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JULY 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ~ July 6, 2010 ~ Linda Gianotti 


July 6, 2010


This amazing day started in the early afternoon with my being able to watch Roger and the band perform their sound check.  What a wonderful experience that was.  Almost like my own private concert.   It is so very interesting to be able to witness the "behind the scenesĒ preparations that go into each and every concert.    Roger and each member of the band, Aaron, Bryan, Ian, and Kevin,  wanted to make there that everything was perfect for the audience that would be arriving in a few hours for the sold out show.

Roger was the first scheduled artist to perform at the brand new $100 million dollar Moncton Casino and Resort in New Brunswick, Canada.   What better way to christen a venue than a performance by Roger Hodgson.  The grand opening of the casino hotel was literally on the day we ...

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Guestbook Fan Comments for Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ~ July 6, 2010 

Moncton, New Brunswick

July 6, 2010


You are incredible ......hats off to you with your most beautiful melodies, lyrics and songs.... and you have a natural voice of an angel. CHEERS!!!!             ~B.Strange


A thousand thank youís for your concert this evening in Moncton. Your voice has not changed over the many years I have listened to your music. You brought me back to a wonderful time when I was just a teenager. You offered to come back, please do as I am sure you will fill the concert venue once more. You are a wonderful artist and human being.              ~Eric


We heard you in Moncton tonight and Roger; you brought tears to my eyes. I remember all the songs, and you brought happy memories flooding back! What a phenomenal concert! Please come back again as you said you would. We ...

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ~ July 6, 2010 ~ Set List 


July 6, 2010

 Take the Long Way Home

Give a Little Bit

Lovers in the Wind

Hide in your Shell

Easy Does It

Sister Moonshine

A Soapbox Opera

Breakfast in America

Along Came Mary

The Logical Song

Only Because of You/ Lord is it Mine

Child of Vision

The Awakening

Don't Leave Me Now


Foolís Overture



Itís Raining Again

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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Guestbook Fan Comments for Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada ~ July 4, 2010 

Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada

July 4, 2010

Tonight, I will be the lucky one...I'll be at the Roger's show, right here in my hometown, Shawinigan Quebec. I'm 52, and I grown up with Supertramp and Roger since my youth.  During the last 10 years, I have seen Rogerís shows many times and he still fabulous. He is a great singer and like he said....he's better than ever. I agree with that and hope and wish Roger will do concert for many years to come.  Sometime, few drops come out my eyes, because his songs remind me some very good memories.  See you tonight Roger....let's blow the scene. God bless you and your family..     ~Robert


Thanks for the great show tonight in Shawinigan , it was wonderful!  All was there, temperature, people and your great music!  Merci beaucoup pour cette belle soirée! Thank you very much for ...

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada ~ July 4, 2010 ~ Linda Gianotti 

Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada

July 4, 2010


Roger was the headlining act for the Festival d'été de 20th Anniversary and performed on the last night.   The festival was held in the beautiful city of Shawinigan, a city of 50,000 people in Quebec.  Every single person we encountered was so warm and friendly.  Lovely city and lovely people. 


With the show being outdoors, I was a bit worried about the weather as grey clouds started rolling in mid-morning.   Sprinkles were felt here and there and while Roger was doing sound check, the sprinkles became a light rain.   Just as the light rain started, it was as if the clouds parted and there was a clear blue sky and radiant sunshine over the festival grounds.  


Shortly before the show, I had a chance to visit with Johanne Francoeur, Director of the ...

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