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Saturday, July 5, 2014


Backstage Pass from Naperville, IL ~ July 5, 2014 

We end this tour leg tonight here in Naperville, IL, having traversed many countries and time zones in the last three weeks – beginning in Oslo, Norway, taking a jaunt to the UK for a private show, then on to Paris and Blainville Crevon, France, before making our way down to Terceira – one of the Azore islands off the coast of Portugal. After that we performed for the first time in Sofia, Bulgaria then headed back to where we began in the USA returning for the third time to Snoqualmie, WA and finally tonight here in Naperville, IL – just outside Chicago. We’re all pretty whipped from the travel and jet lag and all agree that touring with Roger is never boring!

This is the 27th year for the Naperville Ribfest - Presented by Exchange Cluband they are projecting 45,000 coming during the four days. There are two stages, with five bands today, carnival rides, food – everything anyone could ask for. We had a few rain drops in the late afternoon, however it cleared when Roger took the stage and the audience indeed did as Roger invited and left all their problems outside and sang and danced all night long. And now that the show is over, we will be treated to a feast of family style ribs!

In late August we will be heading back to Europe for a run of five fantastic shows in Germany and what a night it will be at the Gibraltar Music Festival in early September. We hope to see you at one or more of these shows! 

August 28 - Aurich, Germany - On sale now! -
August 29 - Leipzig, Germany - On sale now! -
August 30 - Alzey, Germany - On sale now! -
September 1 - Aachen, Germany - On sale now! -
September 3 - Hanau, Germany - On sale now! -
September 6 - Gibraltar - On sale now! - 

For additional information on these dates above and all other shows worldwide, visit the Events tab here on the page or directly at

We want to thank Chicago's 93XRT for regularly playing songs from Roger's latest release, Classics Live, which was taken from recordings on his 2010 World Tour with his current band, and also the organizers of the Ribfest Festival for such an amazing event. the organizers of the Ribfest Festival for such an amazing event. Each and every one of the 4500 people who put this event together is a volunteer. That is what community and sharing is all about. Let's all do out best to Give a Little Bit. Enjoy this video of Roger performing his enduring classic song - While there, please leave a comment on the video and "like" it, too. 

Take a moment and leave a comment on Roger's artist page on Ticketmaster - Share with others what Roger's music means to you or what the experience is like of seeing him live in concert.

See you on the road,

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[ Posted by Jim Taylor, July 05, 2014 22:18 ]
     Just attended the Naperville Ribfest show.. Outstanding! Have been a fan from the beginning. My 19 year old son was in the front row and cant stop talking about how engaged with the audience Roger was and how compassionate he is. My wife is blown away by Roger's warmth, ever present smile, and spirituality. The lyrics just keep hitting deeper and deeper as life move on. By far this has been the best show at Ribfest and we have been going since the early 80s. Thank you so much for providing the songs that touched our family so deeply tonight.

[ Posted by maria, July 06, 2014 15:17 ]
     This tour was really challenging to traveling, many of countries, and time shifts ...
But, what a blessing you have brought! How many people picked up, encouraged, brought them light, caress for soul, and gave them feel love.
I am convinced that this huge positive echo takes away all the fatigue and fill your heart with peace and joy.
May God reward you!
See you soon in Europe again!

[ Posted by Debbie McGuire, July 07, 2014 7:11 ]
     O M G! When I heard Rodger was going to be performing at the Ribfest in Naperville, Illinois, I couldn't believe it. I will admit - I was skeptical.............. I am 60 years old and saw Supertramp many years ago when they were on tour. I have kids in their 30's and have attended many concerts: Maroon 5, Matchbox 20, Madonna, etc so, yes, this woman still goes to concerts. When we get older, we lose "stuff" - singing performer's voices go. Its part of life. NOT RODGER! I was absolutely 100% mesmerized with the clarity of his voice and his performance was outstanding. The musicians that were with him were as good as Rodger and truly an experience I feel so fortunate to have had. I have always loved Rodger with his unique voice and musical talents and truly will never forget my experience Saturday night. You are blessed and thank you for an unforgettable evening.

[ Posted by mila, July 08, 2014 15:50 ]
     Yes Roger, you are really spreading the hope, the love, the happiness as well as musical fullness through the world.
Being on my ninth cloud of the (so needed) inner peace I received during this part of the tour, thank you Roger for helping me in the time of the probable end of the most important part of my life of 30 years in the country, where is my heart and my friends,( or the more important life of several lives of our life), helping me to live it in (relative) serenity. When the walls have fallen down I can finally start to rewrite my story...I though I had understood the deep essence of your brilliant music before but I humbly realised, I could still discover the deeper side of it and feel the love you sing, the transcendental Love which helps and amazes so many people around the world. . I'm far from living the total happiness, I only try to take this (still) painful path toward it, (baby's) step by (baby's) step...but I try. Take care Roger, and take so well deserved rest this summer, and know, we can't wait to see and hear you again and re-connect with your music. Thank you for being you, an amazing talented artist and touching human being.

[ Posted by Scott Moran, August 01, 2014 11:44 ]
     We were about 75 feet from the stage this time (about as close as we were during your concert at the Orwell School, Nachton/Ipswich UK 2008). Your whole set list is perfect. I have been hoping to hear "Fool's Overture" in concert for years; the first time was during Supertramp's "Breakfast in America Tour". It is a long song after all. Then I heard those first few piano chords and was taken back 34 years. It was at Alpine Valley Music Theater in Wisconsin. I looked back at the crowd in Naperville during the song. I couldn't see the end of the crowd, it went back so far. It was a beautiful night, like that one back at Alpine Valley so many years ago. Time, space, everything was still, in that moment. I can only imagine how that song sounds with the orchestra. I hope you are all having a nice break, and hope to see you all again in the coming years.

[ Posted by JOHN ANDRADE, August 10, 2014 11:55 ]
     We need one concert in Florida

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