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Tuesday, October 21, 2014



Roger’s sold out performance in Vitória left a big mark on the city and in people’s hearts. It was the first time people here have seen a show where the audience demanded two encores. The final song of the first encore was "It’s Raining Again” and when Roger struck the first chords, confetti shot out into the audience and the crowd held up their umbrellas and sang and danced. When Roger left the stage, the crowd kept chanting and chanting. They were not going to stop until Roger returned. The venue almost shook with applause when Roger and his band returned to the stage and again played "Breakfast in America.” 

Another highlight of the show was when Roger played Babaji for the promoter and his son, celebrating his 16th birthday today. The son began playing piano nine years ago because he was inspired by Roger’s music. We all fell in love with Vitória. We all had dinner together sampling the delicacies. It was our first time here but it won’t be the last. São Paulo, we’ll see you on Thursday!


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[ Posted by Gabriela Castilhos, October 22, 2014 17:16 ]
     Hello! Thank you for this amazing concert.
You have a lot of fans here and it's still hard to believe we had the opportunity to see you perform in our "small" city of Vitoria!
I hope you all had a good stay. Come back!

[ Posted by maria, October 23, 2014 9:11 ]
     Yes! Yes! Yes!
Vitoria was literally a victory of joy, friendship, love and belonging.
Roger inspires many not only for music, but also to the good, to love in every form which helps to make good decisions in life.
Thank you, Roger!

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