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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Verviers, Belgium ~ August 28, 2011 ~ Reflection by Mila Denot 

The more I look the more I see the more your music gives to me

When my best friend asked me why I had always followed the same artist, even abroad, I told him: "come to a concert and you will understand". "Come and see!!"

An experience cannot be transmitted!

How explain him this transcendental experience which I live at every concert, the charisma of this artist unique who, from his first steps on stage, wins the hearts of his audience!  How explain that his inimitable voice pierces and carries us, gives us the strength. How to describe the joy of listening to the music so rich and "progressive", with the perfect arrangement in which each tone sounds like the bells of the angels and leads us directly to heaven. How explain this music is not only an aesthetic experience but also the bearer of the very deep message, and testimony message of the life experience. This music is real, it is lived, and Roger's life experiences, happy or painful, are reflected in his face... And how to describe the joy multiplied by the reunion with friends and meetings with the new people at each concert. The friendships that, often, do not stop at the border and in time... And what an experience to watch these beautiful faces around you. They are "shining" at every concert.

Concert in Verviers wasn't exception. Despite the weather which rather invited to share a cup of tea by the fireplace than to attend to an outdoor show, the magic of the last European concert in 2011 wasn't soaked by heavy rain which fortunately didn’t last all night but "came to listen to some songs". Hidden beneath hood didn't destroy the joy of listening to Roger's biggest hits from the time of the Supertramp and Roger immediately took the long way home toward the audience's hearts, then toward School, both songs  reaped logically a long ovation!!  

"In Jeopardy”! And what an "In Jeopardy", with the Perfect band.  Five musicians who shared the joy of playing together and tried to go further and give all their talent to their audience! This performance will remain engraved in my heart. It was exactly the live performance which I had dreamt for long years.

Lady: After the smiling introduction, I discover the song that wasn't part of my favorite songs but the first tones were enough to change my opinion. What a communion between Roger and his band. And what a perfect rhythm. Wow! This is the only word that comes to my mind. "It was the firework with the grand finale at the end”.

The sequence of "emotion "with "The more I look” is for me the highlight of the evening. The expression of Roger's face has changed with each song. Especially in this song his face seems to express the whole complexity of a life with its wealth, happiness and pains, with its existential mystery...Interesting! This side is highlighted by melody, velvet voice and lyrics of a wise man … the school of the life…at least it seems to me...

This concert is so strong experience that contrary to my habit I can't move, I try to record every second to the hard drive of my heart and mind.

Classical Roger’s songs from the Supertramp era:  "Easy does it, Sister Moonshine, Soapbox Opera, Breakfast in America" always bring so much happiness to the audience. Songs are always the same but I realize each performance makes them new, unique.

"London”! My London ... What can I say other than thrills, perfection, happiness and memories! How I wish to relive the experience of London performed by the same band in this town where I left my heart, with all my friends!

After the logical success of "Logical song” comes again the sequence of the "strong emotion". "Only Because of you - Lord is it mine, Child of Vision, Across the Universe - Don't Leave Me Now".  My Goodness, how beautiful!!! The words describing so strong feeling are washed away with tears. We can touch the sky!  I wish everyone could live such intense moments one day! Roger's concert is the experience of a lifetime!

We are all "Dreamers" and the ovation is longer and longer, followed by Roger's masterpiece «Fool’s Overture". The sky is ours for a while ...But only for a while...” There is a specific time for every purpose under heaven”….

Follows three Roger's hits from the Supertramp era with amazing melodic "Two of us" with deep lyrics and always so awesome Aaron's solo, then Roger recalls the reason of his music with "Give a little bit", and universal love is shared, the audience are singing with Roger! However, the joy and sadness mingle, as we already know that the last song arrives. And despite the happy melody, it's raining in our hearts like in lyrics, because we don't like goodbyes. But we know that even if Roger left us in that pouring rain the others people need also to live the same experience, because the real happiness is shared happiness.

How then explain all this to someone who has never had this experience???

Perhaps with the wisdom in which I took a step forward (even if a very small step), one day I'll find the right words to be able to explain him why I need to live this incredible experience again and again

"The more I look, the more I see, the more your music gives to me…”

Thank you Roger

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