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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Backstage Pass from Geneva, Switzerland ~ January 28, 2015 

What an intimate evening here in Geneva at the Théâtre du Léman. The vibration was relaxed and happy all night long. A lot of clapping and singing and even some dancing in the aisles. Roger enjoyed the crowd tonight as much as they enjoyed him. The whole theatre was on their feet for Dreamer and were singing along, word for word. What a fun show. 

The théâtre has amazing acoustics. Roger filled the room with the most beautiful music, joy, laughter, and love. The venue director has already invited Roger to come back for two shows next time, as this one sold out very quickly and many more people wanted to come.  

We are bundling up with our winter jackets, scarfs, and gloves, as we are heading to St. Moritz tomorrow! You’re all welcome to join us at Badrutt's Palace Hotel on Friday for an up close and personal duo show!  

Linda and Shakti

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Monday, January 26, 2015



What a beautiful show we had tonight in Switzerland at Volkshaus Zürich. Roger very rarely gets ill but early today he started developing flu symptoms. At soundcheck this afternoon he did not have a voice but he knew it was a sold out show and that many people would soon be arriving who were looking forward to seeing him. He set his intention to perform tonight and he prayed - we all prayed. Roger drank ginger, honey, lemon, and anything he could think of to help his voice come back so he could sing for those who came to see him.  

Roger gave his whole heart and energy to sing for the people. Many had travelled from all directions to be here tonight. When Roger asked his audience how many were from Zurich, no more than 20% raised their hand. Roger pulled on everything in him to give people a great ...

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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Backstage Pass from Brussels, Belgium ~ January 25, 2015 

WOW – it’s great to be back on the road and playing here in Brussels to a sold out house.  As I walked through the crowd I saw so many familiar faces from around the globe – from Brussels and Holland to the US, Canada, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and a large group from the French Fan Club.  We don’t normally tour in January – however we may rethink that because of the wonderful reception with sold out shows from Belgium to Switzerland and Germany.  

One of my favorite parts of the show is people writing in to Roger’s Facebook and Guestbook from all over sharing their stories and gratitude with Roger for how he has helped their lives with his music and talking about their favorite songs.  Tonight Roger dedicated Dreamer to Anna, who was celebrating her 7th birthday and the audience sang Happy Birthday to ...

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Sunday, November 16, 2014



Rama, Nov 14 2014 Excellence in the top of a live show. Translate with Google - Original in Spanish below.

Really superb !!, I was able to enjoy several live shows Roger, but this really has me excited !! that experience has been really special to hear his great compositions, along with his band and the wonderful Symphony Orchestra, which has lifted every note of these songs, reaching the sublime.

Undoubtedly, the excellence of a live concert, it has been able to be here tonight; I feel privileged to be able to travel from Spain to attend the last two shows of Roger's World Tour 2014. I have only words of thanks to Roger, to follow there showing you the best of him in his prime; and the rest of the team for all their care.

The notes of different instruments, accompanying the melodies and chords, have made today and tomorrow are for me ...

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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Backstage Pass from Rama, Ontario, Canada ~ November 15, 2014 

Tonight here in Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario, Canada is a night to celebrate!  It’s the celebration of our second show here this weekend with Roger’s band, an orchestra, and choir.  It’s the celebration of our 12th year year here at this wonderful venue.  It’s the celebration of the end of our 2014 touring year. It’s the celebration of friends gathering together from all over the world… 

Overall, it was an electrifying performance - not only because of the orchestra and choir, but Roger playing his electric guitar rocked the house!  This was contrasted later in the show when Roger mesmerized the audience while standing totally alone with his guitar on stage singing a song written while out in nature – Even in the Quietest Moments.  

Only Because of You with the orchestra and choir was phenomenal and when Rique Franks sings her solo, it’s almost an angelic experience. Babaji with ...

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