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MARCH 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Backstage Pass from Brisbane, AU 

php/2013-03-30 copy.jpeg

The theatre in Brisbane tonight was a standing bar type venue with a balcony overlooking the audience and stage.  The vibe was high from the beginning.  The crowd was already cheering before Roger came out on stage and they proceeded to sing along from the very first song and kept singing all night long.


Roger opened his second set with Child of Vision and it was definitely one of the highlights of the evening.  When the song ended, everyone erupted into their local soccer chant – "ollie ollie, oi oi oi” and later chanted "Roger, Roger, Roger "– the audience definitely found their voice tonight.


It is really cool playing in different flavors of venues all over the world.  I personally loved the energy of this standing venue.  People really enjoyed dancing and moving during the concert.  Tomorrow Roger and his band will be performing at the Bluesfest in Byron Bay – one of the most ...

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Friday, March 29, 2013


Melbourne, AU ~ March 28, 2013 ~ Reflection by Mike Sweet 

Roger Hodgson delights Melbourne

March 29, 2013

Touring down under – The Roger Hodgson Band. Photo: Brian Tierney

Australian tour opener finds Supertramp co-founder in fine voice and with a band to match

Review by Mike Sweet

The elegant Palais Theatre in Melbourne’s St Kilda district sits next to Luna Park, the city’s iconic funfair – and if the tunnel of love was doing good business next door, another opened in the art deco theatre last night – as nearly 2000 fans welcomed Roger Hodgson back to Australia.

Two years after his last visit Hodgson is back, accompanied not just by the amazing multiskilled instrumentalist Aaron Macdonald, but band members Bryan Head (drums), Kevin Adamson (keyboards) and David J Carpenter (bass).

And this tight-knit combo delivers in spades. The set-opener Take the Long Way Home set the tone for the evening – a feast of Hodgson’s classic songs, most of which became anthems for a generation of Supertramp fans – ...

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Friday, March 29, 2013


Clearwater, FL ~ March 22, 2013 ~ Reflection by Irene Casottana-Greenslade 

"'ve come across the water..."  
Yes, I finally did it! I took a Jumbo across the water to go and see Roger Hodgson perform with his band and orchestra!  
My Florida adventure started with a very full and overbooked flight from London, and it was only thanks to the Captain of my flight that I got special permission to use a crew seat for take off and landing an therefore be able to travel! Soon there I was, standing, on a 10 hour flight to Tampa, without the distraction of any in-flight entertainment, passing time just singing and rehearsing the words of all the songs I knew I was going to hear a couple of nights later in Clearwater! The excitement of the anticipation kept building as I knew that special friends were waiting for me at the other end and, after thanking the Captain for such a special 'lift', ...

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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Melbourne, AU ~ March 28, 2013 ~ Reflection by Christine Carbone 

Breathe in. Pause. Breathe out. Good advice when giving full attention to a Roger Hodgson song. The Melbourne audience at the St. Kilda Palais Theatre breathed in the salty, sea air to savour the full essence of Roger’s concert with his band. A wonderful musical performance produced a flow of contagious energy amongst the full capacity crowd. Perhaps that was due to the thoughts and discussions the beautifully crafted songs prompted or perhaps due to the songs helping us know ourselves better and taking us to the space between our thoughts. In any case, many of the audience members came back to enhance their memory of Roger’s 2010 concert. The others came to see what all the fuss is about. Sensing the mood, Roger invited us to hug the person sitting next to us, even if we didn’t know each other.

A Soapbox Opera and Sister Moonshine were some of the favourites we were ...

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Backstage Pass from Clearwater, Florida 

php/Clearwater II copy.jpg

A whole spectrum of emotions, including laughter, smiles and tears, were felt tonight by the audience at Roger’s sold out show in Clearwater, Florida.  I was amazed at the vast differences in ages of those in attendance.   Parents with children as young as two were sitting next to couples in their 70’s. Roger definitely attracts multiple generations to his shows.


There was jubilation in the air and even as the announcer came out on stage, people were already applauding and standing. What an evening we had at Roger’s first US show with an orchestra!  When Roger took the stage, there was a roar of applause.   Fans had been waiting many months for this night, and the wait was finally over.   Yesterday, March 21, was Roger’s birthday and the audience made sure that he knew they did not forget.   In unison, the whole audience sang "Happy Birthday” to ...

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