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Translation: Stephanie Litfin

 Pop star Hodgson acclaimed in Munich

Every pop star goes through three phases. At the beginning there is success, followed by a time of stagnancy, often accompanied by frustration being measured on former success. And finally there is a moment when an artist realizes that the biggest achievement is to write and interpret songs that will pass down generations. Roger Hodgson, formerly singer and mastermind of the once legendary successful band Supertramp, entered this third phase of his career. In the sold out Philharmonie Munich he starts with the suitable song “Take The Long Way Home” and takes over the audience within a minute. Solo, sometimes accompanied by a chameleon musician on harmonica, saxophone and piano, Hodgson presents his songs in a  competent, easygoing manner so they don´t need the bombastic sound of Supertramp-arrangements anymore. The fascinating simple combination of syncopated chords as well as rising and falling scales make every single song immediately remarkable. These are one of the oldest technologies since music exists, but also just very effective.

Standing ovations already at half time of the show, and at the end the applause is getting immeasurable. Hodgson takes advantage of the euphoria by presenting in between his classic hits some obscure songs, and just those get highly acclaimed. An overall triumph for Hodgson, who – visibly touched - pointed out that especially Munich was very important for his career. And this is true. Tonight he experienced in Munich a kind of rebirth. Lucky, who had the chance to be there. Zoran Gojic  

‘Münchner Merkur’, May 28, 2008