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Saturday, November 8, 2014


Backstage Pass from Niagara Falls, NY ~ November 7, 2014 

What a show tonight! A whole spectrum of emotions, including laughter, smiles, and tears were felt tonight by the audience at Rogerís sold out show in Niagara Falls at Seneca Casinos. I was amazed at the vast differences in ages of those in attendance. Parents with children as young as four-years-old were sitting next to couples in their 70s. Roger definitely attracts multiple generations of fans to his shows. One mother standing near the stage toward the end of the concert even had her very young daughter on her shoulders and Roger could not help but reach out and touch the childís cheek.  

When Roger took the stage, there was a roar of applause. From the first note, people were already standing. People sang along word for word to many songs and memories were resurrected. Fans had been waiting many months for this night, and the wait was finally over. It was truly an international crowd with one family flying in from Brazil and another one from Lebanon. Fans near me came from Ohio and Florida, plus all over New York and Canada.  

To the delight of the audience, Roger performed "Had a DreamĒ on his electric guitar and this got everyone out of their seats yet again. This stunning performance transitioned into my favorite song of Rogerís - "Even in the Quietest Moments.Ē This beautiful song has always held a very deep place in my heart. Many people told me that Rogerís performance of this song tonight literally brought them to tears. Several standing ovations occurred throughout the night and Foolís Overture had everyone captivated. Everyone was sitting in silence and soaking in the beauty of Rogerís epic.  

At the conclusion of the show, fans did not want to leave. Many just sat and processed the incredible performance they had just experienced. As many fans are already commenting, this will be a night that will be remembered for a very long time.  

Linda Gianotti

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[ Posted by Maureen Short, November 08, 2014 5:38 ]
     Another fantastic show from Rodger last night in Niagara Fallls! We had until last night never seen Rodger and "just" the band perform. Kinda strange I know but we have attended Rodger Hodson shows for 10 years now at Casino Rama where you get to experience the band, the orchestra and a choir usually....but I digress.
So last night we came here with much anticipation and ithe show did not disappoint. Thank You Rodger and your band mates another great night! And yes we will be attending Saturday nights show at Casino Rama next weekend

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