by Katharina Hohenstein

"We Made Him Hungry"

Translated by Stephanie Litfin

This is a sensational news: the founder and vocal artist of the British band Supertramp will play his first Italian concert in 25 years at the Steinegg Live Festival. Klemens Riegler: "He likes these few crazy guys in the middle of the Alps."

The composer of Hits like "Breakfast In America," "Dreamer" and "Give A Little Bit" will give one of his very rare concerts on the 21st of October at the Steinegg Live Festival. All past concerts in Germany have been sold out. Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies sold more than 60 Million albums with their band Supertramp. They are one of the best known bands worldwide, who had their highlight between the 70īs and early 80īs, especially with the album "Breakfast In America." For the last three years, the promoters have been asking Hodgson to come to Steinegg, and now it has finally worked out even though the fee was way over their budget, the organizers and Hodgsonīs management were able to come to an agreement. "The crazy guys," who had to introduce themselves as well as South Tyrol, made the musician hungry to give a concert in that area. The passion of the promoters imposed upon Roger Hodgson, so that they were able to negotiate with him. Klemens Riegler is glad that the musician, who normally plays in bigger concert halls, likes the special atmosphere of the Steinegg Festival.