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Friday, July 15, 2011




Roger has returned to Spain. After the good taste he  left us last March at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona. Yesterday, the magic returned to Spain and Catalonia. This time it was at the Auditori Camp de Mart in Tarragona, a beautiful venue inside a park at the feet of the ancient Roman wall.
But this time, Roger  came for the first time with his superb band. Excellent musicians who were the perfect accompaniment to all these songs, true gems, that  sounded in all their fullness, to an audience that packed the seats and enjoy a lot, singing, dancing, with long standing ovations . Unforgettable!.
And I experienced everything from the best seat in the hall. I was on the piano. Me, a humble red rose with a nice white ribbon that this morning  didn't know it would  be so lucky ...
When I left the store, rather comfortable in Ana's bag. I  was looking around, discovering the city, not knowing where I was going. It was hot, but I was very comfortable with my little tube with water, so I kept fresh all day long.
In the afternoon we came into a park with a lovely venue, Camp de Mart, and there, after hugs and kisses because of the joy of meeting  again, I moved from Ana's bag to   Roger Hodgson's hands. What a moment!!! Gently welcomed me, made me feel important. A flower like me understands about hands, and Roger's are warm and loving, as his voice. How sweet he is!!!
Then Roger has decided that I should be in the best place in the hall and placed me on the piano in the middle of the stage. From there, I could see how the whole venue,  came to life: technicians in their work, the cleaning ladies in their, the musicians with Roger in the rehearsal ... Everything had to be perfect.
And then came the audience, men, women, children, youth, older, from so many different places, everyone happy, knowing they would enjoy a great show. On their faces you could see the enthusiasm and desire to have fun. Roger’s fans are like a big family, many of them know one to each other and meet and greet with hugs filled with joy, happy to be together again and enjoy the show.
Gradually the seats were filled setting a new sold out. And the show began.
There were some technical problems which Roger saved, showing his good mood. Enjoy live songs like "In Jeopardy" or "London" with that great band behind it’s fascinating. Roger also returned to give his audience "Across the Universe," his tribute to John Lennon which was highly praised by the audience. With "The Logical Song" People went crazy and the first big standing ovation couldn't wait. How exciting!, goosebumps on my petals when I remembered it.
There were several small children among the audience, which always pleases Roger. I think it's great that parents take their children from toddlers to attend concerts like this, to grow with the seed  of Roger Hodgson's great legacy.
To me, it was a very special moment when Roger sat at the piano to play "Only Because Of You / Lord Is It Mine". I felt inside my red corolla he was singing only for me. His face is transfigured when he sings this song, and it’s common that many people were excited to hear these songs that are part of their lives. I saw Ana, while Roger sang "Don't Leave Me Now", as tears welled up from her eyes, I know this song has a big meaning to her. Every moment of life has its song and now it's time to "Don't Leave Me Now" for Ana.
Then came the time for the great masterpiece of Roger, "Fool's Overture", this time with "special effects" because of the dreadful storm that broke over us. Big thunder and lightning and heavy rain that didn't soak us fortunately, due to the characteristics of the venue.
The show is coming to the end, "Give a Little Bit" and "It's Raining Again" close with a flourish. By now no one is sitting in his seat, many have come down the stairs to the stage, among them I saw Ana dancing full of happiness with some of her friends from Spanish Friends Club. By the way, some friends of the Club who could not be physically present, could attend by phone, Ana decided to give them this surprise, and so, they could feel for a moment, they were there.
The show is over, Roger says goodbye, audience leaves with a big smile, they have enjoyed, they have been given not only a little bit, but all from Roger, who tired,  retires to his hotel to have a well deserved rest. Next day he’s going to France, another show, another audience, same illusion...
It was a day to remember. I, at least, won't forget it. Me, a humble red rose with a white ribbon, which felt like a celebrity sharing the stage with the greatest artist in the world and one of the most amazing people that one can meet...
Thanks Roger, thanks Linda, for everything, for your love and your warmth, being by your side the bad moments are forgotten. It was a very special concert. The last thing I have to say is that I'll see you all again at Cap Roig next August 1st.
By the way, have I told you sometime that my full name is Ana Rosa (Rose) López? ;)  
Love you all!

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[ Posted by maria, July 16, 2011 2:21 ]
     Dear Rose!

You look really very happy on Roger's piano ...
You gave whole your heart and love into your sharing.
And that's good.
Roger also gives his whole heart into everything he does.
He touches the good places in our hearts and helps us to say sometimes so difficult words - "bad moments are forgotten" ...
Because ...
Love is a thousand times stronger than me, stronger than you ...

Thank you, Rose!
By the way, my full name is Maria Ana

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