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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Reviews from Panama City, Panama ~ May 18, 2010 

Panama City, Panama

May 18th, 2010

I am Panamanian and hear your music taste is very nice. I know the vast majority of songs you've made with Supertramp, are songs that bring happiness and positive energy. I'm glad you come to give a concert tomorrow with your band at the famous Teatro Anayansi, Panama City. You're a talented artist, profile and communicate with the public.  Greetings, see you tomorrow.

Soy panameño y escucho tu música con gusto, es muy bonita. Conozco la gran mayoría de las canciones que has realizado con Supertramp, son canciones que traen felicidad y energía positiva. Me alegro que vengas a dar un concierto mañana con tu banda en el famoso Teatro Anayansi, Ciudad de Panamá. Eres un artista talentoso, destacado y sabes comunicar con el público.   Saludos, hasta mañana!!!        ~Antonio Rojas


Last night in Panama City was awesome, so ...

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Roger Hodgson 05/18/2010 Blog 

Roger's 2010 World Tour Blog Continues... (PDF format)

We are so very excited to share with you Roger's 2010 World Tour Blog and newsletter.  We have inserted a thumbnail copy of the blog newsletter here (below), but to get the most from all it’s interactive features, please click on the link that will open a new window so you can access all the active links and experience Roger’s shows in Latin America as if you were there. Enjoy the many stories, news items and links to video clips of Roger’s live performances on tour, amazing fan reviews, and the social networking sites of friends and fans wanting to share their heartfelt experiences of Roger’s tour and how his songs have touched their lives.  Enjoy! We look forward to seeing you soon at a show, or through an online connection!

PS ...

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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Set List ~ Belo Horizonte, Brazil ~ May 15, 2010 

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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Reviews from Belo Horizonte, Brazil - May 15, 2010 

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

May 15th, 2010


Hey Roger! Today, May 15 2010, I'm attending your concert in Belo Horizonte. I hope you do fine! I'd like to say that I know mostly all your Supertramp stuff on the set list and a few solo songs. I beg to you to play "Give Me Love, Give Me Like", a very impressive and beautiful song of yours.  ~Lucas Rocha


Hi Roger, Welcome to Belo Horizonte! Today is a special day. The day that we will see our great idol play the songs we hear in our adolescence, then, since 1991, we formed the band Cia Supertramp. Once a month we meet to play, to find others fans and keep the beautiful songs live in our hearts.  Cia Supertramp wishes you every success and hopes to have the opportunity to meet with you to personally to ...

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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Reviews from Sao Paulo, Brazil - May 14, 2010 

Sao Paulo, Brazil 

May 14th, 2010


Hi, Roger! I went with my husband and friends to the concert in São Paulo / Brazil yesterday (may/14) and once again you touched me very much, the concert was amazing and your voice as always beautiful, powerful and incomparable. I love the lyrics you write, the melodies, I love your playing and your voice is simply magical and unique. Your energy as always wonderful, opening your heart and giving us your sweet smile. I was blessed to be able to meet him backstage and was one of the most incredible moments of my life; I stand before my idol and hug him. You, Linda and Shakti were very nice and quiet and so sweet that managed to leave me quiet well. I wish all the best to you. Please come back soon, will be very welcome. Much peace, love ...

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