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Sunday, May 26, 2013


London, England ~ May 25, 2013 ~ Reflection by Toni, Jim, Marie, and Tony 

From the get-go we knew the normally very posh and reserved Royal Albert Hall was going to see a show and an audience unlike any others.  Roger walked out on stage and immediately gave everyone permission to laugh, cry, sing, and hug our neighbors if we so desired (even if we didn't know them).  And that's exactly what happened.  'Keep Calm & Carry On' was not the English way last night.

Roger shared his stories with us, telling us how music would just flow from his heart, and he had no idea that the feelings within him could form songs that would go out and touch the lives of so many people.  The audience hangs on every word.  He is a joy to listen to whether he's singing or talking to us.  He shares what is in his heart and soul.

Roger and the band were spot on perfection with their performance, ...

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Saturday, May 25, 2013


London, England ~ May 25, 2013 

php/Albert Hall 5-25-13 copy FB.jpg

What a show tonight Royal Albert Hall in London! The audience at the sold out show was on their feet and shouting for more! Still time to join Roger and his band on the UK Breakfast in America Tour! Next stop, Birmingham! We hope to see you there!   See all details on the Tour page here on the site and on Events at

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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Buckingham, England ~ May 24, 2013 ~ Reflection by Marie and Tony Coyne 

The young people at Stowe School got to experience "real” music tonight and loved every minute of it! From the first moment Roger walked on stage they were on their feet and screaming for more. Much to the surprise of their parents! It was a fantastic multi-generational adventure! Almost everyone in the house was on their feet cheering, dancing and singing the words to every song and then screaming for more. The place was rocking! 

The hit of the night was Breakfast in America. That song connected so much with the crowd, Roger sang it twice!!!!  The audience at Stowe were in fine voice. You couldn’t hear Roger sing on some of his songs; he was drowned out by the crowd. People of all generations rushed the stage…they were chanting Roger, Roger, Roger…

One young girl was up on the shoulders of a friend, so into the music. Then, all of a ...

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Friday, May 24, 2013


Backstage Pass ~ Buckingham, England ~ May 24, 2013 

php/RH Stowe Flyer copy.jpg

Backstage Pass ~ Buckingham, England ~ May 24, 2013

Tonight Roger returned to Stowe School in Buckingham, England, where he was a student and gave his first concert of all original songs at age 13.  Stowe rocked with the return of Roger for the 90th anniversary celebration of the school.  The show sold out earlier in the week and the demand for tickets was so great that more seats had to be added to accommodate the overflowing audience.  

Mother Nature decided to give us all kinds of weather today.  Rain, blustery winds, hail, cold that during sound check we had to have heaters brought in.   One hour before the show, the clouds gave way and the sun was shining beautifully.  As night fell, we were greeted with a brilliant full moon shining on the pond.   

Right at show time, the Headmaster came out on stage with Sarah, Duchess of ...

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Backstage Pass ~ Saint Amand, France ~ May 21, 2013 

Tonight was our last show in France before we head to England for the start of our UK tour. It was so nice to look out at the audience here in Saint Amand and see familiar faces that we saw in Brussels and Paris. Many fans tonight told us that it was so special for them to see Roger and his band perform "The Meaning." 

For those who were not able to get tickets for Roger's recent sold out shows, he will be returning to France for the following dates (with one show in Monaco):

Toulouse - July 2 - Casino Théâtre Barrière

Monte Carlo - July 26 - Salle Des Etoiles

Trélazé - September 1 - Festival Estival

For details and ticket links, visit - 

Another great show!

Enjoy this video of "The Meaning" from Roger's channel.  Leave a comment on the video and "like" it while there!  -

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