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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Madrid, Spain ~ July 29, 2010 ~ Jose 

English Translation Below

Desde que le vi por última vez he podido comprobar que su voz está como nunca y que las canciones ahora suenan mejor en directo gracias sobre todo a la aportación de Aaron. Se ha convertido en un multiinstrumentista como el propio Roger, y además de los instrumentos de viento, ahora toca teclados, percusión y hace coros. Ahora ya pueden tocar canciones complicadas como Fool's Overture o Soapbox Opera.

Esa noche ocurrió una anécdota muy divertida, cuando Roger estaba tocando Lovers in the Wind, se levantó un repentino viento que casi desbarata el escenario. Roger dio buenas muestras del humor inglés en sus comentarios sobre el viento, aunque a los roadies les trajo de cabeza.

El repertorio fue el que suele tocar habitualmente, pero a Roger siempre le gusta incluir alguna sorpresa. Esta vez tocó Know Who You Are, que dedicó especialmente al público de Madrid, y Say Goodbye, una ...

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ May 11, 2010 ~ Walter Alarcon 


Review of the ROGER HODGSON show at the Gran Rex in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on May 11th 2010


English translation by HELENA CHAVARRIA  



Although it is rather late, I would like to share the review I wrote about the performance Roger Hodgson gave in Buenos Aires last May, with the forum.
I am sure that many of those who attended the concert in Madrid felt as moved as we felt in Buenos Aires. I published this text in my blog, a few weeks after the performance.

Fifteen months after his first presentation in Corrientes Street, Roger Hodgson returned to the Gran Rex and offered us what can undoubtedly be considered to be his best concert in Argentina.
Counting this ...

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Monday, August 9, 2010


Schaffhausen, Switzerland ~ August 5, 2010 ~ Elke Beckett 

Take the Long Way Home

Give a Little Bit

Hide in Your Shell

Lovers in the Wind

Easy Does It / Sister Moonshine

Breakfast in America

Only Because of You / Lord is it Mine

The Logical Song

Know Who You Are

Child of Vision

Say Goodbye

Don't Leave Me Now


Fool's Overture




It's Raining Again

Give a Little Bit



Roger was the main act of the opening night for the first ever Schaffhausen festival. This small town in Switzerland has set up a wonderful event. Everyone felt welcomed and comfortable. The venue, a square in the town-centre was full - 3.600 people but it just felt like celebrating the music with some friends.


There were two acts on before Roger and they were really great ...

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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Madrid and Barcelona, Spain ~ July 29 and August 2 ~ Ana Lopez and Vidal Cancho 


"Lovers in the wind and it’s raining again in the eye of the storm”

These last days have been full of emotions. Days of reunion with friends and the opportunity to personally meet other friends at last!, face to face. But above all, have been days to share with Roger and his team, to make us feel that we are part of that team, we felt like one else. THANKS from the bottom of our hearts.

The concert in Madrid, began for Vidal and me, the day before, with a warm meeting with  Linda Tyler and Linda Gianotti in their  hotel, where we gave them a big basket of fresh fruit, on behalf of our Spanish Fan Club.

And  came the big day. And of course it was a great day!!! We had the privilege to enjoy everything:  before, during and  after the ...

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Monday, August 2, 2010


Barcelona, Spain ~ August 2, 2010 ~ Linda Gianotti 

Oh, what a venue.   Set between a centuries old monastery on one side of the stage and the beautiful waters off the coast of Spain on the other, I was eagerly awaiting Roger’s concert that was to come tonight.   However, Mother Nature had other plans.  Earlier in the day there had been a brief shower but the skies quickly cleared.    Weather at sound check was fine and then shortly before show time, the clouds started getting darker.   There was not a drop of rain falling so I was wishfully thinking that all would be fine.   Literally ten minutes before show time, the clouds opened.   It wasn’t just a downpour; lightening was all around too.  

But people did not leave.  Everyone took cover but a little downpour and lightening were not going to keep people from seeing Roger.   Rain ponchos were distributed and we were all hoping for the ...

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