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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Set List ~ Brussels, Belgium ~ June 29, 2011 

Brussels, Belgium

June 29, 2011

Take the Long Way Home


In Jeopardy

Hide in Your Shell 

Lovers in the Wind 

Easy Does It

Sister Moonshine

A Soapbox Opera

Breakfast in America


Along Came Mary

The Logical Song




Child of Vision

Only Because of You - Lord is it Mine

If Everyone Was Listening

Across the Universe

Know Who You Are

Don’t Leave Me Now


Fool’s Overture


Two of Us

Give a Little Bit

It’s Raining Again

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[ Posted by Laure Froidecoeur, June 30, 2011 6:48 ]
     What a wonderful show (again ;o). It was great to hear you with a band, even if I appreciate the "duo version" a lot of time ... more than 10 times actually, several shows in Belgium, but also in Paris, London, The Nederland ... and the more funny was probably at the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot Center last October.
Yesterday, you definitely rule the evening, the place you made for your solo songs during the show was a great surprise. It was sooo good to hear "In Jeopardy" and "London" in addition of "Lovers in the Wind", "Along Came Mary" and "Only because of you" (one of my wedding songs ;o). You have not forgotten songs, me neither. And I begin dreaming of a show where you play "Had a dream", "House on the corner" or "Puppet Dance".
Thank you so much for this fantastic journey. Hope to see you soon here, or somewhere else ... perhaps at the next Food and Wine Festival in October !!!

[ Posted by Alexis Verger, July 01, 2011 1:34 ]
     Dear Roger,

What a wonderful show indeed ! Your show was very punchy and it is a great addition to hear you with a band.

I really enjoy your complicity with the crowd. Your interpretation of 'across the universe' is an unforgettable memory.

Thank you so much for this fantastic evening !

[ Posted by maria, July 01, 2011 14:43 ]
     What a day it was !

I looked forward immensely to Brussels.
I traveled from London alone , bravely , with my zero indicative abilities.
I was honored participation in the afternoon´s sound check, so with map in hand (I have held it contrariwise LOL) I went look for Cirque Royal.
But when those whom I asked about the direction of my journey began to look for their own way home on my map I gave up my visitation of town and stopped taxi. When I got off , stood before me Linda just as it was in London in front of Royal Albert Hall. Unbelievable!
We greeted heartily , and she acquainted me with nice people who also waited for the sound check .. We were there Belgians, French,Germans, Americans, me Slovak , and also another, as I learned later.
I am very grateful that I could see at least a part of hard and detailed work which is hiding behind preparation of each show.
My admiration and respect is now even greater.

When the concert started, I was not alone anymore, I had a new friends who loves Roger and his music too.
It seems to me the audience here was livelier than in London.
It was a thundering welcome again when he came on the stage.
The show began with Take the Long Way Home.
"And now we return to the beginning" said then Roger , and started to play School.
When then later he sat at the piano and began playing Lovers In The Wind, it seemed to me a moment that something had disturbed him.
Anyway. I noticed he do not loose his calm so quickly. Was followed by another six songs. Long standing ovation after the Logical Song ,were appropriate partitioning of the concert with short intermission.

For me personaly was a top the "trio" which sang Roger with piano accompaniment - Only Because of You, Lord Is It Mine( my absolutely favorit song) and If Everyone Was Listening. Roger sang them so beautifully and with feeling !!!

A special moment was Lennon's Across The Universe. Silent accompaniment of audience, which has added to Roger's beautiful voice, this induce a really special festive atmosphere, full of peace and reverence.
During the Dreamer, the whole audience "dreamed " on their feet. It was amazing to see the dancing and singing Cirque Royal.
Everything has fell silent for a moment by the Fool's Overture. I know how many waited at this truly a unique song that I listened breathless in some moments.
"And now let us stand up and sing together, this is why I´m doing this" said Roger and we sang all together Give A Little Bit. It was fantastic!
Before the last song Roger took on the stage a small boy named Léon sat him beside himself and he instructed him to show audience how to clap by next song It´s Raining Again, which Léon wanted to hear. The boy played its role perfectly. It was very cute.

And the backstage?
You are waiting there as in ecstasy, surely thinking more on your own desire as on Roger´s tiredness.
You can not find the appropriate words, so you standing in front of him and gazing , filled with pure happiness...
And Roger is looking at you patiently and kindly , understand you ,loves you...
He not shows you its fatigue.
He is giving himself without any rest.
For him you are one of tens of thousands, but he make you feel you´re the only one.
And this is unification of hearts a fantastic flow of love , after which we all desire, and need it.
It was another amazing day with Roger .

The joy it still resonates in me.
Thank you,Roger!
Thank you, Linda!
I´m looking forward to see you again soon!

Love & blessing to you all !

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