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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Melbourne, AU ~ March 28, 2013 ~ Reflection by Christine Carbone 

Breathe in. Pause. Breathe out. Good advice when giving full attention to a Roger Hodgson song. The Melbourne audience at the St. Kilda Palais Theatre breathed in the salty, sea air to savour the full essence of Roger’s concert with his band. A wonderful musical performance produced a flow of contagious energy amongst the full capacity crowd. Perhaps that was due to the thoughts and discussions the beautifully crafted songs prompted or perhaps due to the songs helping us know ourselves better and taking us to the space between our thoughts. In any case, many of the audience members came back to enhance their memory of Roger’s 2010 concert. The others came to see what all the fuss is about. Sensing the mood, Roger invited us to hug the person sitting next to us, even if we didn’t know each other.

A Soapbox Opera and Sister Moonshine were some of the favourites we were treated to in the first set. To the delight of all, Roger performed C’est le Bon, its sultry, soothing melody melting into the waves crashing the shore outside the theatre venue. With the second set about to roll, a female fan gifted Roger a mascot which he hung up on the stage props for all to see before launching into Child of Vision. A male audience member yelled out "on ya Roger”, a strine version of "Good on you”. The celestial sounds of Dreamer drew claps & screams. Not only a great song, Dreamer could serve as a daily affirmation of choosing joy over life’s adversities. An encore rendition of Give a Little Bit became anthemic as everyone stood up with intention to apply its message.

The announcement last year of a 2013 Roger Hodgson tour to Australia drew superlative reactions from many. Serge Thomann, a native of Alsace, France, was very excited to have the chance to see Roger perform. "I have always loved Supertramp and went to Paris to see them in 1979 at the Palais de la Villette. I have never forgotten that night, one of my first concerts as I was from a French country town. I am looking forward to meeting Mr Hodgson and welcome him to the City of Port Phillip as I am the Deputy Mayor of the City”.

Roger doesn’t do it alone. His troupe includes Aaron Macdonald (saxophone, harmonica, keyboards, backing vocals), Kevin Adamson (keyboards, backing vocals), David J. Carpenter (bass, backing vocals), Bryan Head (drums, percussion) and Howard Heckers (doing a fantastic job engineering the sound). The managers, Linda and Shakti, evoke gratitude for their efforts. Also, Jan and Peter helping with the merchandise so that those who formed queues could purchase their souvenir T-shirts or a copy of the Classics live CD. Letting us know Aaron is a connoisseur of language, I bet he’ll be saying "G’day mate!” before leaving the country. As we wish them all well with their next adventures in Brisbane, Byron Bay Bluesfest, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, there are no goodbyes. "No coming, no going, no after, no before,” Thich Nhat Hanh.

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[ Posted by Toni Amey, March 29, 2013 19:11 ]
     Christine, it sounds like it was a wonderful night! What a great set list too! I consider Sister Moonshine "my song" and C'est le Bon touches me deeply too! I'm always so impressed with how vet loved Roger is everywhere he goes. He really does unite the world! So many different cultures and people experiencing that love and magic he gives us all. Incredible! Thanks for sharing! Wish I could be there to share it with you.

[ Posted by , March 30, 2013 2:49 ]
     Merci Christine, tu nous à fais vivre le concert comme ci nous y avions assisté. Merveilleuse nuit comme j'attends avec impatience de vivre celle à Paris. Merci pour tous les petits détail qui font que les concerts de Roger sont particuliers. Je vois que Roger innove quand il demande que les gens s'embrasse même s'il ne se connaissent pas :) je connais cette pratique mais pas en concert.c'est magique la façon que Roger à d'unir les gens entres eux, quelque soit leurs rangs social, leurs conditions, leurs religions, leurs couleurs. Les chansons de Roger, et surtout d'aller le voir en concert à contentement changer mon comportement dans la vie de tous les jours, et je m'en porte beaucoup mieux, Merci à vous Roger au groupe sans vous oublier Linda pour tout le travail que vous faites. Merci Christine pour le partage de tes sentiment sur le concert de Melbourne, de cette nuit spéciale que tu as vécu dans le parfum de la musique de Roger

[ Posted by Candy, March 30, 2013 16:33 ]
     Thanks Christine for your chronic Roger Pass for Melbourne. Always a pleasure to read the words of friends who are separated many thousands of miles, and that unites the music of the great Roger. By the way, A Soapbox Opera, is also one of my favorites ... Thanks for sharing your feelings With Us.

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