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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Set List ~ Atlantic City, NJ ~ August 18, 2012 

Take the Long Way Home

Sister Moonshine

In Jeopardy

The More I Look

Breakfast in America


C’est le Bon

Puppet Dance

A Soapbox Opera

The Logical Song

Death and a Zoo

Lord is it Mine

Child of Vision

Fool’s Overture



Give a Little Bit

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[ Posted by Rissa Ciociola, August 20, 2012 8:40 ]
     This was a very wonderful, miracle, beautiful, magical night for my family & I! The fun started at the sound check, with Aaron playing the sax as we were walking in.

Not long after, I was greeted by Roger's manager, kind & beautiful Linda with the most loving, heartfelt & sincere hug I have ever felt in my entire life. Deep in her eyes you could both see & feel an otherworldly love; it left a very profound impression on my heart and soul.

We were incredibly fortunate to have the chance of meeting Roger before the sound check; despite the time constraints of starting the sound check, he took the time to greet and talk with the four of us. I don't think there are any other musicians of his stature that are as humble and congenial as him, in his presence you feel like he is a friend of the family, not an opulent superstar as you'd think him to be. We gifted him with the Melody Maker magazine that started it all in addition to his first band's (People Like Us) record, much to his surprise he never knew the two songs were pressed by Decca!

It was time for sound check to begin, a very interesting insight into the process of practicing & testing the sound for the show. We got to hear a preview of Sister Moonshine (in entirety!), The More I Look, Take the Long Way Home, Rosie Had Everything Planned and bits of his lesser known gem Red Lake.

Showtime was creeping closer and the venue was filling up quickly! Before we knew it the lights were dimmed and Roger, our idol & friend, walked out on the stage with his band. He told us to leave all our problems outside and enjoy ourselves, which we did!
Take the Long Way Home was a fantastic opener, Roger's voice resonated between the walls and many were already on their feet and dancing.

Sister Moonshine was absolutely fantastic! Roger said it was the first time it was ever played in entirety, in my opinion it sounded fuller & richer live than on 'Crisis? What Crisis?'
It was obvious that the musical chemistry between Roger and his band was extraordinary.

It was a great surprise to hear In Jeopardy & The More I Look.
When Roger sings, you realize that he deeply believes in the words he is singing. Of course Breakfast in America ended with the audience cheering wildly!

Roger opened Lady with an interesting story of how the song came about. He had a relationship with a lady but she wanted Roger to move with her to India, leaving him to pick between the future of Supertramp and the relationship. The audience concurred with applause that staying with Supertramp was the right decision, and I definitely agree! :)

C'est Le Bon, an ethereal, transcendental pearl of a song hushed the cheers and we were all left in speechless awe.
We were treated to a precious rarity, Puppet Dance, a song of remembrance of our loved ones, which Roger dedicated to Jim & Toni. Emotions were running high and for that one night every single person in the room was united as one. Roger never ceases to surprise me with the compassion he has for his fans.

A Soapbox Opera was astounding and sensational, you could really feel the music within you. Roger asked for the house lights to be on for The Logical Song so he can see everyone singing along & dancing. Looking around the venue there was a beaming smile on every face!

Roger's silent shocker, Death and a Zoo, sent chills down my spine. Before he started the song, he planted a very philosophical question in our conscience: If you were an animal trapped in a cage, would you choose death or imprisonment? The drums & animal sounds thumped in your chest. By the end of the song, almost every single person was standing, giving Roger a very well-deserved standing ovation.

It was obvious that Lord Is It Mine touched & moved many very deeply. Personally it was one of my favorite performances of the song. I can still hear Roger's voice in my mind.. "We know what we have to do, there must be a thousand voices trying to get though.."

Child of Vision took you on a musical journey, the piano solo by Kevin was marvelous & spot-on with the original. I closed my eyes and let the music take me to another place..

Fool's Overture, considered as Roger's 'magnum opus', truly shocked many. Each 'phase' of the song made so many feelings rush throughout my mind. To think that Roger composed the song as a teenager before his tenure in Supertramp is truly shocking. It's a beautiful, orchestral masterpiece.

As the night was closing in, Roger called for everyone to run to the front, where we all danced along (myself included!) to a dear favorite, Dreamer. I watched Roger's face as he looked down at us, he couldn't help but sheepishly grin at how happy all of us were! The night ended with Give a Little Bit, we were all singing along and the love flowing throughout the room was unexplainable. Roger gave us all so much that we could never forget. As we were leaving I could hear all the whispers around me-- "The last time I felt like that, I was a teenager!"
"I never got the chance to see Supertramp live, but I know I just did!" "When is the next show?"

We're already set for two more shows and again in 2013 when Roger is touring with an orchestra!

Thank you Roger for everything... your love, your music, your dreams that you share with us, and an even bigger thank you to Linda & Shakti for being the beautiful kindred spirits that you are.

Dream, dream, dream along... :)

Love always,
Rissa Ciociola & family (Joe, Joey & Justin)

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