my life, and in my hard since I am small girl, and thank you so much for all that you give us.

Big, Big, Big kises, I love you, Camille (the person for who you represente a tall part in her hard).



par Rosie Aujourd'hui à 7:46

Very happy birthday Roger.

Thank you for bringing me so much happiness with your songs.



par florencementon Aujourd'hui à 9:02

Flakes of memories, flakes of tenderness of your friendship.

A drunk flakes to your friend in time.

Nice muse, it has much chance Roger celebrate their years in poetry!

Thank you to share this moment with us.




par joel Aujourd'hui à 12:35

Happy birthday Roger!!god bless you .