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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Stavern, Norway ~ July 8, 2011 ~ Photo by Howard Heckers 


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[ Posted by Carina, July 11, 2011 3:32 ]
     The consert was great, really great! I loved it :)
And i can not wait to experience him again, i hope and wish he will visit Norway again soon.

[ Posted by jeanette nilsson, September 13, 2011 16:32 ]
     After too long time I have decided that I have to thank you for a GREAT
show in stavern!! I can honestly say that this was my "happiest" and "warmest" show Iīve ever been to. Iīve never felt so close to the artist as I did there. It really felt like you and me,the audience,had a MIDI-IN-
MIDI-OUT-connection!! Really!! I didnīt have that once-in-a-lifetime-experience I had in Lund in -77 when you played "Give a Little Bit". That was the strongest,strangest memory of all! The most severe state of euphoria!!! The ultimate explosion of love and happiness that maybe just a seventeen-year-old can feel. But
you should bear in mind, in Stavern expectations were SKY-HIGH!!! You really had a lot to live up to! I met a Norwegian guy who was almost as excited as I
was and we agreed that you were gonna be SOOO GREAT!! SOOO GOOOOD!!! This
was to be THE ULTIMATE SHOW!! And it was!! Wonderful!!! Such a warm & loving atmosphere you created. The only thing I could complain about was that the audience(including myself) was too loud!! An audience that sang along from the first chord!! You could have put up the volume a bit..haha!! I was thinking, why donīt we shut up so we can hear more of what we
came to hear. But it was almost impossible not to sing along. What a joyful experience!! Must be great for you too, to get that kind of neverending response!!! Even if we were out of tune... Lucky for you that you can have the monitor in your ears nowadays!! Otherwise I bet you wouldnīt hear yourself or the music at all...
All those wonderful songs and...
Fools Overture!! What can I say??
You could have kept on playing Forever,I would have stayed. I think
Forever could be a nice place to be,
if the Soundtrack is right. And yours
Roger, is just right for me! I would have stayed, even if it had started
to rain again. True!! And Iīm so happy that I found out that you were still "out there". I must confess that for me, you disappeared when you left Supertramp. I had no idea that you did soloalbums!! I donīt know how
it is possible but itīs a fact. I bought
"Brother where you bound" and ran home to play it. Looking for "your songs", I played it twice. Iīve never felt so cheated,without actually being cheated, in my entire life!
Never played it again and canīt name one song on it! I know itīs cruel!
Your music has meant so much to me both music-wise,lyrics-wise,sound-wise
arrangement and so on. Every song you make, every word you sing,every chord you play,every key, every string you lay your fingers on is the key & the string of my heart and I donīt know how you do it. My ears and my heart tell me that youīre the true classic maestro of 1970īs and 1980īs..and still... But as I said I only just found out the "still".. I donīt think you realize just how unique,genuin and rare you are or that you should definitely be on GREENPEACE`S & WWF`S
"LIST OF ENDANGERED SPECIES". If youīre not, it must be a mistake!! A BIG MISTAKE! You sing so beautiful,so well that itīs RUDE!! Even better now than you did back then. Was THAT RUDE? I thought you were
perfect then so I donīt know what to call you now...
Congratulations to everyone that ever get the chance to work with you or for you. And congratulations to you too, for a great band! And Aaron,Wow what a player! And getting a song dedicated to moiii didnīt hurt that much eighter!!Not to see you backstage after the show, even if ever so briefly, eighter.
But itīs you, and please, take this as a compliment, because it is: For me, You are "The-Biggest-Tramp-Of-Them-All-Himself"!! If you ever need someone on background vocals, I can be REAL CHEAP!!! No joke!! "The Lady who came all the way from Sweden...Ki"
Lots of LOVE from me to you
"Ki Kinnikkin"

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