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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Backstage Pass from Clearwater, Florida 

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A whole spectrum of emotions, including laughter, smiles and tears, were felt tonight by the audience at Rogerís sold out show in Clearwater, Florida.  I was amazed at the vast differences in ages of those in attendance.   Parents with children as young as two were sitting next to couples in their 70ís. Roger definitely attracts multiple generations to his shows.


There was jubilation in the air and even as the announcer came out on stage, people were already applauding and standing. What an evening we had at Rogerís first US show with an orchestra!  When Roger took the stage, there was a roar of applause.   Fans had been waiting many months for this night, and the wait was finally over.   Yesterday, March 21, was Rogerís birthday and the audience made sure that he knew they did not forget.   In unison, the whole audience sang "Happy BirthdayĒ to Roger moments after he walked out on stage, which visibly touched him! 


From the first song on the setlist, "Take the Long Way Home,Ē there were smiles all around and I could see faces light up as people sang along and memories were resurrected.  Rogerís stories throughout the show of how his songs were born had everyone listening intently. "A Soapbox OperaĒ got the whole house applauding within the first few notes of the song and during "Only Because of You,Ē it was a breathtaking moment to look out over the house and see everyone sitting in silence and soaking in the beauty of the performance unfolding before them.  


One of my favorite songs of Rogerís is "Even in the Quietest Moments.Ē   This beautiful song has always held a very deep place in my heart.   Many people told me that Rogerís performance of this song tonight literally got them in tears.   Believe me, I understand, as I, too, was just as deeply moved.  This song is special every time itís performed but tonight there was something extra magical about it.  Roger and his guitar are able to touch people so very deeply.


Foolís OvertureĒ was especially mesmerizing with the orchestra.    The orchestra did a fantastic job in bringing yet another dimension to Rogerís creations.  I have been to many, many shows of Rogerís in countries all over the world and I can honestly say that tonight I witnessed something that I had never seen before.  Each and every song got a standing ovation Ė every single one!   A story could be written about each song performed tonight.


Magical evening seems to not do the night justice for the fans who came from Spain, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Columbia and fans from North America who traveled from as far West as California and as far North as Canada.  There is no doubt Roger will return to Clearwater, Florida!



Photo by Howard Heckers

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[ Posted by James Januszka, March 27, 2013 11:01 ]
     Roger Hodgson live in Clearwater, Florida Friday, March 22, 2013

It was a delicious "Breakfast in America." Roger Hodgson strong performance including all of his biggest hits! Great entrance by Roger to a loud ovation! Followed by a really sweet Happy Birthday song from all of us audience to Roger. He was touched by this. Here is the setlist and comments below:

1. Take the Long Way Home - Roger, his band and the orchestra sounded great! Roger commented how people were coming from as far as Spain, UK, Portugal and Brazil. 2. School - Always great to hear this with an orchestra backing. Roger's voice never sounded better with great harmonica by his muti-instrumentalist Aaron McDonald. 3. Lovers in the Wind - A beautiful piano rendtion along with the equally sweet orchestra and band playing along. Roger commented for the lovers in the audience. 4. Hide in your Shell - Roger commented this song is about tough times and getting through them, especially for when he was a sensitive youg man. He dedicated this to Colleen along with a birthday dedication for Kathy. 5. Easy Does it - Sweet uplifting song with my young son saying daddy I dont' know how to whistle. Which I then proceeded to show him how to whistle, so he could whistle to the song. 6. Sister Moonshiine - Another sweet uplifting song performed really well. 7. Breakfast in America - An excitedly fun song with the audience really getting into it along with the band! Roger commented how he liked the California girls. He jokingly said he didn't know anything about the Florida women at this point when he wrote this song at 18. 8. If Everyone is Listening - Beautiful song meant to be played with an orchestra. 9. A Soapbox Opera - Just as beautiful with an orchestra. Violinists sounded great as well! I really look forwad to hearing this song palyed with an orchestra. Roger introduced Conducter Andrei. 10. The Logical Song - Roger commented when he was twelve, was wondering where he came from, who is God, and what do I want from life? This song sounded in great form live. 11. Child of Vision - Roger and Aaron jamming great with dueling keyboards! 12. Lord is is Mine? Roger commented this was his favorite song that came from a deep place. Very sweet and intense version of this song. 13. Even in the Quietest Moment - Roger commented how much natural beauty in Florida. Also, how he wrote this song doodling away and it just flowed out of him. Sounded really good! 14. Only Because of You - The 3rd in a row of very introspective songs coming from deep within. 15. Dreamer - Roger commented about the dreamer in all of us. Also, mentioned Sound Engineer Howard Heckers Birthday. Gave some intro to the orchestra and how he once tried to play the cello. 16. Fool's Overture - Roger mentioned how he thought this song was perfect for an orchestra. He was right! Every musician did a terrific job on this song. He commented didn't know where this song came from. 17. Two of Us - First encore song done. Very sweet and beautifully done song. 18. Give a Little Bit - A big roar from the crowd when this song started. Roger says let's finish on a high note. Everyone really enjoyed and got into it. 19. It's Raining Again - Urging of crowd for one more, Roger obliged and asked is it still raining outside? Great finale! Roger finished by saying God bless you to the audience. Thanks to Roger's managers Linda and Shakti arrangement, my son and I later went backstage to say hi to Roger and get a picture with him. Always great to see and talk to him. Fantastic night overall!

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