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JUNE 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Backstage Pass from Terceira, Azores ~ June 28, 2014 

Thousands of people in Terceira filled the cobblestoned streets on their way to the venue to see Roger's show tonight. For over 30 years, the Sanjoaninas Festival has been bringing international talent to the Azores. Roger and his band were the grand finale for the last night of this year's festival. 

There were technical issues with several power outages at the beginning of the show. All was fine at sound check earlier in the day, but by the end of the first song of the show, Roger's keyboard went out and the mics started going silent one by one. 

Hats off to the fantastic audience of over 10,000 who did not budge an inch! They waited patiently for the show to go on. After a reset by the technical crew, Roger and his band regained the stage and rocked out along with the people who came to the party. A wonderful night was had ...

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Backstage Pass from Blainville Crevon, France ~ June 25, 2014 

Roger spent the day at the ruins in the heart of Normandy. The Archéo Jazz Festival is set in the small town of Blainville Crevon. It was so peaceful to drive from our hotel through the French countryside. 

When we arrived at the festival we were met by Jerome, the festival founder, who told us that this event has been ongoing for 37 years. The atmosphere here is magical. The entire festival is completely run by volunteers - itís truly a community and family event. 

Roger spent time sitting in the ruins, speaking with 30 students from three local music schools and their parents. He answered questions, strummed and signed a student's guitar, and sang a little bit. 

The audience here loves to listen to good music. They appreciated Roger singing his songs to them that they have passed down through the generations and as the grand finale, they awarded him with a ...

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Belgium welcomes Roger and his band for the first show this year. Roger and Aaron performed here at Le Forum two years ago with their duo show and this time have returned with the whole band. Roger pulled out some gems for the sold out audience here tonight as he followed his opening song, Take the Long Way Home with The Meaning - a fan favorite with a stunning melody. 

He also performed Along Came Mary Ė which is often requested, another song from his last studio album, Open the Door. 

And the grand encore Ė Roger had been watching a woman having a blast during the whole show, so he pulled her on stage to join him and dance and clap as the entire audience stood up and sang along to Give a Little Bit. 

Tonight we head off on the bus to France Ė see you at the Archeo Jazz Festival ...

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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Backstage Pass from Oslo, Norway ~ June 19, 2014 

This is the fourth year of the OverOslo festival in Norway Ė one of the most beautiful open air festivals we have played.   Set in the woods overlooking the city of Oslo helps create the magic atmosphere that we all feel.  It rained off and on all day (which is why itís so lush and green here), but the sun came out when Roger took the stage.  Itís so bizarre to be almost 11 pm at night and have it still be light out.

The festival is run literally by 4000 volunteers from every walk of life.  Yet for the four days during the festival, they show up to do whatever is needed from driving to cooking to setting up the stage.  To me itís the people behind the festival that make the festival.

One of the founders, Lars, has been wanting Roger to play at his festival since the beginning. ...

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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Backstage Pass from Andorra ~ June 7, 2014 

Andorra! Andorra! Andorra!

After driving many hours through the breathtaking pyrenees mountains we arrived in the unique country of Andorra. Roger and Aaron last performed duo here in 2008 and this time the whole band joined them and literally blew the roof off. The crowd was incredible and the vibe of the rooftop outside the Consulate Generalís office was awesome and reminiscent of the Beatles performing on top of Abbey Road. The stage was literally built on top of the building, which was sure a surprise to us when we arrived for sound check.

The great spirited sold out audience was in full voice. They sang along on all the songs, even ones that are not played often on the radio. The show started at 11:30PM and the band was energetic and vibrant. No matter where you stood in the venue, you could hear and feel the richness in Rogerís voice - ...

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