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Roger joined hands this week with Dan Allen, Public Affairs Director of the Canadian Red Cross, in making an appreciation video to honor the volunteers who showed up and helped where there was a need. Recognition events will be held in many cities across Canada through the next three months. These events are celebrations of humanitarian service where the Red Cross creates an opportunity to give volunteers certificates acknowledging their contributions.

The video may also be used at Red Cross regional annual general meetings for all Red Cross volunteers - not just those supporting tsunami relief; as well as used as one of the tools in presentations by their returning tsunami delegates to corporations that have made significant donations to the relief effort.

The Vision

The video starts with a map depicting the path of the tsunami, then shows the aftermath of the Tsunami and the grief of survivors.  Next it shows scenes of the Red Cross response gearing up and Canadian Red Cross workers departing from airports.

“Give a Little Bit” plays with images of volunteers and staff helping in Canada and countries affected by the tsunami along with clips of compelling stories of Canadians who helped raise money.  The video will include two or three shots of Roger performing “Give a Little Bit” and his recorded personal message and photo appearing at the end.

A note of thanks to Roger and his team from Dan Allen, Public Affairs Director, Canadian Red Cross, Western Canada www.redcross.ca:

Thanks so much again to you and to Roger for your remarkable generosity and responsiveness in helping us to recognize Canadians who have worked so hard to help tsunami victims. 

I'm sure our volunteers will be surprised and thrilled by the video — and the very personal touch of a message from Roger.

Your support has far surpassed what we ever would/could have imagined.  And we are very grateful!  


Here is Roger’s message to the Canadian Red Cross Volunteers in honor of all who have showed up to reach out a helping hand:

Hi, this is Roger Hodgson.

I was 17 when I wrote “Give a Little Bit” — and not much older when I first performed it as a member of Supertramp.

When I wrote the song, my belief was — and it still is, that giving a little bit of our love (to each other and the world) is one of our main purposes in life. One of the ways we can do this is by showing that we care — showing compassion, providing comfort, giving some of our life and our time to others.

The years that have passed have only strengthened my appreciation for people who give of themselves to help others ... people like you. People who look up, not down; forward, not back; people who reach out and lend a hand.

You are the Canadian Red Cross… and, I tell you, you make a world of difference!

I really wanted to take a moment to personally thank you and honor all of you at these celebrations of humanitarian service.

From my heart, I Thank you!

[Hear Roger’s message]

Another email from Public Affairs Director Dan Allen, Canadian Red Cross:

The President of the Canadian Red Cross just completed a teleconference call to staff and volunteers across the country, to offer his personal thanks for their effort in the tsunami response in the past two months.

In some locations, including the national office here in Ottawa, the video was then played for attendees ... and they absolutely loved it!

They were particularly impressed with Roger's personal message. It really did make the piece something special.

I must tell you, there was a whole lotta toe-tapping, too, particularly among those of my age group (50)!

The regional volunteer events video was designed for events that will be taking place over the next few months. I'll drop you a line now and then to give you some feedback on how they are received.

Thanks again to Roger for making this a much more powerful piece than we had ever anticipated! And please let us know if you will be up our way this summer!


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