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Thursday, May 26, 2011


London, England ~ Royal Albert Hall ~ May 25, 2011 ~ Review by Irene Casottana-Greenslade 

"He's Getting Unbelievable!"

When I discovered that Roger Hodgson, the legendary voice of Supertramp, was going to perform at the Royal Albert Hall I immediately booked some tickets. I knew that this beautiful theatre with its prestigious history and rather challenging acoustics would be the perfect setting to bring the very best out of an Artist of a rare musical sensitivity like Roger Hodgson.

The moment Roger walked on stage it became clear that London was in for a night to remember. As the first bass note of "Take the Long Way Home" officially opened the tour in the country that saw both Roger and Supertramp being born, my heart started racing and goosebumps came to visit me. Then I realised that such a beautiful and historical venue, illuminated by games of smoke-filled beams of lights, was full of fans of all ages and nationalities, making the atmosphere truly magical!

On this occasion Roger performed with his band (Aaron MacDonald,  Kevin Adamson,  Bryan Head and  Ian Stewart), four of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure to watch and listen to. Together as one they incessantly delighted the audience with a selection of Roger's solo works (like "In Jeopardy", "Along Came Mary" and the touching  "Puppet Dance") alternated with some Supertramp classics like "The Logical Song", "Dreamer", "Sister Moonshine", "Breakfast in America". This was the moment when even the apparently shy and introverted people finally "melted" and joined the rest in a beautiful clapping dance.

Roger, as always, had a very warm way of interacting with his audience who, in turn, responded with an amazingly tuned whistling which accompanied him through the very melodic "Easy Does It". After a powerful rendition of "Child of Vision" the moment I regretted wearing a little mascara finally arrived; Roger sat at his piano and poured his heart out while singing what I lovingly refer to as 'the most beautiful musical prayer ever written': "Lord is it Mine". This was the highlight of the show for me. The way he has interpreted this song has come a long way since its first appearance on the "Breakfast in America" album and tonight it was possibly the best rendition I have ever heard. The music seemed to flow through him and you could almost touch the emotion in his voice. This had the audience shed many tears while listening in religious silence. It was a very special moment that made me feel very close to him and I will treasure it forever.

The special connection between Roger and his lucky fans then grew a little stronger when he performed "The Awakening", one of many of Roger's compositions which are still unreleased. "Don't Leave Me Now" saw the excellent drummer Bryan Head give a very dramatic and emotional contribution to the exceptional work of the whole band, which was rewarded by a standing ovation.

The show officially closed with "Fool's Overture" which was so intense and so beautifully played I have heard people refer to it as "the symphony" as a result! The standing ovation at the end was deafening and so long that Roger and the band returned for an encore with "Two of us", "Give a little bit" and "It's raining again". By this point the whole Hall was dancing, singing and even hugging which was a lovely thing to experience and a lovely end to an unforgettable evening.

In my almost 17 years of being a musician I have met many artists but I can honestly say that Roger Hodgson has something more, something unique that shines through his warm voice, kind eyes and beautiful smile. Something special which has the power to touch and positively influence so many people around the globe.

This was my first time at one of Roger's shows and I am truly amazed at how good Roger is live. Both from an emotion and a technical point of view.  He seems to be better now that thirty years ago, which is something quite rare to find.

If you have never seen him perform live I wish you to be able to catch one of his shows very soon. You will treasure that night forever and I may even see you there!

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[ Posted by maria, May 27, 2011 0:31 ]
     Royal Albert Hall was honored by Royal Artist !!!

The impressions are powerful, English is poor...

What a evening it was again !!!

The greater talent, the more humility. So it should look like a real artist.
Such is Roger Hodgson.
A fragile and simple man with a genius talent, great spirit, and big loving heart ..
Through kindly dialogue with the audience , with gentle humor, wonderful melody of his songs and deep truth of theirs content, he leads you into a amazing atmosphere of peace love and harmony.
You can hear his songs hundreds of times, and they will always sound good and better.
Really, there is no continent on this planet, where they wouldnīt know Rogerīs inimitable voice, and his wonderful songs.
This is confirmed by the responses and invitation of his fans from around the world, and still sold out concert halls.

Tonight he came to Royal Albeet Hall with his new great band and with permanent guide Aaron Mc Donald.
The atmosphere was amazing!
First came on stage all members of the new bands Roger. He came up after a while, with appropriate "Take the long way home" as a humorous excuse .. "They could not find me" ...
Roger thanked those who traveled to the concert from a great distance and said that he appreciate it highly. I was there with my three young friends, we are of the Slovak Republic.
And we were very very happy!!!
Give up when the first chords rang out around me all the songs they sang ( me too ...) and audiences were gradually on their feet, clapping, dancing, singing as always and everywhere ...

Contents of Set List was spectacular.
Roger never gives less. Always brings more.
Show at London's Royal Albert Hall, fully confirmed this again ...

Thank you for a wonderful evening, Roger!
I look forward to the further ...

Thank you, Linda, for your spontaneous and heartfelt hugs.

I am very grateful for the friendships that I found thanks to Roger and his music through his International Comunity

Britain, as you must be proud and grateful for your Roger.
Are you? ...

[ Posted by gianni filippini, May 27, 2011 10:54 ]
     Roger and the band were just amazing on the Royal Albert Hall night. Truly a memorable concert with timeless songs that really touch deep into the heart. Just hope it is not too long before there is a repeat! A new big fan!

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