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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Backstage Pass from Rama, Ontario, Canada ~ November 14, 2014 

Tonight as the audience was leaving, I overheard a gentleman say that he had not seen Roger on electric guitar since he was with Supertramp over 30 years ago and that he really rocked the house tonight.  

When Roger asked the audience how many are coming back for tomorrow night's show, a great number of people clapped and cheered.  


CASINO RAMA 1 Set List 11/14/14

Take the Long Way Home
Lovers in the Wind
Breakfast in America
Hide in Your Shell
Know Who You Are
A Soapbox Opera
The Logical Song
Puppet Dance
Had a Dream
Lord Is It Mine
Death and a Zoo
If Everyone Was Listening
Child of Vision
The Awakening

( With Choir )
Only Because of You
Fool's Overture

( Encores )
Two of Us
Give a Little Bit

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Saturday, November 8, 2014


Backstage Pass from Ridgefield, CT ~ November 8, 2014 

As Roger said the other night - no two shows are alike. Well, tonight was no exception. We got off to a great start here in Ridgefield, Connecticut and then had a few technical difficulties, which gave Roger a chance to banter with his band and get to know some in the audience a bit. He called an early intermission, the technicians changed out the keyboard and then Roger and his band strode back on stage and played song after song after song, igniting the audience and rocking out with Had a Dream!  

Time to shower and hop of the bus to our next location. See you tomorrow in Bethlehem, PA.

Cheers, Linda

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Saturday, November 8, 2014


Backstage Pass from Niagara Falls, NY ~ November 7, 2014 

What a show tonight! A whole spectrum of emotions, including laughter, smiles, and tears were felt tonight by the audience at Roger’s sold out show in Niagara Falls at Seneca Casinos. I was amazed at the vast differences in ages of those in attendance. Parents with children as young as four-years-old were sitting next to couples in their 70s. Roger definitely attracts multiple generations of fans to his shows. One mother standing near the stage toward the end of the concert even had her very young daughter on her shoulders and Roger could not help but reach out and touch the child’s cheek.  

When Roger took the stage, there was a roar of applause. From the first note, people were already standing. People sang along word for word to many songs and memories were resurrected. Fans had been waiting many months for this night, and the wait was finally over. It was ...

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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Backstage Pass from Wabash, IN ~ November 4, 2014 

Great start to a great US run. Such a warm welcoming audience in WABASH tonight on this cold rainy day. People converged from many states to cheer Roger and his band on. My favorite part of the show tonight was when they came back from intermission and Roger strolled out on stage with his Electric Guitar! As I looked around the audience I saw people dancing in the aisles with many on their feet by the end of the song. It was heartwarming to hear so many people from the audience inviting Roger to come back soon.

Tomorrow we’re off to Detroit. Hope to see many of you in the US and Canada this month…..

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Sunday, October 26, 2014


Backstage Pass from Belo Horizonte ~ October 25, 2014 

Roger returned to Belo Horizonte today for his last show on his 2014 tour of Brazil. The concert took place outdoors at Parque das Mangabeiras, a beautiful park with many exotic animals running wild throughout the surrounding natural grounds. Set up on a vista overlooking the city, we could not have asked for a more beautiful venue to end our time here in Brazil. 

Just before the show started, a light mist began to fall and it added a magical aura around the stage. I knew it was going to be a great show when the standing audience of over 5000 began chanting in tribute to Roger as soon as he walked out on stage and before he even began to sing. Each and every song had people smiling, laughing, crying, singing along, and dancing. We want to thank the people of Brazil for their very warm welcomes at each city ...

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