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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Backstage Pass from Verona, NY - October 24, 2013 

Another wonderful audience tonight in Verona, NY  at Turning Stone Resort Casino.  A full house and many in the audience went from smiles to tears and back again as Roger performed his classics.   Roger had a special fan in the house - three-year-old Jacob - who had the time of his life at his first concert with his mom and dad and staying awake for the whole show!   Jacob's mom, who is expecting next month, said the baby was dancing the whole concert!   Roger was happy to play Jacob's favorite song, Dreamer, for him.   Our contest winners, Julie and Tony, were ecstatic to have won and had a great time backstage.   They brought their teenage son, too, who is a big fan.   It was so nice to see so many families.   

Every staff member we encountered, including the General Manager and Director of Entertainment, said they can't wait for us to return.  The Vice President of Entertainment Sales and Marketing was beaming after the show and said he was so pleased with the concert and Roger's sharing of warmth with the audience. One of the production guys who said he has worked at the venue for 12 years said he has never attended a show where the audience applauded as long as they did. The ushers were clearly enjoying the show, too. Some of them were clapping and singing along to Give a Little Bit.  Thank you, Verona, for a great night!  Next stop on the Breakfast in America Tour - Englewood, NJ tomorrow night at the bergenPAC (Bergen Performing Arts Center).   Off we go!

Linda and Shakti

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[ Posted by maria, October 25, 2013 8:07 ]
     It is amazing to watch the age limit of Roger's audience which is actually from zero to 100...(and above? ...)
Everyone understands love, whether is young or old. And Roger radiates her, everywhere he comes.
His love and reverence for the audience just enhanced by the power of his music.
Roger is really blessed and happy man who understood meaning of human life and its true values.

[ Posted by john DeMetro, October 25, 2013 9:36 ]
     This was a Concert on my Bucket list I thought I never would see! Supertramp is one of my all time favorite bands. I have been listening since 1978!
I enjoyed the show can't wait for Roger to come back.
He did say he only's plays songs he wrote I know he was co writer of Bloody well right so I take it this is why they didn't play it. Show was everything I could hope for and more sound was Awesome. My best friend in High School would have love to seen the show, we listen to Supertramp many a nights! Dennis Pasted in 2001 miss those nights!

[ Posted by Ken, October 26, 2013 15:32 ]
     This was the first time for me & my wife seeing Roger in concert. He is truly a great performer and artist. The songs sounded so great with Roger singing just as good as he did 35 years ago. He seems like a very caring, humble man that relates so well with his audience.

[ Posted by David Wallace, October 27, 2013 8:03 ]
     Roger great show,your music helped me through the worst time of my life. The death of my 17 year old son. It was suicide, I wrote down some words about the ordeal.You are a GREAT songwriter and might help prevent another child from taking there life.They also take a piece of there parents life.I can send you the song I wrote and you can change it, it is called the unthinkable. Wish you would think about it.

[ Posted by maria, October 27, 2013 13:43 ]
     Hi David !

I am extremely sorry that you lost your son I think this is the most difficult for a parent a particular in case of suicide . I promise you prayer for the peace of soul of your son.
No wonder that Roger's music helped you in this difficult time. I survived alone also one very difficult period of life in which held me Roger's music .
I just want to share with you a different experience with Roger's attention and interest of every person. I recommend you read the dialogue from 27.06.2013 at the Guestbook .
Sixteen year old boy Confesses of his solitude , of love for Roger and asks him what God means to him. He is hoping and awaiting a reply ...
And Roger did not disappoint his hope .
He wrote a really beautiful and very personal response in which was so much of love respect, understanding and encouragement!
As older brother and a friend .
Later Roger said : " I did write to him because I could feel underneath his words and cry for help and could feel that we would be reaching out to him it would bring him hope .
I was wanting to give him hope and Encourage him to reach out for help in this difficult time that he is going through. "
A practical sample of "Give a Little Bit " .
In the song "Give a little bit" .. Roger sings... "See the man with the lonely eyes, take his hand you will be surprised ..."
And in Hide in your shell.... " I as a boy I believed the saying the cure for pain was love. How would it be if you could see the world through my eyes? "...
Yes, how amazing could be the world and life in it, if we could see each other through the eyes of love.
By how much less disappointments, hurt, wrongs ...
Let us live these words. Me, you ...
For those who left, but even more for those who are still with us.
Let us make the world a little better.

God bless!

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