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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Backstage Pass ~ Montreal, QC, Canada ~ October 18, 2013 

MONTREAL!!! Another packed house to the brim - not one empty seat at Place des Arts! Roger was in good humor and so was the audience. Gorgeous lights and fantastic sound. The hit song of the night, as many nights on Roger’s Breakfast in America Tour, was Death and a Zoo from Roger’s 2000 European release, Open the Door. This song has an epic feel – like Fool’s Overture. It stirs the emotions as Roger poses the question – if you were an animal, would you rather choose death or a life in a cage?

There were several standing ovations, and as with last night, it was quite clear that the love affair between Roger and the people of Quebec is mutual. At the end of the set, a familiar chant broke out when Roger left the stage. After a few minutes of thunderous applause, Roger came back and played It's Raining Again ...

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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Backstage Pass ~ Montreal, QC, Canada ~ October 17, 2013 

What a night – Montreal has not lost any of their love for Roger. Terry DiMonte – early morning host from CHOM Radio, introduced him tonight and the whole room rose to their feet as Roger and his band took the stage. It was an emotional night - Roger and his band were in fine form and did not miss a beat. 

One of the highlights was the magical moment when Roger stood solo on stage and performed Even in the Quietest Moments (one of my personal favorites). What this video of Roger performing this favorite of many at a show in Switzerland -

There were many standing ovations throughout the evening as the love affair between Roger and Montreal was reignited. 

One person who has been to all of his shows in Montreal said that this was the best one ever – a comment we often hear. Many plan to return tomorrow ...
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Monday, September 9, 2013



php/Sogel Linda Blog.jpg

Breakfast in Sögel
To be honest from the start: I am addicted to Roger Hodgsons music. Again! After not having visited a concert for more than one year! The symptoms are always the same: smiling all over the face at least for one week, not falling asleep without having this wonderful music in my head, dreaming the dream dreamers dream of Dreamer, looking for more RH concerts in the web, ignoring the fact that Sögel was the last concert in Germany for this year and hoping that RH will return next year with concerts in many little but beautiful venues like this one in Sögel.
But what happened? Nothing special! Just a concert like many concerts of RH. Nothing special? Every RH concert is something very special! I never joined (comes from joy!?) a concert that could be really compared to another. Every time RH concerts seem to be completely different even ...

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Monday, September 2, 2013



php/Trelaze copy.jpg

Some members of the loyal French Fan Club came early to gather together and attend sound check in the park here in Angers. This festival is put on by the town with many of the businesses sponsoring the event. In total, they've had 16 free shows during the festival this summer, with some drawing up to 10,000 people. 

Roger and his band close the series tonight and there will be a spectacular fireworks display to follow. Today is the last day of summer break in France with school starting tomorrow! Hope to see many of you here!

Photo by Linda Tyler

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Monday, July 15, 2013


Glasgow, Scotland ~ May 30, 2013 ~ Reflection by Fraser MacDonald 

I've been to many music concerts; some are fun, some are flat, but none have been as moving as Roger Hodgson's 30 May concert in Glasgow. As the legendary voice of Supertramp, one could be forgiven for expecting a punchy concert of the hits and a few solo songs - but this was not all that happened. Yes, Roger played the huge hits he penned as a young man as well as his solo numbers, but his delivery ensured this wasn't a typical 'greatest hits' concert. 

Sung with such passion and love, hits like Give A Little Bit, The Logical Song, Dreamer, It's Raining Again and  Breakfast in America were brought to new life, sounding as I have never heard them before without losing their original character. Each was outstanding, but Roger's true musical genius came through to me during the somewhat lesser known numbers. Lord, Is It Mine?, Hide In ...

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