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Sunday, April 29, 2012



"An Emotional and Unforgettable Musical Journey” 

All of Roger Hodgson’s concerts are unforgettable but the show in São Paulo on April 26, 2012, was very special to me, as many surprising situations occurred.  This time, Cris (my wife), and I were with another person who also loves Roger, my sister-in-law, Griselda.

After traveling 70 miles (we live in another city, Sorocaba), we arrived in São Paulo. Our musical and emotional journey began in the afternoon at soundcheck, where the atmosphere is very intimate, I would say, and also amazing! The lighting and stage were very beautiful, prepared for the big show that night. It is incredible to observe and listen to our hero, Roger, checking the sound of his keyboard, piano and finally one of his wonderful Guild 12-string guitars. He sang and played several pieces of his classics, including the beautiful "The More I Look,” one of my favorites.

The concert that night was another set of unforgettable emotions and situations.  The setlist was impeccable because besides the wonderful classics, and songs such as "Fool's Overture,” "Easy Does It,” "Sister Moonshine,” "Hide In Your Shell,” "In Jeopardy,” among others, Roger also played two of my favorite "special” songs: "Know Who You Are” and "C'est Le Bon.”  By the way, those two songs were performed in a wonderful way, and it is fascinating to watch the concentration, technique and naturalness of Roger.  These songs have chords that are unusual and not easy to perform on the acoustic guitar, but Roger plays and sings them with such naturalness that is really impressive!

However, the biggest surprise for me was when Roger played my favorite song, my eternal number one, "Death and a Zoo.”  Roger dedicated it to me with very beautiful and affectionate words.  Honestly, I feel very honored and touched every time I talk with friends, or write or remember it (as is now occurring again).  In fact, this was the greatest gift I could have in my life; my favorite song offered by my idol and hero!  It was an extremely strong emotional and psychological situation.

Cris filmed this wonderful moment for me, but of course, she was completely thrilled and her hands were trembling because of intense emotion.  I really understand what she was feeling.  In those hours, rationality is asleep, and the heart is what feels, speaks, and dominates you completely.

It is a moment when emotional controls do not exist and you simply must let the tears of joy roll down your face and feel your heart beat very strongly ... and see Roger, hear his wonderful voice, and be impressed by the effort of his amazing band.

Really, the performance of "DAAZ” was breathtaking in every sense.  In fact, I had heard Roger play "DAAZ” in 1998, when he played for the first time in Brasil, and since then this song became the song of my life, my eternal companion.
However, hearing this song after 14 years was a new experience for me, and it made a very strong impact.   People around me in the audience were really impressed because most had never had the luck to hear Roger play this song live!  After the show, many people told me they were surprised by the impact melodic of  "DAAZ,” and a dear friend told me it was as if the melody itself was entering into his soul.   I really agree with that, my gentle friend.

Technically, what Roger and the band made on stage, at the Via Funchal, was unforgettable. They made the floor vibrate with the sound intensity! Not only did my heart vibrate with emotion, but also my feet because of the strong impact sound!

Roger's voice was amazing, perfect. If it is possible to say something of a voice that has always been beautiful and powerful, it's amazing how Roger’s voice is better than ever.  What a wonderful vocal ability he has.  Roger's voice always surprises me.

Another striking moment during "DAAZ” was when Roger got up from the keyboard and started playing the electronic drums intensely. The public was surprised!  Roger played it with much emotion!   The band - what perfection and unison! Aaron, Kevin and David concentrated on all their instruments and producing sounds similar to African wild animals.  Bryan played his drums in a frenetic rhythm, exactly as it was in our hearts.

What an emotional and unforgettable experience for us all.
We have received so much affection and love from Roger and I would like to express that we were delighted by the immense kindness received from Linda & Shakti. 

I  will always remember this with much love and will always be very grateful.

Now, this day, the concert, songs, surprising moments, the love received, all is living inside of my heart, like a permanent light. 

Sublime emotional for eternity.

Carlos Fiorelli
Sorcaba-São Paulo-Brasil

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