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Friday, July 3, 2015


Backstage Pass from Murten, Switzerland ~ July 3, 2015 

What a beautiful setting here at Stars of Sounds in Murten, Switzerland. As the sun went down over the Festival grounds and the adjacent Lake Murten, the crowds flocked to the stage and the boats lined up on the lake to see the show. This is the fifth year of the Festival and many of the area residents get involved in some capacity. Itís a wonderful spirit of community with everyone coming together to put on this family event.

According to one Festival staff member, the sponsors and volunteers were equally excited as the fans about seeing Roger tonight. Roger and his band gave a fantastic show and the sounds rang out over the beautiful surroundings. It was the perfect ending for our fun day in the sun and our swim in the lake - such a contrast to our show in Norway last week where we had to wear scarves and ...

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Backstage Pass from Paris, France ~ July 1, 2015 

It doesnít get much better than this. Magical was the word I heard most from the audience about this concert. And it truly was. Roger had the audience spellbound through the whole show. It was also another glorious reunion at the Paris Olympia. The fans from the French Fan Club were in the front row and other fans from all over Europe came as well for tonightís sold out show. The energy from the full audience built to such a crescendo of applause and joy by the end that it felt like it must be bursting out through the ceiling of the Olympia to spread through all of Paris and beyond. 

Near the end Roger asked everyone if they liked the sound - they did. He then said "Itís the 12th anniversary of my sound engineer Howard Heckers.Ē Many commented on the beautiful lights, too. We certainly are already looking forward ...

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Backstage Pass from Nantes, France ~ June 30, 2015 

We just left Nantes where Roger performed tonight and weíre on the bus to Paris. The show was fantastic. Many standing ovations and such a beautiful connection between Roger and the audience. Roger not only played most of his biggest hits but also fan favorites such as Donít Leave Me Now and A Soapbox Opera. He also played four songs from Open the Door, his last studio album which he recorded in Nantes - Along Came Mary, Death and a Zoo, Love is a Thousand Times, and Say Goodbye. Another special surprise tonight was a performance of Rogerís beautiful unrecorded song, The Awakening. 

La Cite, Le Centre des Congres de Nantes is a lovely venue by the river here in one of Rogerís favorite cities. The sound was great and the lights were beautiful. All in all a magical evening, capped with a fond farewell from the fans waiting outside to see ...

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Friday, June 26, 2015


Backstage Pass from Steinkjer, Norway ~ June 26, 2015 

Tonight we are in Norway and what a crowd we had for Rogerís show at Steinkjerfestivalen. This was a big celebration weekend for the 10th Anniversary of the festival. The director, Svein BjÝrge, asked for Roger to return for this special weekend, as many fans has been asking for Roger since he first performed here in 2007. It is so wonderful to see the whole community coming together for this event. There are over 500 local volunteers who assist with driving, catering, etc. Such a warm family atmosphere all around. 

It is interesting to note that when we arrived in Norway last night, it was very late although youíd never know it by looking outside. Even at 2:00AM it was still light! Also, although we are now at the end of June, it certainly does not feel like summer time here. They often say there are two seasons in this country - winter ...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Backstage Pass from Munich, Germany ~ June 24, 2015 

Tonight, Rogerís show on this beautiful summer evening was the opening performance of the Tollwood Festival here in Munich. This fourth show of our summer tour was a burst of emotion from the audience. Although it was a seated show, as soon as Roger took the stage, the full house was on their feet and stood in front of the stage. Many even rushed toward the stage and stood in front for the whole show. So very many people were happy to have Roger back at Tollwood for the third time in recent years. We saw not only the audience members but also the festival staff singing along word for word and dancing in the aisles. 

Roger was in great spirits, joking with his audience. He performed Love is a Thousand Times, from his Open the Door album, which is not often played and many in the audience stood the whole ...

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