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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Backstage Pass from Chandler, Arizona ~ April 25, 2014 

Our tour started tonight in Chandler, AZ at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino. On our arrival, we had a very nice dinner celebrating three birthdays in the group - all on April 24 - Shakti, Kevin, and myself. It was so nice to have everyone together again. When we arrived for soundcheck, we were welcomed back by the promoter who told us Roger is his favorite artist. Roger was pleased to sign two guitars that were auctioned off with the proceeds going to the inner city kids music program and the excitement before the show could be felt all around. 

The sold-out crowd warmly greeted Roger with a standing ovation as soon as he walked out on stage. We could not have asked for a better audience for the first show of the tour in such an intimate venue. Each and every song had people watching intently or dancing in ...

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Sunday, November 10, 2013


Backstage Pass from Monterrey, Mexico ~ November 10, 2013 

php/RH Waving.jpg

What a grand finale we had tonight in Monterrey, Mexico at Arena Monterrey for the last show of Roger's 2013 worldwide Breakfast in America Tour! Over 5000 people came tonight to help us celebrate and what a night it was! 

We are grateful for all across the globe who came to the shows this year and helped make them so special. So many have been touched by Roger's music. It's time to say "Adios Amigos" from Mexico until we see each other again! 


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Friday, November 8, 2013


Backstage Pass from Guadalajara, Mexico ~ November 8, 2013 

php/Guadalajara Copy FB.tiff

Viva México!!!! Los Quiero!!!!

Roger and his band and crew have all fallen in love with the people here, on our first tour of Mexico. Tonight we played in Guadalajara at the Auditorio TELMEX, our second show in this great country. When the show ended, a familiar chant erupted throughout the venue until Roger and his band returned to the stage for their encore of Give a Little Bit followed by It's Raining Again! 

Tonight we saw many familiar faces that we also saw at the show on Wednesday in Mexico City. There were fans in the audience tonight from across Mexico, the US, South America, and even a few from Europe! We heard the ladies from Guadalajara are some of the most beautiful in the country and they surely are. Plus, we found out that "Mariachi" music, which is the most typical and folkloric kind of Mexican music, was born in Guadalajara! This ...

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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Rama, Ontario, Canada ~ November 1, 2013 ~ Reflection by Linda Gianotti 

There truly is something spiritual about seeing Roger Hodgson performing with an orchestra and choir. Watching this master poet playing his songs with the accompaniment of a full orchestra, choir, and his band is like being immersed in the most beautiful of experiences. The strings, horns, percussion, and all of the other instruments flowed with Rogerís angelic voice as if they were one. The choir was stunning and Rogerís band Ė Kevin, Bryan, Aaron, and David were phenomenal.

At the beginning of the show, Roger told his audience that there would be some surprises. Indeed there were. Roger performed his beauty, Cíest le Bon, and dedicated it to a fan who had requested it. Other wonderful surprises were Death and a Zoo and Babaji. Even in the Quietest Moments had this writer in tears and Foolís Overture was breathtaking. 

Roger explains that his songs were written based on what was going on ...

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Backstage Pass from Moncton, NB, Canada - October 30, 2013 

Wow is all I can say! Tonight Roger returned to Casino New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick to a sold out house. We saw many familiar faces and were happy to see many new ones, too! As the house was filling up, I talked to many who have seen him perform before and they were so looking forward to seeing him again tonight. We had a very warm, enthusiastic audience who gave Roger several standing ovations throughout the concert. 

Several venue staff members told us that they remembered that Roger was their first artist to perform in the brand new venue in July 2010 and although 200 other artists have come and gone, he is still their favorite! The casino is already making plans for his return next year!


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