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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Atlantic City, NJ ~ September 30, 2011 ~ Fan Comments from Guestbook and Facebook 



Just wanted to let you know, the intimate concert my wife and I enjoyed last night at the Borgata was fantastic!! Your voice is as strong as I remember it was at the Bottom Line in NYC 1976! We loved the smaller setting this show and your collaborator was so talented! Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! We hope and cannot wait for you to come back to Jersey or Tristate area in any incarnation. Thank You for a very enjoyable evening! God bless you and keep you in peace.             ~Bob


What a great experience! My husband, Jim, and I along with three of our children, their families, and a few of our closest friends, gathered at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, USA for what proved to be one of the most amazing nights of our lives. It was incredible to share with our children the intimate and personal experience that is ROGER HODGSON! Thank you for all you do to make magic happen! You and your team are all truly talented and special people. The biggest hearts I know! Speaking of Magic, we are off to the Magic Kingdom to see you Saturday and Sunday at Epcot. We saw you there last year and it was fabulous! Everyone, be there if you can! And, of course, the best show of all happens in three week: Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario, Canada with the orchestra! The angels come out for that show! We Love You!           ~Toni Amey




Zina Van Sciver~    Just got home from seeing Roger sing at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ...His performance was beyond what I had expected..what a performance he gave..I am so happy that I got to see him live on stage..I also had 3rd row seats, but moved to the front row because there were 2 empty seats..Wow, right in front of him..What a beautiful person he is...I will never forget this nite!


Stu Estebo~   Great show Roger!!!!!! I really enjoyed the show!!!!!


Tina Milstein Marshello~   AMAZING show last night


Dina Inverso~  It was amazing


Wellington Annoni~  Was Amazing, best concert of my life time, couldn't believe somebody bought 500 tickets, wish one day I can do the same.... thanks Roger, I had a blast!!!!!!


Steven Landau~  Great show, even with the guitar problem. Thanks for everything Roger, you truly are a gifted human being. Can't wait for the next time.


Jarrett Rettman~   Wow- What a show!! So,so glad I made it out for this, and of course the most thrilling part was getting to meet this marvelous man afterwards!! A night I'll never forget!  This was such a fantastic show! Great set list and my seats were great! (Although I would've liked to hear "Hide in your shell"...) But the best part of course was getting to meet the man himself afterwards!! Thanks again Roger AND Linda!! :)

Benny Bern~  I was there ! It was just AMAZING !!!!

Michelle Atiyeh Bertalan~  We had the most wonderful time. So intimate, so soulful. We thank you for the music you play. You absolutely touched us.

Toni Amey~  What a great experience! Jim and I along with three of our children, their families, and a few of our closest friends, gathered at the Borgata for an amazing concert with Roger Hodgson (formerly of Supertramp). Roger played several of his hits from when he was with Supertramp (Give a Little Bit, Logical Song, Take the Long Way Home, It's Raining Again, Breakfast in America! School, etc...). He also played some great songs he's composed since leaving Supertramp (London, Lovers in the Wind, Only because of You, etc...). Roger, Aaron, Howard, Linda and Shakti, thank you for all you do to make magic happen! You are all truly talented and special people. The biggest hearts I know! Speaking of Magic, we are off at the end of the week to the Magic Kingdom to see him Saturday and Sunday at Epcot. We saw him there last year and he was fabulous! Be there if you can!   
Steven Listino~  Great show! Thank you.

Annie Stetler~  Was just a wonderful night. Our seats were centerstage about 15 ft back. Aaron who played with Roger was also fantastic!

Joe Carino~   hey Roger------I just wanted to let you know I made it to the show with my 8 year old Joe Joe------my brother and sister in law who turned me into a Supertramp fan in the 70s-------we had a blast------I have been waiting for you to get close enough for me to go and ac was it------I drove 6 and a half hours with my boy saying are we there yet every 15 minutes-------and it was worth it--------amazing-----you were on your game and Aaron was incredible-------I was the guy screaming his name in row 15------you guys were both amazing-----and both were so down to earth and appreciative--------and I wanted to say thank you for coming to the east coast-----please come back soon----and please---------someone tell Aaron we dig him man------the guy could play and his efforts are greatly appreciated-------the guy is a true musician---both of you are high class guys------the concert was incredible---- 

Al Cybart~  Absolutely marvelous show, thank you

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